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Monday, April 5, 2021

AGAIN - I reached today my highest net worth value ever: $293,254.22!

Ok, so now, this investment thing is getting really exciting! I am now only missing $6,745.78 before hitting my first $300,000. I just had no other choice than to update my portfolio today because, on this Easter Monday, the TSX decided to close, for the first time, in the 19,000 points! The TSX closed this Monday at 19,026.79 points. I am waiting for a big paycheck this upcoming Friday. I may be able to hit on the $295,000 net worth at that time if the TSX remains in good shape. So far so good.

This morning, I was listening to BNN's The Open. Jon Erlichman took his day off and Amber Kanwar was stealing the show with a pretty pink blouse. Straight at the market opening, the TSX took everyone by storm, getting in the 19,000 point vibes. It was quite something to watch the beloved TSX hitting on the 19,000 points direct on TV. It seems like Jon Erlichman missed a historic event. While revealing that the beautiful TSX was hitting on the 19,000 points, Amber Kanwar explains to the viewers that the European markets were closed, but no matter what, and please let me quote her because it was just too much of a powerful statement: "A HIGH IS A HIGH". That's how Amber Kanwar said it and she's exactly right. No matter what shit is going on, a high is a high, period. End of the discussion.

I will try to remember that on this historic day, my net worth had made it to the $293,254.22.

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