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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Oh lala, look who's only getting richer, richer and richer... ME

These days, the weather is quite awesome in Montreal, so I am spending a lot of time outside, and I try to stay out of my laptop as much as possible. But now, I feel I have to write a little something because I finally make it: I now have over 300k in net worth!

My numbers are quite good today. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $125,614.40, my TFSA portfolio at $118,040.48 and my RRSP portfolio at $58,102.02. I can say for sure that I am still sitting on a 300k net worth at present. Fun! 

Last week, my $300,799.45 net worth had been a nice surprise. With a now solid 300k net worth, I am happy to have a margin debt under the 50k. My margin debt is currently at $47,215.34. I have at my disposal a good $32,219.30 as money available on my margin, to invest partly if I want... or spend. But of course, I will do neither of those things. With a TSX close to the 20,000 points, it's not time to invest. Now is the time to enjoy the summer and just watch the TSX doing its magic. My bet worth is probably currently exceeding the 300k. Maybe not by that much, but exceeding.

I did a great job saving my bucks in May, I hope to do the same in June. Right now, I am dying for a haircut. I don't want to have long hair anymore, I just hate it. I have a dentist appointment later on in July, but thanks to my insurance, it won't cost me much. Yesterday morning, at BNN's The Open, Amber Amber Kanwar announced live that the TSX hit on the 20,005 points. It was quite an event! It was quite exciting, but it somewhat felt kind of weird at the same time to watch the TSX reaching the 20,000 points for the real first time. All I can say is, enjoy it, because each day is a different day on the TSX.

Now is a good time to save money, pay down your margin or debt if you have any, make some savings. And later on, when a correction happens, it will be time to invest again.

June had kicked in, but some things are still going on, the TSX is not a boring place to be. Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI) had changed its name to LifeWorks Inc. (LWRK). It was the right thing to do because personally, with all the drama surrounding Finance Minister Bill Morneau's exist, I wasn't pretty much a fan of Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI). I didn't sell and it's only for money: both of my current capital gain and the dividend I earn from that investment are just too good.

I also had another great surprise yesterday morning with Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) who's trying to make an acquisition. PPL had been in my portfolio since my early beginning. When PPL gains in value, that means big bucks to me because PPL is not a small investment in my non-registered portfolio. With their new acquisition, PPL announced a happy dividend increase. However, it's not sure that the so wanted acquisition will happen or not, it's all complicated. PPL is a Derek Foster stock.

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