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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Being out of morning job is not that bad after all

I was first quite frustrating about loosing my morning shift, but now, things are getting pretty easy as I begin to really have enough of the job. But for now, I keep the weekend shift. Their surveys were long, a lot of answering machine along the way – and than they cut my morning shift because of my low productivity. But it’s not my fault if I was always reaching answering machine.

Anyway, it’s been 2 days now that I haven’t been working during the morning and I quite enjoy the rest. I would very much things to stay the same for a while. Working at my evening job and there at the weekend give me something close to 550$ after deductions. I will have enough to reach ends. But knowing myself, things won’t probable remain the same for too long. I am in need of money and my first 50 000$ is waiting for me. I also more than 10 000$ to invest in my RRSP of 2009. This year, I am going to invest in my RRSP as much as I can – I do not want to pay around 3 000$ extra in taxes again this year. NEVER AGAIN.

This makes it a good opportunity to take a break and after begin a job search. I will try to look for a better job – something else than surveys. My evaluation of last week at my job was quite better and do not fear anymore. The month of April has been quite something and I hope May will be better. I also plan to purchase 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) on the first week of May. I couldn’t do anything with my money in April because of all those taxes I have to pay. Very annoying. And now I am going to work again for my evening shift.

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