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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Just another hot stock pick for your investment portfolio: Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI)

Sadly, for this past July, the best thing that I had done was to get an hair cut. The heat destroy all hope that I had for doing something out of myself. I just hated this month of July, stuck in Montreal in the hot heat of summer. I was just too scare of the covid to go anywhere at all. In my miserable life, nothing valuable happen that need to be mention, at the exception of a few little things. The month of July wasn't very good for the TSX, but nothing really bad happen either way. I am more feeling myself without the heavy heat. August is usually more fresh, which I prefer, and as you might know, August is also my birthday month!

Let's just start the good news part with my really fabulously pretty TFI International Inc. (TFII) who's currently surfing on it's really highest value EVER. And the best part being that the smart smart smart girl that I am of course, hold on to some TFII, and where please? Inside my TFSA portfolio. Just so smart!!! Currently, I am on a gain of 50.25% on TFI International Inc. (TFII). 

My birthday is coming in a hurry, in exactly 22 days and the big 40 is coming with it. At now almost 40 years old, I am lucky enough not to look my age, thanks to 60 SPF (I suggest an at least 50 SPF) sunscreen that I apply several time a day on my pretty face and all sort of beauty creams. Among my favorites, we'll find Caudalie products, I especially like their vinoperfect serum; IDC express multi-action global 16-in 1 anti-aging cream, and also the Yves Rocher's Anti-Âge Global night cream. Now, my beauty secrets just got reveal. Another good move is to work out at the gym, sweating your ass off is good to keep away unwanted wrinkles, at least for now.

In a few past posts, I had exposed a few stocks treasure, which are stocks that help me along the way to blow out the 200k net worth value. You can actually do the really same thing on your side, if you are smart enough to invest in those stocks treasure. Among those treasures, we saw: Boralex Inc. (BLX)Cargojet Inc. (CJT)Emera Incorporated (EMA), and Fortis Inc. (FTS). Those are just a few great stocks that I hold inside my investment portfolio, but they are certainly among the top of the list. Those are my super duper great great stocks performer, but of course, I hold on to some more hot stuff!

Just in case you are in need of another great stock for your Canadian investment portfolio, you can always turn to Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI). I barely write about that one at all. But TRI is like the best stock ever. Once you hold it to your portfolio, you almost forget actually that it's in there. Inside my RRSP portfolio, TRI is currently on a gain of 80.41%.

The TSX closed today session at a good 16,501.61 points. I was curious to see where my numbers were at so I just updated my investment portfolio. I am slightly below the value I had back in June. This is just quite a hard time to move forward in value. I am experiencing some problem with my Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), which I am losing on -5.01% on. However, I am on good gains with my TD and RY stocks. BNS is going behind, which is not fun. Strangely, I am doing better with my investment in Power Corporation of Canada Subordinate Voting Shares (POW), who closed today session on a 6.18% gains. I don't recommend Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) as investment to any of my readers.

Stay around because in my next post, I have another great super stock to expose (I got to keep things to say for my next post, sorry).

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