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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.A)!

Things are not too bad for the TSX right now. We closed yesterday's session below 17,000 points, but not that far away. With Justin Trudeau playing Mr. Dumb-Dumb at the NATO summit in the back of Trump, we might get stuck in a bad turn at some point. And who knows, we may have Donald Trump in the portrait for another 4 years. I wasn't surprised to see Trudeau socializing with Marcon among others - and with the little new UK Prime Minister, a player among them all who will bring the United Kingdom right next to nothing soon enough. Justin Trudeau doesn't have the intelligence it takes to understand that he needs to socialize with the USA in priority because our economy directly depends on that unconditional friendship. France and the UK can easily be left behind. Justin Trudeau should be standing down to his knees in front of Donald Trump, begging for forgiveness with tears in his eyes.

Donald Trump is absolutely correct about Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau is definitively a two-faced, and not only a two-faced, but a two-faced Quebec idiot. Still, I am happy that everyone now knows the true nature of Justin Trudeau, but on the other hand, the release of that video is for me, a non-patriotic action. By releasing that video, CBS declared itself a non-patriotic organization. We are losing our face in front of Trump because of the release of that video. CBS didn't think of the consequences for our nation, and that's also a shame. Just to add something fancy to this toxic climate between the US and Canada, our economy lost over 70,000 jobs in November. That's quite bad news. We had been waiting for a recession to happen, and it might happen sooner than later. Just to add a little more stress, some trade negotiations are still going on between Canada, Mexico, and the US, which I wasn't aware of and I don't exactly understand the nature. I taught everything was fine. There's always something that points out when it's the less expecting. Just don't expect Justin Trudeau to be the man of the situation. In times of great needs, Quebeckers are always the weakest ones. 

End of the year season if always feel sort of an actual release. For me, 2020 is going to be a special year, as it's the years when I will be turning 40. I don't have any problem aging, especially since I don't look my age. My only "aging" problem that I am currently facing is a few white hairs here and there, but I am calmly fixing the problem with some blond highlights and no more problemo. I actually like this time of year because the feeling of starting - all over again - a new year, comes with many promises, like the possibility to get on a higher net worth, make new great investments, have more money in the bank, etc, etc, etc.

Talking money, my non-registered portfolio closed Friday's session at $118,956.13, my TFSA portfolio at $83,709.87 and my RRSP portfolio at $48,206.02. Yesterday, I place a little investment in Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.A), with the cash money that came from previous dividend distribution. I am happy with this little investment. I may be in the mood for more trading moves as I am getting mentally ready to closed in the year 2019 and guess what, in 2020, a new decade is kicking on. 

Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A) had been part of my non-registered portfolio since the early beginning. Back in the days - over a decade ago - CSW.A was a Derek Foster stock. And what Derek Foster hold, I usually hold too, it is really that simple. On date of today, I am on a profit of +44.51% on Corby Distilleries Limited (CSW.A). However, CSW.A is facing some difficulties. I am thinking about my options on that one.

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