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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super-super Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund

While some companies are announcing dividend cut, my Crestreet keep going up up up! So high it make me want to invest another 1 000$ in this magic fund. Well, not that high, but my original 1 000$ now worth 1 016$. And in this difficult time, it’s almost a miracle that this investment is not making me loosing some big cash. Actually, the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is the only investment that makes me gain some capital among all of my investments. But here, I am thinking about the value of the investment only, not any dividend earning.

The Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund in the kind of fund I would like to have transfer into a Tax-free savings account, since its look like this in a US fund kind of. I don’t really know too much about this particular fund. And at a point, I don’t care about knowing more about it for 2 reasons: I just don’t have enough time to educate myself on the basic of the basic as I have other things to do and, second, as long the fund is making me gaining some money, I am quite happy here. No major search involves. Only cash is needed. And with Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, only 1 000$ is needed. It’s the minimum required, unless they have change the rule with their new Class B. Because now Alternative Energy have a twin.

Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund was just one other great move of mine :) lol

I really enjoy my investments.


Doug T said...

Been invested in Creststreet Alternative Energy mutual fund since Nov. 2008. If there is a fund with better consistant returns I haven't found it.

Doug T....The mutual fund guy

Sunny said...

The fund is very great! I invest 1000$ in it just a couple of months ago and now the value is of 1060$! I am very please with this investment.


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