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Monday, December 21, 2020

My annual dividend income is now at $9,452.50

I hope you are doing well. I am currently on a long 2 weeks vacation. I am staying "home", here in Montreal. I could have hit south, especially knowing that I have 2 weeks at my disposal to do so, but with the COVID hitting hard, I preferred to just do nothing. I am not even going to visit my family in New Brunswick. It feels strange to just stay here. I usually move around quite a bit in a year and 2020, I didn't have too much fun, but at least I didn't get the COVID which I am quite afraid of. It's such a strange disease that we cannot know how we'll react to it and the strangest thing ever is that you can actually have the COVID, without having any symptoms at all, but still be able to give it to others... That's probably one of the strangest things of all. I am not having any problem enjoying my free time outside work and those 2 weeks are going to be nice no matter what.

I began by updating my dividend income. It's an exercise I didn't perform in a while so I don't know for sure where I am at anymore. Here are my numbers for my dividend income:

Non-registered portfolio: $5,495.97;
US portfolio: $65.28 US: $83.28 CAN;
TFSA portfolio: $2,338.55;
RRSP portfolio: $1,534.70;
Total: $9,452.50.

I would like a 10k dividend income, but that $9,452.50 is fine. I never focus exclusively on my dividend income. I find that it can be quite dangerous to focus too much on high yield stocks, and on dividend income. Stocks that are offering a high yield can be quite dangerous, especially now during this economical environment. I prefer to have a lower dividend income rather than having a higher one with too many stocks that might involve higher risks.

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