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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Stelco Holdings Inc. (STLC)!

These days, the TSX had been down a little, which unfortunately result directly in my portfolio results. My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $137,833.99, my US portfolio at $4,355.45 US, and my TFSA portfolio at $128,481.47. My stocks-only RRSP portfolio is the exception to the rule, closing the session on a higher note, at $63,586,80. This represents a gain of $1,048.66 for my stocks-only RRSP portfolio, compared to my latest investment portfolio update on November 8.

My annual dividend income is now at $10,571.86. I try not to focus too much on dividends, but I like to get an idea of where I am from time to time. If I exclude dividends coming from my RRSP, my dividend income from my non-registered and TFSA portfolio reaches $8,883.90, which represents the equivalence of $740.23 per month. It's not too bad knowing this amount covers my rent, and almost my cell phone bill for a month. Not that I need the money, but it's good to know.

A few days ago, I made a small investment in Stelco Holdings Inc. (STLC). The money came from some of my TFSA portfolio dividend distribution. Inside my TFSA portfolio, Stelco Holdings Inc. (STLC) is on a gain of 2.82%, which is a nice start. I wouldn't invest thousands in STLC, but I could eventually invest a bit more in this stock. Also in my TFSA, my gains in crypto ETFs are at $422. Not enough to sell for profit, but at least today, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are looking like they only want to

Currently, I also have enough to make another small investment inside my RRSP portfolio. I was thinking about Empire Company Limited Non-Voting Class A Shares (EMP.A). It's an investment idea that is coming from Susan Brunner. This is a rocky stock, but I think it's a good pick for the long term. Here again, it will only be a small investment. 

Here in New Brunswick, we recently received our first snow, and the result was looking gorgeous, but I took my pictures while quietly watching from outside the show falling...

So much snow!

Those had been taking a few days later:


Liquid Independence said...

Great update Sunny! Any particular reason you chose STLC and not another steel company. Is it because you see more potential with Stelco?

Sunny said...

Thanks Liquid :-)

STLC had been on my radar since May. I like its chart and on top of that, STLC recently announced an increase in their dividend distribution, which is always a good point.


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