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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Thinking about Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (MDS.UN) as my next investment for my TFSA portfolio

The TSX closed this past Friday session on 19,102.33 points. My numbers are of course lowers, but they are not too bad either way. Today, my non-registered portfolio closed at $121,574.12, my US portfolio at $4,215.94 US, my TFSA portfolio at $115,259.20 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $57,983.50. Overall, my numbers are doing ok.

I currently have over $550 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio. That cash is coming from the dividend distribution that I earned inside my TFSA portfolio. I won't invest that money right now, but I am currently looking around to find something that could be a good fit for my already awesome investment portfolio, so I did some searches on Stockopedia, which I didn't consult in a little while. I went through all Stockopedia's screens and I came with a list of stocks. And this evening I reduce that list to a few stocks, and I came with the following list of stocks as new investment ideas:

TransAlta Renewables Inc. (RNW), $19.79 per share, Dividend: 4.75%

North West Company Inc. (The) (NWC), $36.32 per share, Dividend: 3.965%

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (AQN), $20.18 per share, Dividend: 3.89%

National Bank of Canada (NA), $88.04 per share, Dividend: 3.226%

Information Services Corporation Class A Limited Voting Shares (ISV), $24.91 per share, Dividend: 3.212%

Sylogist Ltd. (SYZ), $17.29 per share, Dividend: 2.892%

Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (ITP), $29.09 per share, Dividend: 2.714%

Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (MDS.UN), $13.38 per stock, Dividend: 2.042%

Intact Financial Corporation (IFC), $163.51 per share, Dividend: 2.03%

PFB Corporation (PFB), $20.90 per share, Dividend: 1.722%

Vecima Networks Inc. (VCM), $14.75 per share, Dividend: 1.492%

Empire Company Limited Non-Voting Class A Shares (EMP.A), $39.41 per share, Dividend: 1.31%

Hardwoods Distribution Inc. (HDI), $33.88 per share, Dividend: 1.181%

Enghouse Systems Limited (ENGH), $57.24 per share, Dividend: 1.118%

Equitable Group Inc. (EQB), $132.09 per share, Dividend: 1.12%

Winpak Ltd. (WPK), $43.56 per share, Dividend: 0.275%

While establishing that list, I tried to stay away from any stocks related to the financial sector. National Bank of Canada (NA) is in as a little exception, as well as Intact Financial. I already express previously my interest in Empire Company Limited Non-Voting Class A Shares (EMP.A). It could be a good idea as an investment. But right now, I have a fixation on Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (MDS.UN). Other than maybe Savaria Corporation (SIS) that I hold in my non-registered and TFSA portfolio, I don't have any exposer to the healthcare sector. For that reason, I found Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (MDS.UN) to be quite interesting. However, that fund is quite mysterious. No one talks about the Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (MDS.UN), it's hard to find any insight or opinion regarding that fund because just no one seems to be excited by the fund. Also, LDIC Inc. seems to be a low-profile and old fashion firm, which I don't exactly dislike.

I conduct some searches on Google and the most interesting find was probably Genevieve Roch-Decter, who used to be a fund manager at LDIC Inc. Roch-Decter now has a blog, Grit Capital. You can even have a look at her investment portfolio, right here. You can register for her newsletter, it seems to be free to enroll, which I did. It's always interesting to know what other people hold in their portfolios. In the case of Genevieve Roch-Decter, it's quite interesting because she had worked in the financial sector. Roch-Decter may be the daughter of Michael B. Decter, who's the CEO of LDIC Inc. It's easy to be successful when you are a daddy little princess. Michael B. Decter had been involved in politics, which for me is not a turn-on. I wouldn't invest big money via any funds managed by LDIC Inc. Politicians are rats and it's better to stay away from anyone who actually got involved so directly in politics.

If I decide to invest in Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (MDS.UN), it will only be a small investment, less than 2k. I don't think an investment in Healthcare Special Opportunities Fund (MDS.UN) can bring on a lot in terms of capital gain. It's a fund that will try to preserve the initial capital invested and pay some dividends, but this is not a fund that I can possibly get rich on. I will need to continue my search to get on the big bucks.

I never heard of Information Services Corporation Class A Limited Voting Shares (ISV) before, and I don't really get what they do, but this one could be a good option for a small investment.

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