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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Happy Birthday, Acadian Investors!

I am still in New Brunswick. Last weekend, I took a swim at the lake, the water was quite fresh. Unfortunately, the lake now has blue-green algae problems, so I wasn't able to enjoy it this weekend. Some people swim in the lake anyway, but I prefer not to. In the south, in the Moncton area, Parlee Beach seems to have blue-green algae problems as well, among with E Coli. Those problems are unfortunately quite common around this time of the year. In the case of Parlee Beach, the problem occurs earlier this summer. 

At a point, it may not be possible to enjoy Parlee Beach if nothing is being done for the environment. The Moncton area is in a healthy growth phase and there are many human activities in the sector that are going on, some of them may affect badly the environment. As for our local lake, blue-green algae problems are common around this time of the year. It's certainly not healthy, but it's like that around here. We are able to live with a certain amount of pollution and we are used to it, but I am not under the impression that the government of New Brunswick is taking care enough of our environment. It keeps degrading. The fact that Parlee Beach had to close several times this summer, and way before the mid of August is a sad fact that speaks for itself.

Currently, in the area where I am located, the air is cooler, and you see that autumn is just around the corner. It's been a fun summer and it's not exactly over yet. I had a nice time in both Montreal and New Brunswick. I plan to stay in New Brunswick until the end of August, which is coming in a rush. After that, I will go back to Montreal, and I will return to New Brunswick in mid-October, right on time for the hunting season. I may stay in New Brunswick for the whole winter again this year, just like last year, but I am not sure of that yet. I am still stuck with a complicated bus situation. I don't want my old folks to drive to Rivière-du-Loup in the middle of winter to pick me up. I could take the plane from Montreal to Fredericton, and take a bus from Fredericton to my x hometown, but that appears to me quite excessive, having to take the plane just to go home. It's not really convenient.

Lately, the TSX registered very good gains. It was quite exciting to watch. This past Friday, I quickly update my investment portfolio, just to realize that my investment portfolio had closed the session at a very good $396,620.95. My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday's session at $146,578.19, my US portfolio at $5,005.50 US, my RRSP portfolio - stocks-only - at $65,031.47, and my TFSA portfolio at $127,118.49. My margin debt is at $46,030.13. The interest rate on margin is now at a big 6%, thanks to all the increased that had to suffer interest rates. 

My net worth is currently at a good $350,590.82. I am now only missing exactly $10,851.60 to hit back my old highest value of $361,442.42 that had been reached back on April 20, 2022. Isn't a great event that is happening just a few days shy away from August 15, which is National Acadian Day.

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