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Monday, April 1, 2019

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $125 610.02

This is not an April fool post! For real today, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $125 610.02. Fact that the TSX closed over the 16 200 points is helping. Bank of Canada won't increase the interest rate. It's the right move, knowing that what investors are obsessed about right now is the upcoming recession, what may come we just don't know when. Some we are facing some rough time with China, that they won't buy our canola oil... this is going to hurt many Canadians, especially if China can buy their canola oil from another country. I guess there are many producers of canola oil worldwide, this cannot be just a Canadian thing. With the upcoming elections, I am seeing more negative than positive things going on. Too often, the TSX often has an opposite feeling, like for today, where she decided to pop it up over the 16 200 points. I am not going to complain.

Currently, it's now official, my investment in Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) is now exceeding the $31 000 value. Following some announcements, SIS and PLC had closed the day on a trading halt. SIS had been on a rough path, it's that it had hit the $20 per stock value, but now the stock is trading lower. However, I am on a really good capital gain on this one. Who knows for sure, maybe SIS will open on a positive note tomorrow morning. As for Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), PLC had been sitting my portfolio since now 2016. Time is flying by too quickly! People die and need a funeral, and other related services. For that reason, and since baby boomers are not getting younger, business is "booming" for PLC. Services in that sector can be quite expensive. I am very proud of having PLC in my portfolio, it's among those stocks who are shining like a diamond to simply make me look good. Being able to find this stock on Stockopedia had been a blessing. It's the reason why I just keep searching for stocks on Stockopedia because you never know what I may be able to find next. Its a search that will simply never end: the search for my really next best investment. But this game is just getting harder and harder knowing all of the good stocks that I hold: ENB, CNR, PPL, PLC, TIH and many many other.

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