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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

My net worth is on the high, just like Aphria Inc. (APH) = +17.58%

The stock market is confusing as always, today's gain is not making much sense to me. Having a TSX getting closer and closer to the 18,000 points, after - for a short period of time - being in those exactly 18,000 points - is something strange to watch, but I am enjoying it anyway. The TSX closed today session at 17,874.49  points. In result my non-registered portfolio closed at $117,014.96, my TFSA portfolio at $107,398.38 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $55,122.25. 

Some of my stocks registered really great gains today:

Aphria Inc. (APH): +17.58%

New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI): +8.50%

CAE Inc. (CAE): +4.78%

With all of those great numbers, I estimate my net worth to be in the $274,343.61. I am exceeding a bit my highest net worth value EVER - which was of $274,298.23 on January 19 of this year, but I won't be publishing an update of my portfolio this evening.

I currently have over $650 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio. The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) is no longer from my non-registered portfolio, I told the story of my recent QETH.U trade in this post. Today, The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) registered great gains. I am thinking about investing that TFSA cash I currently have in QETH.UN, and just hold to it to play and see how much it can possibly grow.

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