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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP) and New York law firm Levi & Korsinsky

We have beautiful sunny day here in Montreal so I going to write a little something before hitting downtown. I am trying to lose weight before the summer hit for good. It really cannot hurt so I am going to exercise a bit more. I was thinking of a gym membership but hey, it cost more than a $500 per year.. So if I cannot get slimmer just by walking, I am going to stay the way I am.

A few years ago, just before hitting back to New Brunswick - it was just 2 years ago actually, I was working at several jobs at the same time so I didn't walk downtown like I used to because I was working most of the time. From, my experience, its possible to lose a great deal of weight just by watching what I eat and by walking. But I really need to walk everyday.  I find it stupid to spend money on a gym membership knowing it cost so much. And I really need to watch my expenses. Its my mom birthday this weekend and I spend a good one hundred bucks on flowers. Not that I regret, but its another expense. I don't feel like asking my brother is part on the bouquet because he lived in Ottawa and his rent is terribly expensive. I am the big sis right, I can handle it all.

Its another reason why I did not reactivated the DRIP. I am always in need of money, there's always something. Like right now, I am in deep need of a new hair coloration. I taught of getting my natural color back, but I look at my roots, and ohhhh the natural color slowly began to show up. I had been coloring my hair for years now. I find I look better with a touch of magical red.

As for my body, in case you wonder, I am not extremely fat, I have very nice asset actually, but you know, for the health and everything, it will be better for me if I lose weight. And I never insisting on it before because I didn't really care, but I would like to be like before. Overworking had been a real huge problem. I am now not working as much today,  but I am thinking of freelancing more. But for that, I definitively need to work more... BUT, as you know, I had been reading all over again Derek Foster books. I began with the Healthy Boomer and I am now at the Idiot Millionaire.

As he said, it is a lot more easier to spend less than to work more... So I started getting more organize lately. I am usually frugal, but I guess I lost myself among the way. I am more tired at some point, so if I don't cook my lunch for 5 days during the weekend, it will never get done. For the past couple weeks I had been quite good on this, I only ate out a couple of times. I know what I have to do to save money, its just a matter of discipline, at this point. When I am done with work, I really don't feel like cooking or doing anything else. I walked my way back home and once home, I removed my makeup, I get into something comfortable, I eat a quick something, usually cereal or toasts and I open my laptop, check on my blog and stocks. That's why you something only get new comments. I sometime don't have anything new to say or I am just too tired. I am sometime at bed by 9:30. On good days, I stay up until 11. It depend.

I am just now wondering why I am writing this. LOL. I guess I really just want to write something because getting ready and go play in the sun.

Here's something maybe more interesting.

My non-registered portfolio is at $123 906. I am in a positive territory: +0.03%, +$33.77!!!


I have some cash available for a new investment. I talked about getting into BEP.UN stocks, but I decided to get some ABC stocks of Derek Foster. At first, the stock was not appealing to me at all because its dividend was only of 1%. But now that Derek Foster answer my first question, I understand a bit better his interest in that stock. That ABC stock is probably less volatile than BEP.UN stock anyway.

Now that my non-registered portfolio is in a positive zone, I have to focus on quality stuff. I probably invest in ABC inside my non registered portfolio to give a boost to my margin value, but I haven't figure it out yet. For now, I have left $15 656.99 in my margin value. For now, I am exceeding the 15k. Its a shame not to take advantage of the TFSA... So let say that my margin value has enough juice. In case of an emergency, I have a 15k available on 2 TD credit lines to save the margin.

I may have not paid attention, but the money used on the margin is exceeding the 52k. Ugly ugly. That need to go down to 50k if I want to keep a minimum balance. I will need to exercise a lot more so instead of trying to find some new stocks to invest in, for the next 2 months, I will just pay off my margin. The dividend money will also help me to decrease the margin.

My investment in DGI went up a little. ATP doesn't seem to be in good shape and I am seriously thinking of selling it and declare a capital loss on it. I enroll this week in the law suite against ATP with Levi & Korsinsky, LLP. I strongly suggest to any ATP investors to enter in. It made a great deal of sense what the law firm is saying. Once you complete the online form, they will send you an emaiol with another form. That one explain that it is absolutely free to join. Also, it doesn't matter if you are Canadian. I asked the question because Levi & Korsinsky is based in the US and have no office in Canada. I fax the form and I was told that if anything else was needed, they will contact me.

For this law suite to move forward, Levi & Korsinsky need the maximum investors possible to enroll. They need to  have the maximum shares possible. I own a bit more than 200 shares, not a big amount, but if all small investors enroll in the law suite, it could make a difference.

I never been afraid to battle for my rights and here's your chance to fight again like a sexy cougar. Enroll now if you had been holding ATP.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Possible law suite against ATP

My non-registered pop up to a fabulous $123 655. I am now at -0.18 %. I am only missing a $217.62 before hitting the positive territory. Data Group Inc. gains more than 20% today, to establish itself at $2.09 per share. ATP is under the $6 per share, no surprise. And check it out:

“SHAREHOLDER ALERT: The Law Firm of Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Launches an Investigation into Possible Breaches of Fiduciary Duty by Atlantic Power Corporation, Inc.35 minutes ago by Business Wire Levi & Korsinsky is investigating potential claims on behalf of purchasers of Atlantic Power Corporation ("Atlantic Power" or the "Company") (NYSE: AT) securities concerning possible violations of securities laws in connection with statements made to investors between July 23, 2010 and March 1, 2013. 

Specifically, the investigation focuses on statements issued by Atlantic Power during that time period regarding the Company's dividend. On February 28, 2013, Atlantic Power announced that it would be reducing its dividend payment by 65% and that it had adopted a "poison pill" in advance of the disclosure. The price of Atlantic Power's stock fell more than 44% since the February 28, 2013 announcement.

For more information, click here:

If you own Atlantic Power stock and wish to obtain additional information about the investigation and your legal rights, please contact Joseph E. Levi, Esq. either via email at or by telephone at (212) 363-7500, toll-free: (877) 363-5972, or visit
Levi & Korsinsky is a national firm with offices in New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. The firm has extensive expertise in prosecuting securities litigation involving financial fraud, representing investors throughout the nation in securities and shareholder lawsuits. The attorneys at Levi & Korsinsky have been appointed by numerous courts throughout the country to serve as lead counsel on behalf of shareholders in major securities lawsuits and have successfully recovered multimillion-dollar damages awards on behalf of investors. For more information, please feel free to contact any of the attorneys listed below. Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes.
SOURCE: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP”

I have file in the form. However, I did not enter the number of shares I hold of ATP. Levi & Korsinsky is a firm located in the US, the firm has no office in Canada. Also, to protect your privacy, I suggest you to do the same as I did: fill out the online form completely, at the exception of the number of shares. Don’t enter the number of shares you hold of ATP. Instead, enter a note saying that the information will be provided once the firm will send you a letter saying that it is free to join. If not, you know these Americans, ready to suck money everywhere they can. So be smart.

ATP is in big trouble....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My 2 questions interview with Derek Foster... because time is money

The day following Monday is always better than a Monday, at the only condition to be a busy day. And I wasn’t really busy today at work. The day was very very long. It’s a rush rush rush all day.... or a long and boring one. That’s the job for which I work for during Spring-Summer 2012 without getting any vacations. Yeah you are right, you are getting the picture. Anyway, during the chitty day of today, Derek Foster, the Stop Working guy kindly answers my email (yESSS). What it is about this time? Well, you’ll have to read a bit before getting to know... ahah!

Today like almost everyday, I check out my stock portfolio. What I saw was shocking: my non-registered portfolio was only at $113 629! Yesterday, the same portfolio was exceeding the $122 000! What happen? Was this the result of my massive lost in ATP, DGI and JE? But I had it all under control and no matter what, my non-registered was at 122k+. OH MYYYYYYY!

I went through all of my holdings one by one and guess what, there’s a trading halt on Exchange Income Corp (EIF). When a trading halt continue even once the market is close, the value of the stock appears as $0... a trading halt happen when a company has a big announcement to make. And to avoid some rush sale, a halt is being apply. During a certain period of time, no stocks of the company can be sell or purchase. I had been holding EIF in my portfolio for a long time now. I only have good words for the stock. I really like EIF. I am not worrying that much. After calculation, my non-registered is close to the 123k (with EIF in, of course).

Nice, but since I am on a margin account situation, better watch out to any trading halt! While being on a trading halt, the value of the company is 0$... Which mean that the loan value of the company is also... 0$... From my calculation, I am ok, but imagine for a moment that several assets suddenly turn into a trading halt situation... OUTCH! That’s another problem to be considered while trading on margin. No no, don’t consider it. I did and I am stuck with it and I am now margin intoxicated. I LOVE MY MARGIN.

Ok, are you ready for the REAL HOT STUFF NOW?

Because time is money, and I only had 2 questions to ask Derek Foster, I ask him my 2 questions (I only had those 2 anyway – at least for now):

1. THE DIVIDEND GIRL: Why should small investors like myself invest in the stock you talked about in your last video knowing the dividend yield proposed by the company is so terribly little?

DEREK FOSTER: Yes, ABC's offers a low dividend (although they just raise their dividend by over 20%)!  But if you look at their history, although thier dividend is low, they have bought back a lot of their shares over the last few years.  Another stock I own, which is similar, is Imperial Oil.  This company only pays a 1% dividend, but they have been buying back almost 5% of their outstanding shares for years - so this is the same effect as if they paid out a 6% dividend and you reinvested the 5% in a DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan), but with DRIPping you would pay taxes on the dividends, whereas with share buybacks it's a TAX-FREE DRIP essentially, so I am content for the company to keep buying back their shares and making me wealthier over time without the tax burden reducing the compounding...

(I intentionally remove the stock name to ABC. To find out about the stock name, go buy the video series and go straight to the last video. And you’ll FINALLY get the stock name lol).

2. THE DIVIDEND GIRL: When you realize you just did one big investment mistake, how do you react? What do you do? Is selling the bad investment on which money is already been lost anyway and reinvest in a quality stock is the best way to get over it? 

DEREK FOSTER: I've made my share of stupid stock buys (and anyone who invests will at some point). If the quality of the company is not very good and I was wrong in buying it, I generally will look for a good time to sell it and reinvest in quality stocks. However, if it's just a short-term problem and the fundamentals of the company are still good long-term, you're usually better to simply hang on. 

I am going to comment on those wonderful answers in the next post.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A short moment of desperation over Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP)

A series of bad news for the world recently – but nothing concerning me directly if not just a few things. Nothing seems to come to me in term of catastrophic events. The worst I went through is when I got the flue a few weeks ago.

I knew the situation in Detroit was catastrophic, but I taught things were getting better there. Anyway, the city is about to go under bankruptcy. Obama seems to be quite upset over the Republicans. Some major cut are about to happen and it could affect the ability of the US to fight back the recession. I am a Republican hater. But right next to where I leave in New Brunswick, in the Maine, I think I am not mistaking if I say that the Maine is Republican. Just next to home, the evil Republicans are forcing Obama to accept things he doesn’t want to hear anything about. We have to remember the Republicans as the biggest gang of bastards of the 21th century and we have to remember Barack Obama as a black angel who tried to do everything he could to beat them up.

And as for me, well you know how it goes. First of all, I am just glad another week end at work and I am celebrating another weekend! Wouldn’t be nice for me to enjoy EVERY single day of my fucking life like a weekend day? I read back a book of Derek Foster yesterday evening, the Healthy boomer. I do not worry at all for my retirement years because I am already rich of a couple of thousands and it’s enough to satisfy my taste for money. Right now, I am trying to go back to my roots, to get back in control. I try to get back to where I started being successful by investing in stocks. I kind of sort going in all kind of direction among the way since my first investment move in 2008. But knowing the first stock I ever invested in was Sprott Inc. (SII), well you know, it was pretty much revealing of what was going to happen next in my investment, just like in my sexual life.

But like right now, I am my worst enemy and I am my most most best best friend. The stock market is very terrible at this time, especially the Canadian one. My non registered portfolio is at $122 122, which is a little loss of -1.41%. The amount left on my margin is $14 414.70 – very close to the minimum required I fixed myself, 15k. Experiencing a loss of -1.41% inside my complex non portfolio is just reflecting how good of an investor I am really am (I can hear you screaming right now, my bunch of little haters!!) lol.

Let me explain at least why I am that so extraordinary investor and why I didn’t lost it all. I am extremely fortunate to only accumulate a decrease of -1.41% inside my non registered portfolio. Lately, Just Energy (JE), and more recently, Atlantic Power (ATP) have accumulated massive lost. But no matter what, my portfolio is stabilized. I own the stability to massive investments made in FTS, CNR, MX, KBL, PPL, CDL.A, CU, AGU and I could certainly name a few others. This lost of only -1.41% is even more interesting knowing that I haven’t invested lately inside my non registered portfolio. But I did invest inside my TFSA.

I am an extraordinary and massive investor because despite so-so investments like DGI, ATP and JE, my portfolio is able to take down the hit and doesn’t even go behind the -2%. This is for me very incredible. While noticing the massive lost in ATP, I taught I was done. I taught it was going to be over. I was at work and I didn’t have time to investigate and think of my portfolio that much. But I knew I was experiencing massive loss on ATP. Having a 9 to 5 job and a portfolio of a couple of thousands dancing on the market is not the always easy because you lose that real time connexion with the stock market. It is not pleasant.

So at first, big time loss with DGI, after JE, and following that... ATP... OH MY GOD. And it’s because that same God that my portfolio is so well established. I must be protected. I work between 40 to 50 hours a week these days and a little taste of freelance. I don’t have all day to spend at reading the result of my portfolio. So see, God really exist. If I would have bought a condo in Montreal, it will have lost like 15% of its value by now. Real estate in not something that is in my sector. Too much money is involved. Real Estate investment is for the real rich, not a little investor desperately trying to get there. See what I mean?

I think that for young people, investing in a condo is the worst investing move ever. It makes you a slave of the workplace and following what, you are stuck with MASSIVE obligations. Banks are not giving gift. Mortgages are a financial product design for banks to make MASSIVE money on the middle class, dreamers who want to have their own place. It simply doesn’t worth it. I already have all figure it out. And for those of you who are enroll under a mortgage, POOR YOU. You are a slave to the workplace for the rest of your working life. You cannot do both, you cannot pay a mortgage and invest at the same time, it’s simply impossible on a 40k to 50k salary. I am really here to bash down real estate investment.

I am confident my non registered portfolio is strong enough to take any future market hit. I case of needs, I have like 25k+ available on my credit line. That’s why I will continue to invest inside my TFSA probably for the rest of the year. The risk is calculated. I have plenty of contribution room for my TFSA. And I even have my next investment in mind and ready to be. Even if you are on a margin like me, it’s extremely important to take advantage of your TFSA. I like to play on the market, I invested on margin, I sell on margin. I used my margin money to pay off some debt. There’s absolutely nothing I haven’t done on margin. But the money had been well spent (most of the time).

The margin money never been spent over trips, jewelry, clothes or anything else mystified as luxuries. You have to remember that I am just very smart, that’s why I am just so plug in over Derek Foster. Your success simply depend on the faculty you must have to be able to tell who’s good and bad ones. It’s absolutely normal to fall on those, the sixth sense is not a sense that is always 100% accurate. But at least, TRY.

A sense of personal perfection (I am saying a sense and not simply perfection because perfection doesn’t seem to be in me and from this world) is absolutely essential to be able to beat up the market difficulties like a sexy cougar. There’s one boss on the stock market and that boss is the individual investors. It doesn’t matter that much that my non registered is experiencing a loss of not more than -1.41%


My next investment: Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (BEP.UN)

There’s nothing I like more than investing in different Canadian stocks. Remember my investment in Hanwei Energy Services (HE) that went really bad? I invested like $500-600 in that company a few years ago and now that investment worth not even a one hundred $. Back in the days, I invested in Hanwei Energy Services (HE) believe its line of business really appeal me. China, clean energy power, pipe... Hanwei Energy Services (HE) involvement in China is what was the most impressive to me. I didn’t make any money from the investment yet, but I continue to hold because I still like Hanwei Energy Services (HE). I am happy to have it in my portfolio despite the few hundreds loss. SO go Hanwei Energy Services (HE), go!

What’s the relation between Hanwei Energy Services (HE) and Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (BEP.UN)? Well, BEP.UN is what HE could have been inside my portfolio.  I really need to focus on stuff that will perform well in my portfolio. I cannot afford to lose too much on the stock market.

That’s why I began to read over Derek Foster work because I kind of lose myself among the way. I just want to make sure I back in track. Maybe BEP.UN is not the best stock ever to invest in but it is my pick. It is not anytime soon I am going to invest in what the content of the latest Derek Foster video is about (not to name the stock) lol.  I need a bit more than a 1% yield if you see what I mean. Derek Foster needs to review his stuff. Give me more Derek Foster. You must give me more.

More seriously, Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP (BEP.UN) is going to be the next stock I invest in side my TFSA. The yield is reasonable, close to 5%. The dividend is paid quarterly.  The 10 year chart is simply amazing. The stock is a bit volatile, you may want to put it in your watch list, but no waiting for me, I want it in my portfolio as soon as possible.

For once, Rob Carrick wrote an interesting article in the Globe and Mail, you may want to check it out.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

An in deep look at my non-registered portfolio

Previously on the Dividend Girl blog (which is my blog blog by the way), we comment on the way to add gambling to a regular and boring stock portfolio. Before getting on any gambling game, the first question you need to ask yourself is: can you afford losing any money at all? I know the regular stock blablabla of Derek Foster ok, something like you are not in to lose money or something like it. A blablabla sentence of Warren Buffett.

Personally, I probably trade on the stock market for the next 50 years and possibly even more. This means that I have the rest of my life to recover from my taste to danger and gambling while I gamble. The trick is to gamble moderately.

I post a couple of times about my troublemakers stock. I name “troublemaker stocks” the stock I am losing money on. Investing in stocks is the land of delicious temptations. It makes me laugh hard when I read articles like the one of Rob Carrick, “Keep it simple with ETFs”. The stock market is a word of opportunities, it is not simple and it wasn’t made to “keep it simple”.

At first, losing a couple of thousands on a stock is certainly heartbreaking, but it’s not something that will kill you. Investing in stock is dangerous. Investing in stock is evil. Once you enter in the world of stock, you enter in the world of capitalist salvation. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle class status. I like to invest, buy and sell stocks because while doing so, there’s no direct interaction with others. On the stock market, you have no one to deal with but yourself. Youre alone. You don’t have to deal with dumb heads picking on you all the time for a yes or a no. On the stock market, you are the master mind. It’s a game between you, your money and the market. How well you’ll be doing will only depend on how smart you are. The battle field is widely open and any battle can take place.

Now, personally speaking, for a reason or another, I like to expose my personal finances on the Web. I made and loss great of money while trading on the stock market. Why I continue this game on and on? Well, I cannot stop it. I have no control over it. If I stop, I will be sad.

The stock market has intoxicated my life since 2008 now. I had been investing since 2005. I began with GICS and later on invest in mutual funds. The period of 2005-2007 has been an extremely boring one. I never gave up. I wasn’t able to get what I wanted. It took me Derek Foster and the Lazy Investor to get started. It took me a very long time. I invested in stocks when I was a splendid 27 beautiful bitch. I am lucky because nothing have change of me between the me of my 27 years old and the me at 32 years old. Still wrinkles free, I always think that my stock adventure began at 27 for a reason. The only reason I find is that I didn’t have too money to invest before 27l. I don’t have that much today, but I have a bit more than what I used to have. And it really just what matter. At least, I havent been stupid enough to invest in real estate. I dont own a place. All of my cash is place on the market. Well how good or how bad it will turn in a couple of years.

If you decided to take an adventurous road while investing, just prepare to lose money. I am able to understand about those things now because I have experiment it. I now become more able to distinct a good stock that will bring stability value and also a stable dividend income.

Here are they, the marvelous stocks that make my everyday gamble game possible:

Pembina Pipeline Corp (PPL)
+$6 467.29, +91.19%

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc (ENF)
+$2 440.65, +40.64%

Methanex Corp (MX)
+$2 070.90, +127.30%

Exchange Income Corp (EIF)
+$1 913.43, +27.26%

Davis + Henderson Corp (DH)
+$1 598.27, +53.19%

WesternOne Inc (WEQ)
+$1 339.01, +71.53%

Corby Distilleries Ltd (CDL.A)
+$1 219.71, +121.30%

K-Bro Linen Inc (KBL)
+$1 051.01, +51.65%

Fortis Inc (FTS)
+$937.62, +34.19%

Canadian National Railway Co (CNR)
+$927.91, +30.22%

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
+$800.30, +13.71%

Agrium Inc. (AGU)
+$698.76, +35.28%

Westshore Terminals Investment Corp (WTE)
+$593.04, +12.54%

iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index Fund (XRE)
+$554.07, +26.43%

Premium Brands Holdings Corp (PBH)
+$539.29, +7.31%

Canadian Utilities Ltd (CU)
+$313.41, +24.20%

Enbridge Inc. (ENB)
+$257.13, +25.73%

TransCana Corp (TRP)
+$171.51, +16.87%

TMX Group Ltd (X)
+$87.87, +26.14%

Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B)
+$79.23, +14.88%

Rogers Sugar Inc. (RSI)
+$61.69, +11.66%

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corp (FC)
+$38.81, +7.60%

Student Transportation Inc. (STB)
+$27.11$, +4.24%

Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI)
+$27.51, +5.37%

Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B)
+$22.51, +4.49%

Cineplex Inc. (CGX)
+$6.51, +0.79%

TOTAL: +$24 244.55

Pretty nice isn’t? Well, don’t talk toooo fast, wait until you check out the list of my troublemaker stocks. It’s ugly, I am warning you:

Sprott Inc. (SII)
-$6 196.53, -62.17%

Just Energy Group Inc (JE)
-$4 789.01, -43.37%

Timminco Ltd (TIMNF)
-$4 064.86, -100%

Data Group Inc. (DGI)
-$2 934.74, -69.91%

Encana Corp (ECA)
-$2 217.41, -36.31%

Kinross Gold Corp (K)
-$1 327.63, -52.96%

Atlantic Power Corp (ATP)
-$758.25, -23.01%

Blue Note Mining Inc. (BNT)
-$683.60, -99.42%

Hanwei Energy Services Corp (HE)
-$627.50, -93.10%

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX)
-$470.85, -29.56%

Pengrowth Energy Corp (PGF)
-$399.67, -28.73%

Colabor Group Inc. (GCL)
- $396.77, -33.74%

Horizons Gold Yield ETF Common (HGY)
-$327.88, -15.85%

New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI)
-$316.75, -12.96%

Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG)
-$171.69, -16.76%

Veresen Inc (VSN)
-$146.61, -14.56%

First Majestic Silver Corp (FR)
-$145.99, -7.70%

Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX)
-$138.69, -22.45%

JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN)
-$68, -3.40%

Emera Inc. (EMA)
-$16.49, -1.83%

-$0.60, -42.86%

TOTAL: - $25 441.27

- 25 441.27 + + 24 244.55 = - $1 196.72

I think this illustrate how important it is to have massive asset in good quality holding if you want to fully enjoy the stock market to the max and enjoy a bit of gambling. Gambling might had taken too much place inside my trading life, but I am slowly recovering. I invested in great quality stocks recently, like Cineplex Inc. (CGX), Black Diamond Group Ltd (BDI) and even more recently, RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN). 

The most interesting part is that some investments I made were for gambling purposes at first, but they turn out very well! I am thinking of Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) and Chorus Aviation Inc. (CHR.B).

There’re a few investments on the negative side that I don’t worry about: Horizons Gold Yield ETF Common (HGY), New Flyer Industries Inc. (NFI), Crescent Point Energy Corp (CPG), Veresen Inc (VSN), First Majestic Silver Corp (FR), Heroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX), JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) and Emera Inc. (EMA).

As for the other stocks, like Sprott Inc. (SII), Date Group (DGI), only time will tell if I was right to hold them tight. Losers may not be losers forever.

This exercise only covers my non-registered portfolio. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you

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