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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bye bye Gilles Duceppe! Hélène Laverdière NPD wins Laurier/Ste-Marie

Yesterday evening was a magical evening. Knowing that the NPD of Jack Layton kick out Gilles Duceppe, who’s the leader of the Bloc Québécois Party well that was an incredible feeling. Hélène Laverdière needs to be proud of herself and I find her very brave. In a Quebec province where nothing is done following my Canadian standards, things are about to change. Quebeckers finally understand that the Bloc Québécois is nothing more than bullshit and the project of building Quebec has a country of its own have no value. Quebec by itself is nothing.

I am back to my old evening shift at my weekday job and I have to say, I love to have all day long for myself. It allow be to do all of those things that I want to do. I start by doing nothing more than sleeping in lol... But it’s not what I plan to do for the upcoming days as I have a lot put in standby. I have accumulated plenty of subjects for HubPages and while being at home during daytime, I would like to spend this free time to see if I can make more money online and maybe even seek for a daytime job.

I received today 2 last dividend payment s for the month of April: 16.50$ from TD Dominion Bank (TD) and 55.64$ from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS). Those 2 bring in 72.14$ in fresh cash. Not bad! I had reached 777.78$ in dividend earning for the month of April.

I am in need of cash right now as I am looking forward to decrease my margin account loan related to my stock. I am waiting for a pay check this week and totally of it will go as payment on my margin. My margin is only of 4.25%, but I prefer to keep the margin a bit lower than what I am on right now. I am currently exceeding the 38 000$ on my margin. I have left available a bit more than 25 000$. I have a 5 000$ credit line that I paid off using my margin money. Minus the 5 000$, I would like to see my margin use not exceeding 30 000$. This mean that I have a 3 000$ that I need to bring in to stabilize the whole thing. It’s something I can do easily as project for the next couple of weeks.

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