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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tomorrow is the DAY - only one day left before my BIRTHDAY... and the world as we know it will never never be the same

This is quite exciting. The TSX closed today session on a nice gain of over 170, for a majestic total of 16,789.97 points. My non-registered portfolio closed today session on a $106,628.01, my TFSA portfolio at $90,495.23, my US portfolio at $3,827.64, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $48,664.38. I think that this is among the first time ever that I am reaching 90k inside my TFSA portfolio. I am not updating ny portfolio this evening because I am kind of running of time as I have a couple of things to do, I am busy. 

But quickly: I currently have $449.96 in cash inside my RRSP portfolio that is coming from my dividend distribution. Soon, I will have enough to place a new investment inside my RRSP stocks portfolio. I really like to reinvestment the dividend distribution money in a new stock. I will have to think about a new investment for my RRSP portfolio.

Currently, my margin debt is at $45,890.91, and I have left available on my margin an amount of $20,379.46. This leave me a little bit of room to proceed with another contribution in kind for my TFSA portfolio. the Telus Corp (T) stocks that I hold in my non-registered portfolio remain a good candidate, so I am looking forward to make that move by Friday. And since I have so many contribution room left for my TFSA - which is a shame but I do what I can, iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE) would be another good candidate.

And following what, I won't have any more picks inside my non-registered portfolio to do contribution in-kind over my TFSA portfolio. Especially if the TSX continue to register gain like today, its going to be harder and harder to target stocks inside my non-registered portfolio because all of my investments are like gaining in value and I don't want to select stocks that are on a too high capital gain as stocks for a contribution in-kind to my TFSA.

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