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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Meet one of my quiet TSX street soldier: Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX)

So far, the TSX is having one of those good weeks. Yesterday, I was quite surprised by those 15,908 points. In result, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $103,127.23, my TFSA portfolio at $85,493.07 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $45,136.46. But today's results are even better. Those 16,063.33 points were more than welcome. I just hope that those lovely 16 000 points are here to stay. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed the session at $104,679.70, my TFSA portfolio at $86,977.79, and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $46,016.76. The numbers are looking good.

Currently, I have over $600 in cash inside my TFSA, which came from different dividend distributions. I had been thinking of a new investment for my portfolio. I haven't really work extra hard at trying to find my next super super investment. Fact is, I already hold many good times in my portfolio, and one of them is Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX).

From what I had been able to recover, Boralex Inc. (BLX) had been in my portfolio since 2017. I love that kind of stocks that are easy to hold, and that you barely ever have to worry about. Other examples of those type of easy holders could be Fortis Inc. (FTS), TMX Group Inc. (X), Canadian National Railway Co (CNR) and Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI). I own some Boralex Inc. stocks inside my TFSA and RRSP portfolios. Inside my TFSA, BLX grow by +51%.

BLX overall chart is quite impressive. Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX) quickly recover from the 2008 stock market crash, as well for the most recent one just a few months ago (arrow in yellow). Following those two crashes, BLX just kick-ass and just went up up up. It's really important for me to stick to stock which value exceeds the value of their before 2008 stock crash value. An overall chart - since the stock early beginnings - is a great tool that allows you to evaluate if the stock you want to invest in is a strong little soldier on which will be able to rely on during volatile times. A chart doesn't lie, but analysts and other so call "specialists" can bullshit and say whatever about a stock. Don't take the opinion of so call specialists for granted. However, on the other hand, the chart of a stock is never bullshit. A chart is like the soul of a stock. You can always believe in the purity of a chart. Over the years, chart reading had become quite important to me, in the process on how I select my investments. My rules are simples and are strictly based on common sense.
I like to diversify my portfolio to the max, in different sectors, and of course, in different businesses. But it's ok, from time to time, it's totally ok to reinvest in a stock that you already own in your portfolio. The trick is to be smart enough to invest in good quality stocks. In the present case, I believe that Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX) is one of those quality assets you can rely on to bring $$$ in the house.

In the title of this post, I had named Boralex as being "one of my quiet TSX street soldier". To understand what I mean by this, I will compare BLX to a US stock, Telsa (TSLA). Telsa is not what you could name as being a reliable quiet stock. First of all, Telsa CEO Elon Musk is a fool and unreliable. He had named his newborn by weird symbols, that poor baby doesn't even have a proper name. Elon Musk is not respectful of the NASDAQ authorities. Musk is not the kind of individual you can rely on, as a stockholder.

Boralex Inc. Class A Shares (BLX) has all of the qualities, the management is nice and stable. BLX chart is reliable and stable. In Canada, we have the best stock market, and the best serious businesses on which we can truly rely. Now is just a matter of you being smart enough to recognize it, and to recognize on how much of a great stock picker that I am. You need to focus on stocks that will bring on richness on the long run, not just overnight like Telsa. Telsa stocks are for dumb Americans, not for smart Canadians.

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