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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dividend cash distribution update

Non registered Investments:
Stocks and Units investment portfolio
Sprott Inc. (SII): 312$ (special dividend) + 55$ = 367$
Dividend yield: 1.41%

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 157.29$ + 150$ (extra dividend gains in January 2011 in result of a temporary investment) = 307.29$
Dividend yield: 3.31%

Methanex Corporation (MX): 63.86$
Dividend yield: 2.19%

Fortis (FTS): 120.91$
Dividend yield: 3.43%

Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL): 675.48$
Dividend yield: 7.01%

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE): 213.60$ (special dividend (not announced yet) of 20 cents) + 1 324.32$ = 1 537.92$
Dividend yield: 8.24%

Yellow Media Inc. (YLO): 374.40$
Dividend yield: 10.71%

Bell Aliant Inc. (BA): 385.70$
Dividend yield: 7%

Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF): 179.76$
Dividend yield: 6.84%

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): 369.15$
Dividend yield: 6.57%

Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): 113.12$
Dividend yield: 3.27%

Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH): 371.68$
Dividend yield: 8.80%

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): 245.44$
Dividend yield: 7.59%

EnCana Corporation (ECA): 160.80$
Dividend yield: 2.49%

iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE): 112.42$
Dividend yield: 5.18%

Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN): 172.80$
Dividend yield: 8.73%

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX): 140$
Dividend yield: 10.26%

New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN): 234$
Dividend yield: 9.857%

Superior Plus Corp. (SPB): 324$
Dividend yield: 13.33%

Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN): 176.40$
Dividend yield: 9.145%

Exchange Income Corporation (EIF): 156$
Dividend yield: 8.05%

Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI): 102$
Dividend yield: 6.039%

Student Transportation (STB): 112$
Dividend yield: 8.12%

Colabor Group Inc. (GCL): 216$
Dividend yield: 9.17%

TMX Group Inc. (X): 156$
Dividend yield: 3.80%

TOTAL: 7 174.13$

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
EnerCare Inc. (ECI): 278.20$
Dividend yield: 8.88%

TFSA TOTAL: 278.20$

RSP investment portfolio:
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 80$
Dividend yield: 2.49%

Emera Incorporated (EMA): 251.32$
Dividend yield: 4.19%

RSP TOTAL: 331.32$

OVERALL TOTAL: 7 783.65$

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am now at 149 658.45$

I am now very close to the 150k in assets and I am now very close to the 70$k in debt... This morning when I wake up, I just had one idea on mind: it wasn't about paying some debt, it was about investing in the TMX Group Inc. (X). And guess what, my timing was perfect. Recently, I had been lucky, but my luck could go away. It's the reason why I won't go deeper in debt. I won't invest more using margin money because I want to keep a healthy balance in my margin account. I want to be able to go to work without having to worry too much about what's going on with the stock market.

This morning, I purchased 100 stocks of TMX Group Inc. (X) at 41.97$. Today, TMX Group Inc. (X) closed at 42.13$. I already made a little gain of 16$, more than even to cover for my commission fee. On top of that, the investment in TMX Group Inc. (X) will pay a dividend of 40$ in March. So the money quietly add up little by little. As an investor, I am not looking for spectacular gain. What I want is stability and a good dividend return.

Talking dividend, I had received today my very first dividend of Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN). Today, I had received 14.40$ from Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN). From my calculation, this represent an annual dividend yield of 8.64% (if I consider 14.40$ x 12 months)... It's more than what Horizons Gold initially announced as dividend payment. But my way of calculate could be wrong... Anyhow, no matter how much is the dividend yield, I am very happy with my investment in Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN), as much as for TMX Group Inc. (X).

Lately, some of my recent stock picks had performed extremely well. One of my latest top performer is Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX). I initially invested in 100 stocks of Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX), for an investment value of 1 479.99$. Currently, my investment in Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) worth 1 614$. That's a profit of 134.01$ within less than a month! Great!

I also had very good results with:

Student Transportation (STB)
Initial investment: 1 281.99$
Current value: 1 370$
Profit: 88.01$

Superior Plus Corp. (SPB):
Initial investment: 2 405.99$
Current value: 2 420$
Profit: 14.01$

Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI)
Initial investment: 1 674.99$.
Current value: 1 686$
Profit: 11.01$

Student Transportation (STB) had performed very well. It worth it sometime to go with reader picks... In this case, Arunan (for Student Transportation (STB)) and the mountain lion man (for all the rest) were the stock pickers. THANK YOU! :)

My investment portfolio on date of February 10, 2011

1 276.27$

Non registered Investments:
Stocks and Units investment portfolio
Sprott Inc. (SII): 4 255$
Timminco (TIM): 108$
Blue Note Mining (BNT): 46$
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 6 333.33$
Hanwei Energy Services (HE): 120$
Methanex Corporation (MX): 2 931.38$
Fortis (FTS): 3 617.67$
Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL):
9 634.25$
Just Energy Group Inc. (JE): 16 073.40$
Yellow Media Inc. (YLO): 2 913.60$
Bell Aliant Inc. (BA): 5 428.22$
Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF): 2 627.92$
Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF): 5 630.34$
Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A): 3 454.20$
Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH):
4 221.80$
Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH):
3 224$
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 6 436.02$
Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U): 2 670$
iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE): 2 154.46$
Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN): 1 980$
Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX): 1 614$
New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN): 2 358$
Superior Plus Corp. (SPB): 2 420$
Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN): 1 918$
Exchange Income Corporation (EIF): 1 937$
Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI): 1 686$
Student Transportation (STB): 1 370$
Colabor Group Inc. (GCL): 2 348$
TMX Group Inc. (X): 4 213$
Cash: 287.06$

TOTAL: 104 010.65$

Tax-free savings account (TFSA):
EnerCare Inc. (ECI): 3 124.40$
Dumont Nickel Inc. (DNI): 373.75$
Cash: 7.79$

TOTAL: 3 505.94$

RSP investment portfolio:
Sprott Canadian Equity Fund: 7 553.48$
Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (CGL): 4 143.88$
EnCana Corporation (ECA): 3 202$
Emera Incorporated (EMA): 6 386$
Cash: 87.06$

CIBC Dividend Growth Fund: 577.13$
CIBC Emerging Markets Index Fund: 399.69$
CIBC Monthly Income Fund: 1 098.41$

Energy and Base Metals Term Savings (Indexed term savings):
Natural Resources Term Savings (Indexed term savings):

GIC National Bank: 1 251.85$
GIC Plus TD: 500$

TD Canadian Bond: 117.46$
TD Monthly Income: 113.83$
TD Emerging Markets: 86.23$
TD Energy: 100.41$
TD Precious Metals: 145.71$
TD Latin American Growth: 98.63$
TD Entertainment and Communications: 130.35$
TD Dividend Growth: 216.58$
TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth: 121.65$

Maritime Life International Equity Fund
(Templeton): 689.02$
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio: 947.38$
Maritime Life CI Harbour Seg Fund: 1 130.82$
Maritime Life Fidelity True North Seg Fund:
1 094.73$
Manulife GIF MLIA B World Invest: 663$

Great-West – various: 1 834.72$

RBC Canadian Dividend Fund: 569.58$
RBC U.S. Mid-Cap Equity Fund C$: 2 111.31$
RBC Global Resources Fund: 1 311.85$
RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund: 695.93$
RBC O'Shaughnessy All-Canadian Equity
Fund: 1 243.78$
RBC Global Precious Metals Fund: 1 038.75$

TOTAL: 40 666.74$

Social Capital at Desjardins Membership share
for 3 accounts: 40$

Savings + Stocks, units, mutual funds + Tax-
free Savings account + RRSP + Online Income
149 658.45$

Welcome TMX Group Inc. (X), 100 stocks of X in my portfolio

I just purchase 100 stocks of TMX Group Inc. (X) at 41.97$. I know, I was supposed to concentrate on debt, but this one is exciting and its nothing like FTN. TMX Group Inc. (X) is very safe to hold. Basically, TMX is the owner of the Canadian stock market!

First, there's a dividend of $0.40 cents coming soon. The dividend will be paid on March 11. To make it, you have to purchase at least 3 days before February 25.

Second, some very great things are coming ahead for the TMX Group. I don't understand too much about it, but our stock market is on negotiation with the British stock market to get both markets joint. Or something like it... No matter what it really is, Canadian, British are both intelligent parties and I hope they will get up to something, an agreement. This have to happen. Canada is part of the Commonwealth, time for us to show it all.

I guess that when the deal will be close, TMX Group Inc. (X) stocks will go up up up. That's why I invest in TMX Group Inc. (X) today and yes, I invest using my margin account.

Dealing with debt: what I plan to do with my money next

Following the sell of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) in the current stock market, I had taught about what do to next. I had something to care of: pay off some debt. I am now at something close to 65k... It's going up instead of going down... But that's something typical to my financial situation. For once, I am going to try to decrease my debt level. I do not want more than 60k on debt. It's a first take I am taking to pay off debt. I will concentrate my efforts on paying my 10 000$ line of credit that I hold at 7.27%.

I have sell stock online previously

On my recent sell of Sprott Inc. (SII), even after investing in 300 new stocks of Just energy, I was able to generate a gain of 259.32$. I use 240$ of that money to pay off part of the 10 000$ debt I have. I will also deposit tomorrow the amount of this paycheck I will be receiving tonight. Also, I plan to transfer 3 000$ from my margin account at 4.25% to the credit line. This will allow me to save 16.40$ per month. Not that much, but 16.40$ x 12 months = 196.80$... So that's interesting. I don't want to use too much of my margin account balance money at this time, that's why I am not looking to transfer more than 3 000$ for margin borrowing.

Also, another reason why I want to pay off some debt is that I have a credit card balance transfer of 7 966.23$ at 4.9% that is going to expire sometime in April 2011... It doesn't seem like it, but April is not too far away. So the money I save now may go on the payment of that debt if I cannot continue on the same rate on the credit card. At this time, I didn't receive any new credit cards with balance transfer offer. I received one of those once in a while. But from existing credit cards I hold, no new offer yet.

I may be able to save around 500$ to 600$ per month to pay on debt. As for now, I like my stock investment portfolio the way it is. I am pretty sure I won't invest again for the next couple of weeks but that of course could changed.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More about my sell of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN)

This morning, I decided to sell my 100 stocks of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN). I was even able to sell at profit, making a 30$... The timing was just perfect. In all of what I earn, investment is made for the long run. I like to invest in companies that I feel that I can see myself getting older on. I am a big small cap fan and I like those companies trading at affordable price and who pay huge dividend. And in this case well, maybe Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) dividend yield was too good to be true. If you hold some stocks of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN), don't be on a rush to sell. Remember, Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is a pick of the mountain lion hero himself. I did sell this morning because the sell had provided me a small gain. I wouldn't had sell if I was going to loose money among the way.

The mountain lion man is a senior. Fact is, Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is extremely interesting for senior: the stock trade below 11$, and the dividend yield is HUGE! On the TMX website, the dividend yield of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is advertise as being of 14.15%!

And of course, as a dividend investor, I wanted to get that 14.15% in dividend income. You can get that dividend yield currently with Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN). Yes, but that's being for now.

As for the next part, you might like to read this article written by Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail.

My concern about Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is for the long term. In a volatile market, the managers had been able to reach their objectives. but will be always the case, especially knowing that a 4% of the dividend yield is coming from the bank and the rest - something close to 9%, is being generated my the magic of options, among other. The dividend is made up and not natural, which could be dangerous for the long term.

Again, I don't have anything again Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN), it's just I don't have any place for failures. I don't want to live another nightmare like of the type of Timminco (TIM). One of those is enough for a lifetime.

I just sell my 100 stocks of FTN

I decide to sell my stocks hold of FTN after reading an article of Carrick(?) of the Globe and Mail. A reader suggest me to sell, but for good reason. I sell my 100 stocks at 10.60$. I will explain a bit more about why I sell. I should had be more careful with this purchase. But my mountain lion man still got it. No time to write more, need to go to work.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Going out of bed and trading trading

No matter if you believe in God or not, or the God of the TSX lol... Nothing happen for nothing. See, I usually work on Monday, but I gave my Saturday to someone who really needed it and I took Sunday and today off. Yesterday, I sleep in late, did some stuff online, nothing much. I wrote 2 other HubPages and I hope to "pop" the 100 HubPages today. Despite fact that I didn't do that much, I sleep in late today too. There's just some times where I prefer to sleep in when I feel like sleeping. That way, at least, I don't spend money on eating out or doing anything else. Anyhow. I sleep in and when I wake up, it was around lunch time. I wake up, open the heat (its coldddddd in here), make myself some coffee, brush my teeth (yeah, I do that sometime!), start my laptop, and than, I saw the Sprott Inc. (SII) title had gain a 3%... HUGE! I didn't plan to trade anything today. Today was supposed to be a day where I stay in, doing absolutely nothing if not watching Swagbucks videos online to reach the 1400 points and order 10$ PayPal payout... That was going to be my day... But it turn out to be different. Today was a special day, it's because I wrote yesterday a HubPages about Dr. Travis Stork. I know, the guy is a hottie lol. That's why I pick him for a subject for HubPages, just like a stock pick... You pick what's look good and is good...

You might wonder again what this is all about and why God exist?

I already own several hundreds of Sprott Inc. (SII). Back in 2008, Sprott Inc. (SII) was my very first stock investment. back than, sprott Inc. (SII) was not a dividend payer. but it later on declare a small, but still, a dividend payment. Each year since 2008, Sprott Inc. (SII) pay a special dividend. And in January 2011, Sprott Inc. (SII) declare a HUGE dividend of 60 cents per unit. This is quite something because Sprott Inc. (SII) title trade at less than 10$ per stock! WOW!

Ok, so here what happen, without knowing about the 3 business rule that close a stock sell, I invested in 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII), for an investment value of 4 679.99$. I wanted to qualify for Sprott special dividend of 60 cents, but I did my purchase too late. I never did a purchase in order to get a dividend payment at a specific date before. My new investment in Sprott Inc. (SII) did not qualify for the special dividend distribution and I was stocked with an investment of 4 679.99$! What had I done! What a terrible mistake! Especially knowing that Sprott Inc. (SII) quarterly dividend is only of 10 cents! Like whatttttt? 10 cents? Damn! What a mistake! I AM STUPIDDDDDDD! Ya!

But hey, I am a dividend girl and I have a bunch of luck on my side (not to say God by my side because it would be very stupid to say so). Anyhow, guess what, Sprott Inc. (SII) title reach close to 9$ per stock today! Just at the time I was in front of my laptop! It didn't took me long, I place a sell order for 557 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) immediately. I cancel my sell order of 9.60$ for 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII). The sell of 557 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) generated a very good 4 977.30$!

The extra 57 stocks came from the special dividend for the Sprott Inc. (SII) I had been holding since 2008. See, a DRIP can help a lot in desperate situation.

I could had wait to do my sell, but the stock market is so difficult. I prefer to do my move now and save my trader reputation (lollll) and make a 297.31$ profit on an investment mistake! YES SIR!

After all this, it didn't take me long to realize that I could make one of my old dream come true: to hold 1 000 stocks of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE)! Whith the money, I purchase 300 stocks of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). I own a bit more than 1 000 stocks of JE now and I am very happy. I think that I qualify for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) latest dividend. But it's not the case, it doesn't bother me at all.

From what I calculate now, I exceed the 8 000$ in prospective dividend income for 2011. That's pretty cool!

So this is just another proof that yeah, God exist and want me to be become if not a millionaire, well, at least be comfortable in my finance. Now I really think that God exist. For real! So better be good! :0)

Welcome again Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), 300 new stocks of JE in my portfolio

Its always been my dream to hold 1 000 stocks of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). And now my dream had come true. And I even exceed the 1 000 stocks. I just purchase 300 stocks of JE at 15.66$, for an investment value of 4 698$. I think I qualify for this month dividend. I think this time I am not doing a mistake. :)

I just sell 557 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII)

I sell 557 stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) at 8.94$ each, for a value of 4977.30$. Back in January, I had made a tracking mistake, I had purchase 500 stocks of Sprott in order to get extra on their special dividend but I place my sell to late... Back in the time, the investment value was of 4679.99$. thanks to special dividend that had DRIP, I had been able to sell 557 stocks and make 297.31$ from what had initially started as an investment mistake... Ouffff... thank you God of the TSX.

Thank you

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