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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I just sell all of my Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO) stocks at 4.65$

Yes, I sell it all, and reinvested the money in some stocks of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) at 22.29$.

I first invested 2 224.47$ in YLO when the company was still an income trust. That was back in 2009 I guess. Currently, my investment in YLO worth 2 297.10$. If I sell now, I will be making a profit of 72.63$. But that’s not exactly it. Because I register to a DRIP (all dividend earn had been reinvested), the market value of my investment in Yellow Pages is of 2 602.56$. If I sell YLO now, I will be losing 305.46$. To sell or not sell YLO. I will pretty much like to sell it and reinvest the money in a quality stock and by doing so, I may be able to recover from my 300$ loss within a matter of a few weeks.

So that’s what I did – one minute ago – I sell all the stocks I hold of Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO) and I reinvested the money in some stocks of Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). This company is doing extremely well. On top of that, EIF paid a monthly dividend.

I could no longer stand Yellow Pages Media Inc. (YLO) and I am happy with my move. So welcome again, Exchange Income Corporation (EIF)!


The Dividend Ninja said...

Hi Sunny,

Sorry about your loss on this one, but glad you finally got out! You know I been telling you this stock was on the way down ;) Many of these income trusts had only their yield, and yellow media hasn't been able to refocus its business model in time. Good decision!

Sunny said...

Hi Dividend Ninja,

Selling YLO was a hard difficult. I was holding YLO since a while now and selling it was not easy. But I did, and it was a good decision yes. YLO currently is at 4.45$...


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