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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Another great stock of mine increase its dividend distribution: thank you for the free cash Loblaw Companies (L)!

The past few days had been quite rough for the TSX. I totally forgot to post about this, but I had invested in some Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and BCE Inc. (BCE) shares inside my non-registered portfolio. Thoe two investments were among my more important moves. As for the other investments, they were tiny little investments. I invested a tiny bit Parex Resources Inc. (PXT) and North West Company Inc. (The) (NWC) for my RRSP portfolio, and in some Power Corporation of Canada Subordinate Voting Shares (POW), BCE Inc. (BCE), Whitecap Resources Inc. (WCP) for my TFSA portfolio. 

Today, the TSX regain some valuable points. It's quite a nice feeling to quietly watch the TSX running back in the exceeding 21,100 points. As result, my stock investment portfolio gained over $5,000, which is very good. It's not fun to be dealing with a stock market that is flat and going down the drain on most days... It's quite a traumatic experience. But in the meantime, I had been enjoying some beautiful spring days in New Brunswick. Everything is going well for me and at work, the TSX is gaining some valuable points and the nice weather is coming my way. 

I proceeded with another $1,000 transfer from my savings to my margin account. For now - unless the TSX falls down again - I won't be making any more cash transfer to my margin. We have nice weather coming up and I want to buy a few pieces of summer clothes, as I don't have any with me, except a few t-shirts. I am the kind of girl who just simply cannot stand wearing long heavy pants when the weather hit the 20C. As for the outdoor shoes, I have a super comfortable and super expensive pair of Asics running shoes which are usually my indoor gym shoes, but since we are still dealing with COVID, I guess I don't need any indoor shoes anymore... My only problem is that those Asics shoes are of a punchy shade of pink fluo color, but it kind of makes me laugh. Those shoes were meant to be indoor shoes only. I had those shoes for several years, but now that I am wearing them outside, I don't know if they will last me very long. Asics are super expensive, but if you have sensitive feet like mine, they are probably the best shoes you can buy out there, even if you are not a runner. 

I am trying not to spend too much because once I will hit back Montreal, I will be spending more money. I am currently dreaming of expressos, having my toenails done, going to the movies, enjoying free outdoor concerts, and a bunch of other things that you don't take for granted when you live basically in the middle of nowhere. I must say, I had been voluntarily limiting myself - now for months! on the activities I do here because I stay with my old folks. I simply cannot take the risk of sitting down at a coffee shop - we actually have one nice here - getting the COVID, and infecting my old people. Life with COVID is complicated, especially if you don't want to expose your close family members to the virus. However, while living alone in Montreal, things are going to be much easier, and I will allow myself to do much more things than I am doing now, which had been closed to nothing at all at this point. 

A few positive points had been that I had saved money like crazy, I didn't get infected by COVID so far, I lost weight because my main activity is walking around, but to go nowhere... :-) I plan to wear the mask even if will no longer be mandatory in Montreal, starting something like May 14 if I got it right. I got my third vaccine shot in New Brunswick, so it's not registered in my Quebec vaccinal passport, but I guess that may not bother me that much. At least I have my little paper receipt concerning that shoot. I, unfortunately, got Moderna for my third vaccine, which I wasn't too much please about. 

This past winter, New Brunswick was keeping Pfizer to vaccinate children. I will be in Montreal when the fourth vaccine will become needed, in a few weeks from now. I hope to get Pfizer. If we get vaccinated, the less the government can do is to let us pick the vaccine of our choice, especially in Quebec. In New Brunswick, we have a much smaller population, so I can understand that not all options are available. Concerning Moderna, I didn't let you know about this at the time, but it gave me a weird sensation on my omoplate, like a pressure, but that feeling didn't last too long. 

My non-registered portfolio closed today session on a great $146,925.17, my US portfolio at $5,026.78, my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $65,513.77, and my TFSA portfolio at $127 262,16. So far today, Bitcoin, just like the TSX, is gaining valuable $$$. If I am lucky, I may be able to soon reach back the old $130,000 value in my TFSA portfolio. I had been waiting and waiting to sell at profit some Bitcoin-related funds that I have. And I am still waiting to this date...

It came to my attention, thanks to Pattirose for letting me know, that Jean-François Tardif was at BNN today. You can watch here. Like Tardif, I am not really a tech lover. I like my investments in Calian Group Ltd. (CGY) and CGI Inc. (GIB.A), they are in the tech sector, but it's more in terms of services. Open Text Corporation (OTEX) is tough to hold, but my suggestion would be: invest a bit in OTEX and just forget you have it in your portfolio. It will pay of later on. I really like OTEX's CEO, a very smart man, very interesting, and with his direction, OTEX will do well, despite the fact that its title is a bit volatile - but that's the tech sector, its how it is. Just like CGY, GIB.A, OTEX is in the technology services and those types of businesses are much needed in our society, we cannot do without them. However, I won't ever invest now in Twitter, Facebook... I am not in favor of social media and they are not good places to be. I have Twitter and Facebook accounts for this blog, but I am not on them anymore. These days, I must admit that I had spent quite some time on TikTok, but it takes a sec to remove the application from my cell phone if I see that I am too much on it. I scroll from time to time on TikTok, and I must admit that I find it quite fun. One of my favorite TikToker is landenpurifoy and I another one I like is thecaptainsalty. They are lives very often and quite fun to watch, I promise. landenpurifoy is close to 6 million followers, which is very well deserved because that guy is full of positive energy and super funky. I follow other TikTokers too, I should do a post on my favorite TikTokers :-) When the TSX acts like shit, witch to my TikTokers lol... (that's what I am actually doing...)

These days, I had been receiving some good news for many of my stocks. Loblaw announced a dividend increase! TRP is going great, as well as NTR. My overall dividend income is not set on an annual $11,068.07. The more the better, but I am not expecting to do any investing move at the present time, if it's not that new stock from Jean-François Tardif, Rubellite Energy Inc. (RBY). RBY doesn't pay any dividends, unfortunately. Nothing is perfect.


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Great dividend increase!! May the 4th be with you :):)

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Great news, great blog here

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