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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Goodfellow Inc. (GDL)!

I celebrated my birthday just a few days ago. I haven't posted much on this blog. I returned to Montreal less than 2 weeks ago, so that's enough alone to excuse me. During that time, the TSX had good days, but now, we are dealing with bad days. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $140,639.91, my US portfolio at $4,828.71, my RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $63,183.23, and my TFSA portfolio at $122,907.33. The TSX had been rough today. 

Its something that I had my idea on for quite some time, but I finally proceed, I decided to open a bank account with National Bank, in order to protect my margin account. I could do a cash transfer to my margin account debt whenever I wanted, but there's something like a 72 hours delay before receiving the money, and that's because the cash is coming from a different institution.

Currently, my broker is National Bank Direct Brokerage. And it's been so for many months now. I had so far a very good experience with National Bank Direct Brokerage. The only thing that I really dislike with National Bank Direct Brokerage is that you cannot view the value of your investment portfolios in real time. That's something very upsetting for me. I feel very deprived of what with TD Waterhouse used to be my greatest fun in my investment life: to view, seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes, the value in real-time of my different investment portfolios, as early as exactly 9:30 am, from Monday to Friday. Nothing beat the satisfaction of checking your investment portfolio on a day when the TSX performed well, especially when it does so straight at the opening.
With my new bank account with National Bank, I am getting my peace of mind. Now I can do a money transfer in real-time from my bank account to my margin account whenever I feel I need to do so. I opened my margin account in my non-registered portfolio 12 years ago, exactly on December 11, 2010. At that time, I began to have meat on the bones. Back on that day, the value of my non-registered portfolio was of $72,232.12, and the money available at my disposal in my margin account was of $43,653.66. That's how my margin account adventures began.

Lately, a dear reader came to me with a very good investment idea: Goodfellow Inc. (GDL). GDL is very well-ranked in Stockopedia, it pay an interesting dividend of +7.136%. Today, Goodfellow Inc. (GDL) gains a beautiful +6.458%. Trading at less than $12 per share, you still have time to join the party if you want to.

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