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Monday, May 9, 2011

My trade in First Majestic Silver Corp (FR)

I did not write about it this last Friday, but this last Friday, I had buy 150 stocks of First Majectic Silver Corp (FR) at 17.96$ and 17.95$. My goal was to do another quick sell and sell and make a small profit like I did previously with Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD) (I made a 60$ profit in one day by trading HZD and was very happy about it!).

Following my Friday purchase of First Majectic Silver Corp (FR), I place a sell order at 18.51$. The sell did not happen on Friday. So I spend all weekend long thinking of what I had did. I taught of Eric Sprott who had sell part of his own silver to reinvest in silver producer companies. And I came to the conclusion that my move was a good one. Also, I read articles saying that silver companies will do well despite an anticipated silver crash value. So there again, it was another confirmation. I did some search on First Majectic Silver Corp (FR) and I find the company a perfect fit for my portfolio. FR is not a dividend payer, but my goal with this investment was clear: a quick buy and sell.

This morning I wake up late as I suffering from a little pain coming from also an anticipated event lol. The first thing I do in the morning is opening my laptop, log in to my broker account... And this morning, I had a huge surprised, my sell order work out, I had sell 100 stocks of First Majectic Silver Corp (FR) at 18.64$ and 50 other at 18.62$. Currently, First Majectic Silver Corp (FR) is at 18.84$. I am happy because I made a quick 81.51$ profit after commission.

Sorry not to inform you before, but at this time, First Majectic Silver Corp (FR) is still hot.

The Silver of Sprott is going up again: Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV)

A couple of days ago, the Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) units crash to 15$ and under. Just about 2 weeks ago, the Sprott silver units were at 22$.Since the mini silver crash, Sprott Silver is up again. Currently units are around 17$.

The Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) units I own were purchase at something around 15$, so I am not loosing anything in value. I invested in my first US dollars not too long ago through the Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV). I made my investment when the units were among their highest, 22$. No way I am going to sell my silver units! I know I can catch on with Sprott Silver.

Currently, PHS.U is at 17.20$ and PSLV at 17.17$.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hélène Laverdière, Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO), and Sprott Silver

This past week had been full of great events! Never of my life would I have think possible for Gilles Duceppe to leave the Bloc Québécois Party but he finally did. And even better, Gilles Duceppe did not get re-elected. That’s partly due because I vote NPD Hélène Laverdière! It was something I was proud of, being able to be represent by a national party instead of a provincial one. The Bloc Québécois is gone, and we may not hear about them too often in the next 4 years or so now. Hélène Laverdière is going to rock the Plateau Mont-Royal! Go girl go! I know, I am still under the election buzz! The day I went to vote, I was so happy, like I knew something was going to happen. And it did! Yeah! Take that Quebeckers oh lol...  I did something great for my country: I kick Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Québécois out of Ottawa! There you go! There’s a few left, but just a few represent the Bloc Québécois now at Ottawa. I think only 4 remain or something like that.

This had been my first week at my evening shift. That allow me to do bunch of things I wanted to do for very long. I did not write on HubPages like plan, but I did better than that. I spend quality time working on my portfolio. I had all the time of the world to do so. And the results had been quite good.

My trading week in review

Being at home during daytime is making it easier to follow my portfolio. Because of this, I decided it was time to sell my Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO). It wasn’t an easy decision to make. I had initially invested in Yellow Pages in 2009, when the company was still an income trust. At the time, I had purchased the units for less than 5$ each. I was getting that gigantic dividend yield of more than 10% with Yellow Pages right from the start. I was in heaven. Following their conversion into a corporation, the stocks had reached at some point, 6$ each. I did not sell at that time because I did not have any intention to sell my Yellow Pages investment. But lately, I saw Yellow Pages loosing in value and I decided to sell. I did not loss the investment I initially invested, but I lost because of the DRIP. Something like 300$. I may have loss in the dividend that got reinvested, but that money wasn’t directly coming from my pocket. Anyhow, it was time for me to sell my Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO) investment. I felt some kind of sad because I was holding it for so long and it’s been in my portfolio like forever. But the time had come. I reinvested the money in something that I know is a good company: Exchange Income Corporation (EIF).

I first invested in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) in February of this year and ever since, I had been enjoying the monthly dividend payment and a great increase in the value of my initial investment. Since February 2011, Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) had increased their dividend and they had exceed the 22$ per stock for a little while now. The company is strong and stable. I had been pleased with my decision to invest a bit more in Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). But selling Yellow Pages haven’t been an easy thing. In my case, I become emotionally attach to the companies I invest in. I read about them every day, I follow them daily on the stock market, etc. But I know when it’s time to make a decision. On the other hands, I support the companies I invest in. So yeah, investment is not always easy.

Another thing that hasn’t been easy to live is to assist to a silver crash when it comes to my Sprott Silver investments. Until lately, Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) were both around 22$ per unit. Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) close the week at 16.05$ and Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) at 15.76$. I loss quite money there, but since I am not holding too much in both investment, the money loss is not that huge. And I am confident both investment will reach the 22$ per unit in a close future. The trick with Sprott investment is to stick and HOLD. Why am I saying so? Well, I had experimented Sprott investment volatility more than one time in the past. I will first begin with my experience with Sprott Inc. (SII).

Back in 2008, I was making my first EVER stock investment: 500 stock of Sprott Inc. (SII) at 10$ per minute. That was before the market crash event. FOLLOWING the market crash, my stocks value went extremely low, less than 5$ each in the bad period. But I never doubt about this investment. My faith in Sprott was basically the same as I have in God: indestructible, even in front of the most destroying market crash our modern time. What to do while facing destruction is very simple: STICK and HOLD, as I like to say. Since 2008, Sprott inc. (SII) had paid special dividend after special dividend. And my Sprott Inc. (SII) went closed to its original value. I had trade Sprott Inc. (SII) in many occasions since 2008. That was for the story regarding Sprott Inc. (SII).

I had a similar experience with Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. My timing was real bad, but in 2008, also BEFORE the stock market crash, I decided to invest a straight 5 000$ into the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. At that time, my goal was to double the value of my investment. But than, the stock market CRASH... Leaving me with half of my value... In 2008, I invested in Sprott Canadian Equity Fund when the units were at one of their highest level ever. But really soon, I was hit by the stock market, leaving me with half of the value of my investment. Faith in Sprott? Oh yeah, because following the market crash, I took the decision to invest another 2 000$ in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. This was a smart move. Previously this year, my 7 000$ investment exceed the 8 000$. Currently, my investment worth a bit more than 7 000$. I am just curious how it will turn out in the future for the mystic Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. One day, my 7 000$ investment in Sprott Canadian Equity Fund will worth 100 000$. It’s just a matter of time before it happen.

I am writing all this because I had been criticized for my investment in Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV) and Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U), but I know what I am doing and from my perspective, I had made the good choices. Sure, I had been hit hard with this week events, but still, I know that when it come to Sprott investment, it’s like that. But I have to say, since November 2010, this is the first ever silver crash I am experiencing with PHS.U (I had been holding PSLV since last week only).

Of course, Sprott investments are like all other investments. It’s about diversification and investing moderately in each Sprott products to make sure to keep it in control.

I only live one bad experience with Sprott, it was with my investment in Timminco (TIM). I wrote numerous times about that one. So if you want to read again, you may want to use the search engine located at the right column of this page to find out about my experience. It was a bad one, but now, with other investments that perform well (compare to Timminco lol...), I totally recover from my loss.

There’s been the hell of a funny joke I read in a comment of a Globe and Mail article. It’s been announced previously in the Globe that Eric Sprott sold for 36 million of his own silver stuff he own in his Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV). Following the announcement of his sell, Eric Sprott announced that he didn’t give up on silver, that he has reinvested the money in companies producing silver. Ok, no problem. But a reader comment said something like that Eric Sprott had reinvested the money in Timminco (TIM). Which, I find, hilarious, knowing Eric Sprott and Timminco (TIM) story. Crazy guy who wrote that comment! I still own Timminco (TIM) in my portfolio, so the reader comment make me laugh really hard. Especially knowing that I had been a Timminco (TIM) Eric Sprott little victim. What are we going to do when Eric Sprott will be retired? There will be no more gossip, Bay Street will be bored without him, don’t you think so? We’ll be losing one of the best financial entertainments of Canadian history.Go read it for yourself right here. The 6th comment worth the reading.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trading Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD) – Part 2

Yeah baby, I sell the units I buy previously this morning at 6.85$... I had purchased this morning 400 units of Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD) at 6.65$, and I just sell about 2 minutes ago at 6.85$. 400 units was quite some money for me. After commission, I made a profit a 60.02$ on this trade.

I am very happy with this trade. A 60 bucks could appeared as being that much. Personally, I am not looking to make thousands of this kind of trades. I prefer to keep it very down to earth. If not, it could easily become out of control. I prefer to focus on dividend but trading on ETF is also interesting. I am now done for the day!

Trading Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD)

I received a nice pay check today and I decided to pay myself a treat: I decided to explore the silver possibilities a bit more and decided to invest in Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD). I purchased hundreds of units at 6.65$. And so far so good, my units are currently at 6.79$. If I am lucky, I will be able to make a 100$ profit – or maybe less. Whatever can be done in profit will be done. I will sell my units shortly before 4pm whenever a profit can be made.

For a while, I had trade Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bull Plus ETF (HZU). At the time, I may had been able to generate a 100$ profit. But I won’t recommend HZU as the title is extremely difficult to hold. Extremely volatile. The title is currently at 32$. Before, the title had reached 40$, and even 50$. I won’t recommend you to trade HZU. I did it once, and I got through the hell of a roller coaster ride.

Currently, my Sprott Physical Silver Trust UTS (PHS.U) and my investment in his American brother are both loosing in value. They are both silver related investment. But today (I had to admit, I wake up late again...) when I finally wake up and log in to my broker account, I notice Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD) had gain more than 10%. And those gains had happen between 9:30 to 11:30 this morning... I decided to pay myself a trade treat and invest in Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF (HZD). Silver investment is not dead. Currently, HZD is at 6.86$! And I will sell my units before the end of the day. I will keep you post.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Investors, meet my troublemaker stocks

Just when I am back to my evening shift and have all the time of the world to focus my interest on my portfolio, the stock market is getting hit by a correction! Yesterday was pretty bad, but today is worst. My non registered stock portfolio is now at 112 319.16$, compare to 113 666.22$ on April 16, 2011. For that part of my portfolio so far, I am experiencing a loss of 1 347.06$. Not too bad. It will jump again once the market will go up again.

Titles like the following hold in my non registered portfolio are helping me to go through this market correction without too much trouble: Sprott Inc. (SII), Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Methanex Corporation (MX), Fortis (FTS), Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF), Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF), Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A), Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH), EnCana Corporation (ECA), iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE), Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX), Exchange Income Corporation (EIF), Student Transportation (STB), Colabor Group Inc. (GCL), TD Toronto Dominion (TD), K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL), Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE.UN), WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN), Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) and TMX Group Inc. (X).

Dividend Girl troublemakers stocks

On a completely opposite view, some stocks I hold are making things a bit more difficult:

Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN), New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN), Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN), Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI), Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN).

Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN)

I initially invested 2 000$ in the Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN) in their initial public offer in December 2010. I didn’t pay the original commission fee of 9.99$ since I made the investment inside a public offer. Currently, my investment in HGY.UN worth 1 948$.

Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN) pays a monthly dividend of 10.84$. Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN) dividend yield is of 6.88%. The first dividend payment that I earn in February 2011 was a bit more 14.40$. At the end of December 2011, HGY.UN reached its highest ever, which was around 10.10$. Since December, HGY.UN never reached by expectations in term of grows. By now, I taught my units would had exceed the 10$ per unit. But it’s not the case. Most of the time, HGY.UN value is under the 10$. The frustration with Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN) comes from the fact the investment on itself never gain value. For that reason, I had classed Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN) as a troublemaker stocks.

New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN)

In January 2011, I had invested in 200 stocks of New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN). I initially invested 2 393.99$ in NFI.UN. NFI.UN was a stock recommendation purchase made by the mountain lion hero. At the time, I was into increasing my dividend income. And with its dividend yield of 11.14%, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) was the perfect fit. A couple of weeks ago, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) published its financial result for 2010 and announced they had experiment a 10% loss. 10% is not that much, but it was enough to make the title loss in value. Currently, my investment in NFI.UN worth 2112.92$, which represent a loss of 281.07$.

New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) didn’t cut their dividend, which is a good +. Also, NFI.UN first quarter results for 2011 were positive. New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) is a leader in its field and I consider NFI.UN for a long term investment. Experiencing a 281.07$ is nothing at all. But of course, I would have preferred to experiment a gain instead of a loss. For that reason, New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) is a troublemaker stock.

Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN)

Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN), is another one coming from the mountain lion hero. By the way, it’s the same man who recommends the super Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX). Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) is one of my top performers. Anyhow, things are a bit different for Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN).

I invested 1 978.99$ in Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN) back in February 2011. It pay me a good and steady dividend of 14.67$ per month. Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN) is absolutely perfect, but I find the title volatile, always running between 18$ to 20$+. Currently, my investment in CPA.UN worth 1 861$ and I find that hard to take. BUT a volatility is always good and in this case, we are only talking here of a 117.99$ loss. On good days, the title reached 20$+. But because of its volatility, Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN) is one of my troublemaker stocks.

Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI)

Back in February 2011, I was investing 1 696.71$ in Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI). I invested in Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) for its dividend. Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) dividend yield is of 6.37% the yield appears to be reasonable. Currently, my investment in Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) worth 1 620.32$, a loss of -76.39$. Since February 2011, my investment in RSI never really gain in value. But I appreciate the dividend. On a long term, RSI may be a winner, but at this time, it’s not. For that specific reason, Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) is a troublemaker stock.

Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN)

In February 2011, I invested 4 064.01$ in Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN). Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) investment idea came from a reader, the same one that suggested me Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) offers an excellent dividend yield. I am receiving more than 30$ every month on a 4 000$ investment.

The problem I am having with Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) is with the volatility of its value. Currently, my investment in DGI.UN worth 3 678.36$, a loss of 385.65$. Nothing to be very stress knowing DGI.UN title had suffered stocks manipulation. I am confident about DGI.UN. But because of its volatility, Data Group Income Fund (DGI.UN) is a troublemaker stocks.


I name Horizons Gold Yield Fund (HGY.UN), New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN), Capital Power Income L.P. (CPA.UN) and Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI) troublemaker stocks, but they are stocks that worth being hold in a portfolio. However, I find those titles difficult to hold, compare to some stuff like Methanex Corporation (MX), Fortis (FTS), Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF), Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF), Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A), iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE), Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX), Exchange Income Corporation (EIF), Student Transportation (STB), Colabor Group Inc. (GCL), K-Bro Linen Inc. (KBL), Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE.UN) and WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN), just to name a few. My troublemaker stocks are more volatile and sensible to the stock market condition than the vast majority of my non registered holding.

I got into those troublemaker stocks mostly in the first quarter of 2011, at a time where I was into increasing my dividend earning. A high dividend yield may be appealing, but it comes with a high dose of risk and volatility. And those can quickly become troublemaker stocks. I don’t anything again the companies I name as being troublemaker stocks, it’s just they are showing sign of an internal volatility – something I prefer to avoid when I invest. I think the fact I present here shows the importance of diversification inside a portfolio and, as well, the importance of not focus too much on dividend.

Interesting fact, all the holding I borrow from Derek Foster had gain in value and had paid a constant dividend. Inside my non registered portfolio, my Derek Foster stock picks are: Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), Pengrowth Energy Corporation (PGF), Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (ENF), Corby Distilleries Limited (CDL.A) and EnCana Corporation (ECA).

If I would still hold them, Yellow Media Inc. (YLO) would have be in the list of my troublemakers stocks. Yesterday, I sell my units at 4.65$. I did not loss the initial capital invested, but because I was registered to DRIP and that all dividend were reinvested, I loss around 300$. No big deal, but at this time, YLO is at 4.45$.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just sell all of my Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO) stocks at 4.65$

Yes, I sell it all, and reinvested the money in some stocks of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) at 22.29$.

I first invested 2 224.47$ in YLO when the company was still an income trust. That was back in 2009 I guess. Currently, my investment in YLO worth 2 297.10$. If I sell now, I will be making a profit of 72.63$. But that’s not exactly it. Because I register to a DRIP (all dividend earn had been reinvested), the market value of my investment in Yellow Pages is of 2 602.56$. If I sell YLO now, I will be losing 305.46$. To sell or not sell YLO. I will pretty much like to sell it and reinvest the money in a quality stock and by doing so, I may be able to recover from my 300$ loss within a matter of a few weeks.

So that’s what I did – one minute ago – I sell all the stocks I hold of Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO) and I reinvested the money in some stocks of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). This company is doing extremely well. On top of that, EIF paid a monthly dividend.

I could no longer stand Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO) and I am happy with my move. So welcome again, Exchange Income Corporation (EIF)!

Bye bye Gilles Duceppe! Hélène Laverdière NPD wins Laurier/Ste-Marie

Yesterday evening was a magical evening. Knowing that the NPD of Jack Layton kick out Gilles Duceppe, who’s the leader of the Bloc Québécois Party well that was an incredible feeling. Hélène Laverdière needs to be proud of herself and I find her very brave. In a Quebec province where nothing is done following my Canadian standards, things are about to change. Quebeckers finally understand that the Bloc Québécois is nothing more than bullshit and the project of building Quebec has a country of its own have no value. Quebec by itself is nothing.

I am back to my old evening shift at my weekday job and I have to say, I love to have all day long for myself. It allow be to do all of those things that I want to do. I start by doing nothing more than sleeping in lol... But it’s not what I plan to do for the upcoming days as I have a lot put in standby. I have accumulated plenty of subjects for HubPages and while being at home during daytime, I would like to spend this free time to see if I can make more money online and maybe even seek for a daytime job.

I received today 2 last dividend payment s for the month of April: 16.50$ from TD Dominion Bank (TD) and 55.64$ from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). Those 2 bring in 72.14$ in fresh cash. Not bad! I had reached 777.78$ in dividend earning for the month of April.

I am in need of cash right now as I am looking forward to decrease my margin account loan related to my stock. I am waiting for a pay check this week and totally of it will go as payment on my margin. My margin is only of 4.25%, but I prefer to keep the margin a bit lower than what I am on right now. I am currently exceeding the 38 000$ on my margin. I have left available a bit more than 25 000$. I have a 5 000$ credit line that I paid off using my margin money. Minus the 5 000$, I would like to see my margin use not exceeding 30 000$. This mean that I have a 3 000$ that I need to bring in to stabilize the whole thing. It’s something I can do easily as project for the next couple of weeks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I vote Hélène Laverdière, Jack Layton NPD Laurier/Ste-Marie

Today is the first day of spring that I am wearing sandals. I vote earlier this morning and I made a big X just next to Hélène Laverdière name! It’s great to see that some Quebeckers are intelligent enough to dissociate themselves from the Bloc Québécois. We’ll see what happen next for those lost soul of Quebeckers.

In the meantime, I learn that Bin Laden is dead. This is so unreal. I guess the man is better dead than alive because no one had ever been able to keep track of him. I even believe is dead is accidental, that he wasn’t directly target but got kill, among other... I didn’t read too much about this as I felt sad. Not about his dead, but what it represent as a dead.

Ironically, my powerful silver is going DOWN!!! NOOOOOOO! lol... Previously, I wrote on how much I was excited to invest in the real Sprott silver, the one in US dollars, the real deal: Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV)! But as for now, and the trading day is not over yet, PSLV is down of 6.81%. It’s been reported that Eric Sprott had sold for $35 million of PSLV units last week. WHY? This had to happen just at the time I made my first investment in US dollars. I also hold PHS.U in my TFSA and RRSP. I don’t plan to sell, I will look forward will happen next. This is an example among other of the importance of diversification inside a portfolio. Silver yes, but not silver only.

On the other hand, my investment in TMX Group Inc. (X) is doing well. Back in February of this year, I had invested in 100 stocks of X, at 41.97$ per stock. That represents some money! I invested without thinking too much. I was totally into the merger with London. Since February, TMX title went below 41.97$. I did not worry too much about it as I was confident the title would have go up again. And it did. We are not back to the 41.97$ yet, but not too far away. And a merger deal is not too far away either. Deal or no deal, my investment in TMX Group Inc. (X) would have been a constructive one.

My investment in TD bank is doing well. I would had liked to sell when the title had hit the 86$ a couple of weeks ago! But it was cleared to me that Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) could easily hit the 90$ per stock... so I didn’t sell. But still, a profit of 75$ is quite something. Not to forget the dividend of Toronto Dominion Bank (TD) that I should be receiving soon.

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) continues to beat my expectations. At more than 15$ per stock, now, investors have the proof that JE is very strong!

I am also completely amazed by my investment in Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE.UN)! So far, I made a good 200$ gain on my investment – and not to forget the dividend!

I could name plenty of examples like that. Its all about investing in what you believe in.

New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI.UN) title is going up! I have 4 hold and 2 buy for this one. It’s not time to sell NFI.UN now, the title will gain value again. In other words: everything is under control. :0)

I would like to sell Yellow Pages. That's the only thing I don't like in my portfolio right now. I want to get ride of the poorly manage company ASAP.

Happy voting Canada!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tomorrow Federal Election Day: Jack Layton day of glory

I made my ultimate choice! I am going to vote for Jack Layton. It’s the only rational choice. Tories might be scare to hell of Jack Layton, because they came out with that 15 old year’s story: our magnificent Jack Layton had a little party at a “masseuse” saloon. To me, that story makes Jack Layton just more human. Jack Layton was man enough to recognize his “mistake”, if you a call a mistake a man enjoying a massage once in a while.

This little juicy gossip story pretty much speaks up for itself: there’s no fool play with Jack Layton. In the sense that Jack Layton will ever liar to Canadians: the man is strong enough to live with himself. He’s far from being like Brian Mulroney. Jack Layton is a man courage. Jack Layton admitted going to a massage place 15 years ago. This is an event like another one in a man life and I feel ok with that.

Stephen Harper is now a shame to Canada and should not be name for another term. Stephen Harper cabinet ministers are a bunch of incompetents. In this massage story, Stephen Harper found his way to diminish Jack Layton. But Tories are big pigs. And tomorrow, Jack Layton is going to shine like never before. Tomorrow, I am voting for Jack Layton.

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