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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome TMX Group Inc. (X), 100 stocks of X in my portfolio

I just purchase 100 stocks of TMX Group Inc. (X) at 41.97$. I know, I was supposed to concentrate on debt, but this one is exciting and its nothing like FTN. TMX Group Inc. (X) is very safe to hold. Basically, TMX is the owner of the Canadian stock market!

First, there's a dividend of $0.40 cents coming soon. The dividend will be paid on March 11. To make it, you have to purchase at least 3 days before February 25.

Second, some very great things are coming ahead for the TMX Group. I don't understand too much about it, but our stock market is on negotiation with the British stock market to get both markets joint. Or something like it... No matter what it really is, Canadian, British are both intelligent parties and I hope they will get up to something, an agreement. This have to happen. Canada is part of the Commonwealth, time for us to show it all.

I guess that when the deal will be close, TMX Group Inc. (X) stocks will go up up up. That's why I invest in TMX Group Inc. (X) today and yes, I invest using my margin account.

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