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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Don't listen to what Nigel D’Souza of Veritas Investment Research has to say

I am surprisedd, by this, but my non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $124 525.99, my TFSA portfolio at $70 170.81 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - $43 275.60. I think this is the highest value ever registered for my RRSP stocks portfolio! I am surprised overall by those good results because the TSX didn't close on a positive note. Its why I am surprised to see my non-registered portfolio closed to the 125k. I am usually on that spot only when the TSX is in good spirit. But no problem, I am taking those great results. I however have a few bad things going on.

It looks to me that my bank stocks are on a lower note in my portfolios. Got to thank a little loser who's making people panicking and selling those precious bank stocks just because Nigel D’Souza is saying so. And the worst thing is that the organization he's working for,  Veritas Investment Research, is based... in Toronto. So we are not even talking here about a complete US idiot like Marc Cohodes, who had publicly bashing a Canadian jewel, Exchange Income Corporation (EIF), and making it fall. We are talking here about a Canadian citizen working for a Canadian business who is beating up our banks! 

Fact is, no one - including me - can always be on top of their game. Market fluctuation happens, Canadians hold a lot of debt, and we are currently waiting for the next recession to happen in this country. Back turns is naturals and normals. But we shouldn't push it. Nigel D’Souza decided to be on the same side as Marc Cohodes: an enemy to the good wealth of this country. Currently, things are not top-notch, why does media are actually paying attention to what Nigel D’Souza has to say. Even Amber Kanwar of BNN The Open talked about this on national television. Amber Kanwar decided to pay attention to Nigel D’Souza - I guess she has her script to read - but I am smarter anyway.

Sure, this is not the perfect time to buy Canadian stocks. There's a lot of insecurities going on. Even in my 3 portfolios, I see that bank stocks are down. But hey, Canadian banks are great dividend stocks and they pay well, and their dividend is secure AND increase over time. Dealing with a bad turn is not exactly a bad thing either. It's the perfect time to buy stocks who are usually really expensive. Your asset will temporarily suffer, but the inner self doesn't change no matter what. And this means that, if the vlaue of your bank stocks may go down at some point, it doesn't change this: Canadian stocks are a great stock to hold inside a portfolio. Stocks bank are like anything else, you can have some in your portfolio, but don't concentrate all of your assets in them.

Currently, you could see Nigel D'Souza as a traitor to the Canadian nation, nothing less, just like Marc Cohodes had been with Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). A manipulator and a cheater. And a poor man.

In life, you need to be smart enough to target the good people from the bad. If you don't have that ability, you'll end up listening and wasting your time with the wrong people, and you'll end taking really wrong decisions, like selling now your bank stock, while their value is down.

This being said, I have my eyes on JWEL, which is only now at a gain of 0.56% in my non-registered portfolio. Funny thing being that SIA is on a gain of something like 4% in my portfolio while I had been thinking of selling it to pay down my 2018 taxes, which I didn't pay yet. I have my Easter vacation coming up so I can quietly escape from it all, at least for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you. Nigel is a fraud posing that he has actual research experience. He didn't get a degree in business, worked as a client service rep and later teaches suckers who fell for his "training program" which came from his knowledge from research workshops he attended without any life work experience. The Banks are doing well so if you are one of the suckers who sold you bank stocks, i don't feel bad for you as you should of done your due diligence on who the analyst is and his educational background.

Anonymous said...

You have no ideas how right you are about that clown. I’m in the industry and we laugh about what that moron publishes. He basically just parrots what his equally moronic boss says. What a joke LOL


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