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Monday, November 8, 2021

I am not on my HIGHEST net WORTH EVER: $340,312.77

It's now official, my net worth - on the date of today - exceeds $340,000. I am only missing $9,688 to get into the 350k game. I may be able to close the year 2021 on a $350,000, or maybe close by enough to say that I am almost on the $350,000. At now over $132,000, my TFSA portfolio is also at its highest value ever. It's quite fun to watch. My ETF investments involved in Ethereums and Bitcoins are on a record high, but I am still holding for now.

My dividend income should increase as well, because banks are now authorized to increase their dividend distributions. Earlier today, iA Financial Corporation Inc. (IAG) made a super great announcement: an increase of 29% in their quarterly dividend. Soon enough, banks should also follow the same vibe and increase their dividend distribution.

PFB Corporation (PFB) had been in my TFSA since this past August, but it soon no longer be from my portfolio! PFB Corporation (PFB) had been acquired by The Riverside Company. Unfortunately, it seems like The Riverside Company is not trading over the TSX. However, I will get a nice compensation + special dividend distribution out of this. Luckily, since I hold PFB Corporation (PFB) inside my TFSA portfolio, I won't pay any taxes on this payout. I always really like PFB Corporation (PFB), its too bad it won't be from my portfolio by the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your net worth. Now what? Will you buy a house with a rental unit. If you do buy a house. Buy where you either can walk or take a short bus ride to everything. Coffee shop down the street. Library round the corner. Grocery shopping close by.
Yarn shop! Interesting things and people to meet. As you get older you don’t want to isolate yourself.
I find your posts very inspiring and look forward to your continuation of gathering good stocks. I have learned more from you than other financial advisers which I don’t use anymore. I’m flying solo.but I do like dividends.
Thank you for your refreshing posts

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny!
Great posts! Do you still think Canadian banks are trading at a reasonable price to purchase now?

Sunny said...

Thanks for reading :)

$340,000 is a nice amount, but is not that much to actually buy a house/or condo, and still have a good amount invested to earn some dividend. In order to buy something, I would need a much larger net worth. At this time, I am not interested in owning my house. I prefer to have a good net worth that provides me some dividends to cover expenses in case of need. The ultimate goal of course being able to reach financial. If I buy a house or condo, a big chunk of my net worth will go away, and my monthly expenses will increase. I try to keep them low.

It's strange that you bring that topic because I had some house/condo related stuff that I wanted to write about in a post :-) should come soon.

I am not looking to isolate myself, it's just that the difference between where I am now in New Brunswick and the difference is super huge and every time, it's a little shock. My old folks are in their early 70s, but time flies by and I prefer to enjoy now the time I can spend with them while they are both healthy so we can go hunting and stuff, especially while I can work from anywhere. I also have other hunting pictures coming up :-) And this winter, I will go fishing.

I had a few good experiences with financial advisers, but most of them were not good ones. I wrote about them on this blog, a long time ago. I had been pushed to find my way alone, but I quickly find Derek Foster. It saves me financially. It takes more than financial advisers to help people with their finances. It required qualities of the heart, and good people it can be hard to find. However, I know there are some good financial planners and advisers in Canada. It's just that too many of them are in the profession for the wrong reasons and that is for money only.

If you have good common sense, you can easily learn about finance. It's a field that is quite open and anyone can be successful if they really want to. It's not that difficult. The most difficult part may be to save money.

GOOD NEWS: National Bank of Canada (NA) is on a Stockopedia screen that features in their Bargain stocks. The name of the screen is: "Trading below Cash Screen"
By James Altucher.

I am currently checking more Bargain stocks screens to see if any banking stocks are in those lists. If I find anything. I will add in this comment section.

Sunny said...

I had just found Manulife Financial in the Free Cash Flow Cows Screen of Stockopedia.
I don't like insurance companies as investments.

I am done with the Bargain stocks screens, I didn't find any other related bank stuff in there.
Our bank stocks are expensive, unfortunately. But you can still invest a little amount to keep yourself satisfied and keep some cash for when they'll crash a bit.


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