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Friday, May 13, 2022

The real fun now begin for investors

I finally got the chance to buy a few pieces of summer clothes because I didn't have any with me, as most of my stuff is in Montreal. I am glad I did because it was still beautiful and hot weather today and it's going to remain so for the next couple of days, with a bit of rain for the days to come. I didn't spend too much and nothing fancy. I actually bought some clothes at Walmart and Rossy and some summer hats. Sincerely, it's the first time in a very long time that I bought any clothes at all at Walmart and Rossy, but I am glad I did because I was able to buy a few pieces and I only spent a bit over $100. 

I try to remain good with my expenses because I will be leaving in a couple of weeks for Montreal, and I plan to come back to New Brunswick this summer for a few weeks, and I plan to go back to Montreal after that, and later on, I will go back to New Brunswick for the hunting season... It may sound like a lot of traveling but that's basically how I had been living for the past 10 years. In 2021, what was different was that I stayed in New Brunswick from September or October (I just don't really remember lol) 2021... until now... That is just making it way too long for me to be in one single place. I am not used to it. Sincerely, I begin to miss Montreal. The summer is super fun in Montreal.

There is still no bus transportation available to cover the section Rivière-du-Loup to my X hometown in New Brunswick and that is super annoying. This kind of limits my traveling possibilities and basically, that's why I have no other choice than to spend the whole winter in New Brunswick. I am mentally not ready yet to spend another hard winter in New Brunswick, but maybe that will come later on. I just cannot see myselk asking my old folks to come and pick me up all the way to Rivière-du-Loup in the cold winter... No no no. My only option to travel during winter, is to take the plane from Montreal to Frederiction, and from Fredericton, take the bus to go home. Its doable, but it feel quite stupid having to take the plane only to go to New Brunswick, its not my vibe. And its probably a lot more expensive too. I don't live super close to Fredericton, so imagine that I am being stuck there because of a snowtorm or something...

These days, it seems like each day for the TSX is a bad one... Yesterday, my stock portfolios lost a bit over $2,000 today. Under the circumstances, my portfolio is doing relatively ok. My non-registered portfolio closed today at $141,633.64, my US portfolio at $4,915.52, my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $62,806.32, and my TFSA portfolio at $119,544.58. On the date of yesterday, my "buying power" - or what I like to name as being the amount of money left available on my margin - was $47,743.28. I should had now soon a buying power of soemthing around $49,243.28, since I proceed recently with a cash transfer of $1,500.

I think I will be fine, but I prefer to monitor the situation closely. I am now starting to feel better about the current state of the stock market. I decided to view this as an investment opportunity. Those are hard time, but this is how I had built my portfolio, during correction following the 2008 stock crash. Its when stocks trade cheap that you need to buy them. Even small investments can make a big difference on the long run. That's how I had reached my highest net worth ever back on  April of this year, with a net worth of $361,442.42. Its important that retail investors take full advantage of this stock market correction.


M Satch said...

In the long run I think you will be more than fine. You will probably pass $1 million in a few years. But drawdowns and bear markets can come along, and attempt to convince you to part with your shares at a low price. My portfolio is down a similar amount, more or less, to yours I would estimate. And it is painful. I hate it. But instead of complaining, I've decided to buy up some discounted dividend payers like you. I like focusing on dividend income sometimes instead of my portfolio value, as the income is more stable and grows over time, whereas the market value goes up and down like crazy. If the dividend income one day covers all my expenses, then it is like a pension that increases, usually faster than inflation, year after year. I appreciate your blog thank you for keeping it going all these years.

Anonymous said...

Hi M. Satch and Sunny,
If you both were just getting started on diving investing in your 20’s, what stocks would you begin purchasing in today’s market? Bns, bce ?

Sunny said...

Thanks for reading :-)

In your 20s, if you can invest in high-quality stocks that pay a dividend, like BNS, BCE, you'll be set for life!
FTS is one of my old-time favorites. I also like TD, TD is quite well established in the US.
I also like: CNR, POW, WSP, BLX, NPI, NTR, T, SU, NWC, EMA, TRI, TIH.

M Satch said...


Canadian tire just increased their dividend 25% after a 10% increase last November. a 38% raise!

Mary White said...

Anon, if you are just starting out the number one thing is to have savings. I always found the "pay yourself first" method worked well for me. Set aside 10% of every pay check, and invest it. Nowadays you can buy shares commission free on wealthsimple trade, or national bank brokerage. When I paid myself first I never missed the money. But if I put the money in my account I would spend it and have nothing left to buy stocks with. Personally I think Sunny's stocks are great choices. Most of them have matched or exceeded the performance of the TSX over the long term. And yet most say you can't exceed the TSX, but it seems you can over longer periods of time anyway. FTS has more than doubled the returns of the TSX over the last 20 years - awesome for a hydro and gas utility. Who knows if it will do it again in the next 20 years.. But it is one of my favourite companies too.


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