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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More about my sell of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN)

This morning, I decided to sell my 100 stocks of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN). I was even able to sell at profit, making a 30$... The timing was just perfect. In all of what I earn, investment is made for the long run. I like to invest in companies that I feel that I can see myself getting older on. I am a big small cap fan and I like those companies trading at affordable price and who pay huge dividend. And in this case well, maybe Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) dividend yield was too good to be true. If you hold some stocks of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN), don't be on a rush to sell. Remember, Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is a pick of the mountain lion hero himself. I did sell this morning because the sell had provided me a small gain. I wouldn't had sell if I was going to loose money among the way.

The mountain lion man is a senior. Fact is, Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is extremely interesting for senior: the stock trade below 11$, and the dividend yield is HUGE! On the TMX website, the dividend yield of Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is advertise as being of 14.15%!

And of course, as a dividend investor, I wanted to get that 14.15% in dividend income. You can get that dividend yield currently with Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN). Yes, but that's being for now.

As for the next part, you might like to read this article written by Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail.

My concern about Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN) is for the long term. In a volatile market, the managers had been able to reach their objectives. but will be always the case, especially knowing that a 4% of the dividend yield is coming from the bank and the rest - something close to 9%, is being generated my the magic of options, among other. The dividend is made up and not natural, which could be dangerous for the long term.

Again, I don't have anything again Financial 15 Split Corp. (FTN), it's just I don't have any place for failures. I don't want to live another nightmare like of the type of Timminco (TIM). One of those is enough for a lifetime.

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