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Thursday, February 4, 2021

My newest highest net worth value is now: $275,633.38

Good day for the TSX today. Derek Foster gave a nice presentation at the MoneyShow. I also partly listen to the 3iQ Corp presentation, but I miss the beginning. I had a rough morning at work today, it was a bit chaotic, but I am feeling better now. I am good at multitasking, but sometimes, it's hard to do different things at the same time. It's certainly the main reason why I am happy that The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U) is no longer from my portfolio.
It was quite of an exercise to check it out at every single opening, to see if I could sell my units or not at profit. I like to trade once in a while, trading have an appeal of its own, but I am more in an investor mood rather than as a trader mood. It required a lot of attention to be a trader. In the days I trade QETH.U, I was the refresher page Queen, and by far the best. Such exercise required a lot, especially while working full-time. I way prefer to hold to my assets rather than what Derek Foster may call: playing the casino. While trading The Ether Fund Class A units (QETH.U), I was doing exactly that, I was playing the casino. I won a couple of hundreds among the way, which was enough to please me. It's almost too easy to trade QETH.U, but the money is real. While playing the casino, you need to know when to stop and pull out the money, and I did that, my way.

As you may notice, I quickly updated my portfolio, and I am now sitting on a net worth of $275,633.38. The 300k is just around the corner! I will get back tomorrow regarding Derek Foster's presentation at the MoneyShow. He talked about inflation and I think he's right because it's just not quite normal to experience so many gains in a time of pandemic when so many are facing financial difficulties. You better not think too much about it if not you are going to collapse. I stop trying to understand a long time ago and it was the best decision ever. The financial system is just not natural enough.

Today, two of my stocks registered some interesting gains:
Methanex Corporation (MX): +6.44%
Saputo Inc. (SAP): +4.20%

MX had been in my non-registered since my early beginnings. I am ok with it because I had been holding it for a really long time now. But this stock is quite volatile and is not easy to hold. BCE Inc. (BCE) announced great financial results and had increased its dividend distribution. My annual dividend distribution, including RRSP, is now at $9,499.21. Getting closer to the 10k.

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