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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH) is getting better

I survived this week of hot wave in Montreal without air conditioning. I had suffered, but it's not anytime soon that I will bring in air conditioning in my apartment as I refused to participate in a collective acceleration of pollution and greenhouse gases just for my well-being. And add to this that I don't want to pay for an air conditioning machine. Today at least, the weather was nice in Montreal. However, it's looking like we could face another hot wave as soon as next weekend...Wish me good luck. This summer is not a good one for me. I just hate this really hot weather.

Lately, I had done quite a good job at decreasing my expenses and I want things to remain that way. This had been my first summer since a really long time for which I didn't purchase any new piece of clothing, with only two exceptions: a pair of sneakers and a pair of new sandals. The problem with clothes is that even while my closet is full of clothes, I always feel like I have nothing to wear, but I try to get lose of that feeling. Other than that, I didn't purchase any clothes since the beginning of the pandemic, I could easily say since, probably, January or something like that.

I was supposed to get a so wanted hair cut earlier this month, but I cancel it because I was working that weekend. I decided to let my hair grow. Since this summer is super hot, I am washing my hair every single day, it doesn't worth it to spend money on my hair right now. A visit to the hairdresser doesn't come cheap, especially at the place where I usually go. If I can save a few dollars simply by pushing the visit to the salon at the end of the summer, I will do so.

This past Friday session closed on a good 15,713.82 points for the TSX, leaving my non-registered portfolio at $100,119.55, my TFSA portfolio at $84,161.99 and my RRSP portfolio - stock only - at $44,412.10. I was looking forward on making some more gain inside my non-registered portfolio. I was expecting a $103k-$105, but it didn't happen. I guess my net worth is currently in the $217 000, which is not too bad. Things will get easier once will get back in the 16 000 points.

This past Friday was a rough day for my late Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA), as the stock reached it's lowest value within the past 52 weeks. I am quite happy not to be holding on to some SIA stocks in my investment portfolio anymore. Currently, another TSX stock in the same exact sector, Chartwell Retirement Residences Units (CSH.UN) is facing about the same situation. Derek Foster used to be invested in Chartwell Retirement Residences Units (CSH.UN). He doesn't anymore. And talking about Derek Foster, he has given a presentation this past week at the MoneyShow, but I completely forgot about it, the hot weather didn't help my case. It's just too bad that I missed it.

A few days ago, the federal government declared the deficit we'll have to deal with for the years ahead. Its a high amount, like expected, but I never taught it was going to be that high. That being said, now had never been a better time to work on saving money. This pandemic revealed on how much we rely on the government during these hard times. Too many citizens have little next to no savings at all to cover emergencies. Unfortunately, I am still, for now, in that group of people, with only about $2 000 in cash. I might have a net worth in the $217k, but I am poor in cash. At least, my dividend distributions are adding a nice little amount in terms of cash every now and then, but that amount alone is not enough to support my living.

And this is something that I keep writing over and over about, but this time, let's hope I will be able to be somewhat more consistent this time around. Other than that, in terms of stocks, one of my stocks made some great gains: Richelieu Hardware Ltd. (RCH). Since holding RCH in my TFSA portfolio, that little one has always been quite volatile. Now, I am not in positive territory, but let say that RCH is recovering and it's helping my TFSA portfolio to push over to make some gains.

I currently have a $500 in cash inside my TFSA that is just waiting to be reinvested somewhere in the stock market. I don't have new investment ideas at this time.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the soap you use washing your hair every day might actually do more damage to the environment than owning an air conditioner. What's the issue with the AC, the freon gas? It's very little. The gas is used for a decade or more.

Anonymous said...

Freon gas is illegal in Canada now. New air-conditioners do not use freon gas

It's called "The Montreal Protocol"

Sunny said...

When you use air conditioning, the hot air of inside is being release outside, causing the earth to overheat.

Anonymous said...

Extracting the heat from the air in your apartment and sending it to the outside - which is how an air conditioner works - does not heat the planet. The total heat is on the planet is the same in the end.

The worry about air conditioning is about greenhouse gas that they can leak, and the electricity to make them run. And the electricity only comes in the "emissions" discussion because in some places electricity is generated by coal and petrol, but that's not the case in Quebec where we have hydroelectricity.

There isn't much difference between air condionner and the other devices in your home, like the electric baseboards, the water heater, etc. It's just another electric device running.

Anonymous said...

You are right Sunny, you are cash poor, but too bad no one asks the hard questions anymore.

1) If cash makes us richer than why do profits matter?
2) If cash makes us richer why are Venezuelans 'poor'?
3) Does Trudeau/the Liberals have any $$$? Or are they just taking it from someone else?

If you answer these questions correctly, then you would have a very different portfolio than you do now..stuffed with overley expensive stocks.

It'll be fun to watch everyone get poorer in the next decade.

As for your comments on air conditioners you are right they are a luxury, and yes they do use electricity. Electricity doesn't care what it's used for. Following your own logic, you might want to give up using it all together.


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