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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I now have a home insurance for tenants

These days, I am quite busy doing just regular ordinary things which keep me away from my laptop. My daily weekly schedule is pretty much set up straight directly in this order. I have to warn you, it's quite a boring one: I work full-time, hit the gym to sweat my life right after, go back home, take a shower, take a look at my investment portfolios (I also do that at different times during the day), and finally... watch TV until around 11 pm if not a bit later. During the evening I am usually too beat up to write anything down on my blog. And it's basically all I do.


This evening, I skip my gym routine. Right after work, I run to a restaurant close to my place. I was really hungry, and I wanted to enjoy a bit of freshness with air conditioning, please. I ate all of the bread and the olives that were on my table, I got a beer, a salad and... a lobster with rice. Oh wait, it's not all, I also got an expresso with a little crème brûlée that was just too good. I have no cute foodie pictures because I just happily jumped on the food when it arrived. And that is just not my type anyway. I am not a cute blogger type. I only ate breakfast today, so when I hit the restaurant earlier this evening, be assured that nothing got wasted. My lobster was a bit small for my taste, but it left room for a little dessert. You can say that I got a bit of a happy $300,000 net worth celebration going on. Tomorrow, the normal gym routine will be more than welcome. :-)

I now can say that I am pretty much at the same strength that I was pre-COVID. I like my gym routine because it kept me away from any temptations where I could spend money, while I am just trying to build up some more savings. Also, I am not getting any trouble to sleep as you can imagine since every bite of any energy concentrate in that body during the day is being pulled out quite easily in a matter of an hour and a few minutes. It all it takes. I sometimes can push it to our hour and 30 minutes if I haven't done anything the evening before. Good luck if you can do the same when you'll be 40, little, still young investors.

A few days ago, I put a 2k on my margin debt, to help pay it down. My margin debt is now at $45,334.75. With a TSX closing this past Friday at a good 20,230.26 points, my non-registered portfolio closed at $128,658.66, my TFSA portfolio at $118,282.86 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $58,825.79. My annual dividend income is now at $9,659.53. I currently a little $300 in cash inside my TFSA portfolio, and a bit over $500 in my RRSP portfolio.

It's looking like Ethereum and Bitcoins are in a recovery mode because guess what, my TFSA portfolio closed today session on a really good $119,838.96. My non-registered portfolio closed at $128,052.20 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $59,144.41.

For the first time in my life, I decided to enroll in home insurance for tenants. I had insured for the past couple of weeks. I decided to get home insurance - even if I am only a tenant, because lately in Montreal, many families had lost their homes because of a fire. It's the main reason why I got a home insurance, but also to be covered in case of fire and to be taking care of if something happens. I had been living to where I am for many many years now and I always got a good vibe from the place, but good vibes or not, it's better to prevent. Especially now that I have a net worth exceeding the $300,000, I no longer have the excuse of having to save money, or that I don't have the money to pay for insurance, etc., etc., etc. I just don't have any more excuses.


Currently, in Montreal, it's really difficult to find an apartment. If I get kick out of my apartment, I know it will be really hard for me to find something else in the same price range. In case of fire, I understood that my rent will be cover and I will be relocated until my apartment got back available. That represents a lot of $$$. A home insurance also covers in cases of theft, vandalism, and liability. My home insurance costs me a bit more than $330 for a year. I got my little belongings cover for something like $26,500. What I own probably worth less than that amount anyway.

The Dividend Girl advice of the day being: even if you are a renter, I strongly suggest that you enroll in a home insurance for tenants. There you go.

Among other things, I had been using Vital Proteins Bovine collagen peptides to help my hair grow for a bit more than a week now. My hair had grown, but it's too soon to say if the Vital Proteins had helped or not. I want to keep using it for the next week or two and after that get a haircut just to get a little trim because it starts looking like nothing. I must admit that with my type of hair, I prefer to have them shorter than longer but having them longer will be more cost-efficient. Soon enough, we'll see if Jennifer Aniston's fountain of youth can me of any help for myself.


John Guy said...


Life is good, it is time to own a piece of real estate. keeping up.

Anonymous said...

By law, tenants are required to have insurance in Québec. Not in case you lose your things, it's for civil responsibility (i.e. you cause fire or injury).
Btw I'm at Interactive Brokers, where the margin interest is around 3% less than at TD, so you can imagine how much you would have saved through the years with another broker. 4% is a big drag on a portfolio.

Sunny said...

I don't think it's a requirement for tenants to have an insurance in Quebec. Its a good thing to have one, but it's not mandatory.

I don't think real estate represent a good investment for small investors like myself.


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