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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Atlantic Power Corporation (ATP) and New York law firm Levi & Korsinsky

We have beautiful sunny day here in Montreal so I going to write a little something before hitting downtown. I am trying to lose weight before the summer hit for good. It really cannot hurt so I am going to exercise a bit more. I was thinking of a gym membership but hey, it cost more than a $500 per year.. So if I cannot get slimmer just by walking, I am going to stay the way I am.

A few years ago, just before hitting back to New Brunswick - it was just 2 years ago actually, I was working at several jobs at the same time so I didn't walk downtown like I used to because I was working most of the time. From, my experience, its possible to lose a great deal of weight just by watching what I eat and by walking. But I really need to walk everyday.  I find it stupid to spend money on a gym membership knowing it cost so much. And I really need to watch my expenses. Its my mom birthday this weekend and I spend a good one hundred bucks on flowers. Not that I regret, but its another expense. I don't feel like asking my brother is part on the bouquet because he lived in Ottawa and his rent is terribly expensive. I am the big sis right, I can handle it all.

Its another reason why I did not reactivated the DRIP. I am always in need of money, there's always something. Like right now, I am in deep need of a new hair coloration. I taught of getting my natural color back, but I look at my roots, and ohhhh the natural color slowly began to show up. I had been coloring my hair for years now. I find I look better with a touch of magical red.

As for my body, in case you wonder, I am not extremely fat, I have very nice asset actually, but you know, for the health and everything, it will be better for me if I lose weight. And I never insisting on it before because I didn't really care, but I would like to be like before. Overworking had been a real huge problem. I am now not working as much today,  but I am thinking of freelancing more. But for that, I definitively need to work more... BUT, as you know, I had been reading all over again Derek Foster books. I began with the Healthy Boomer and I am now at the Idiot Millionaire.

As he said, it is a lot more easier to spend less than to work more... So I started getting more organize lately. I am usually frugal, but I guess I lost myself among the way. I am more tired at some point, so if I don't cook my lunch for 5 days during the weekend, it will never get done. For the past couple weeks I had been quite good on this, I only ate out a couple of times. I know what I have to do to save money, its just a matter of discipline, at this point. When I am done with work, I really don't feel like cooking or doing anything else. I walked my way back home and once home, I removed my makeup, I get into something comfortable, I eat a quick something, usually cereal or toasts and I open my laptop, check on my blog and stocks. That's why you something only get new comments. I sometime don't have anything new to say or I am just too tired. I am sometime at bed by 9:30. On good days, I stay up until 11. It depend.

I am just now wondering why I am writing this. LOL. I guess I really just want to write something because getting ready and go play in the sun.

Here's something maybe more interesting.

My non-registered portfolio is at $123 906. I am in a positive territory: +0.03%, +$33.77!!!


I have some cash available for a new investment. I talked about getting into BEP.UN stocks, but I decided to get some ABC stocks of Derek Foster. At first, the stock was not appealing to me at all because its dividend was only of 1%. But now that Derek Foster answer my first question, I understand a bit better his interest in that stock. That ABC stock is probably less volatile than BEP.UN stock anyway.

Now that my non-registered portfolio is in a positive zone, I have to focus on quality stuff. I probably invest in ABC inside my non registered portfolio to give a boost to my margin value, but I haven't figure it out yet. For now, I have left $15 656.99 in my margin value. For now, I am exceeding the 15k. Its a shame not to take advantage of the TFSA... So let say that my margin value has enough juice. In case of an emergency, I have a 15k available on 2 TD credit lines to save the margin.

I may have not paid attention, but the money used on the margin is exceeding the 52k. Ugly ugly. That need to go down to 50k if I want to keep a minimum balance. I will need to exercise a lot more so instead of trying to find some new stocks to invest in, for the next 2 months, I will just pay off my margin. The dividend money will also help me to decrease the margin.

My investment in DGI went up a little. ATP doesn't seem to be in good shape and I am seriously thinking of selling it and declare a capital loss on it. I enroll this week in the law suite against ATP with Levi & Korsinsky, LLP. I strongly suggest to any ATP investors to enter in. It made a great deal of sense what the law firm is saying. Once you complete the online form, they will send you an emaiol with another form. That one explain that it is absolutely free to join. Also, it doesn't matter if you are Canadian. I asked the question because Levi & Korsinsky is based in the US and have no office in Canada. I fax the form and I was told that if anything else was needed, they will contact me.

For this law suite to move forward, Levi & Korsinsky need the maximum investors possible to enroll. They need to  have the maximum shares possible. I own a bit more than 200 shares, not a big amount, but if all small investors enroll in the law suite, it could make a difference.

I never been afraid to battle for my rights and here's your chance to fight again like a sexy cougar. Enroll now if you had been holding ATP.


Anonymous said...

I don't own this stock so can't help you here

Anonymous said...

finally break even lol... what happened to the last 6 years since the market make easily 100+%!!!

Anonymous said...

wow positive return, not that impressive you should be up way more than that by now, poor stock selection overall... I would fire you right away if you were my portfolio manager...

Anonymous said...

For ATP, I suggest selling it and move on. From past experience, holding on to dogs like ATP and JE distracts and weighs down the investor when he/she can redeploy the capital elsewhere and make new money.

And after selling, you no longer have to waste time tracking these dogs that truthfully are not worth your time anyway.

Anonymous said...

You should be sent to prison for ALL THE MONEY YOU'VE KILLED!

Anonymous said...

truly agree with selling ATP 100% even sell JE as well. What's the theme here? high yield distribution = RECIPE for disaster. stick with companies that pays 3-5% max...

Sunny said...

Be send in prison for all the money I kill? That's original.

Check it out, Atlantic Power is in trouble! There's many many firms investigating over ATP:

Sunny said...

I think I agree on selling ATP, but ATP only for now. Its true that its time consuming to have to watch over troublemaker stocks.

I just spend the last couple hours trying to figure out what to do with ATP.

Anonymous said...

Sunny-think of it this way, the management at AGT has killed your children(your $$$). What are you going to do..f@#K the f#@%ers..


$25000 dividends said...

As a lawyer who has worked on a class action in Canada, I can tell you for certain not to hold your breath on the ATP class action. It will take at least 5 years before any settlement is reached.

Sunny said...

Hey you! :)

It happen that I just talked about you in my newest post.

5 years?$%???!!!!!

That's way too long.

Thanks for adding it on.

Anonymous said...

If you plan to sue the company, sell the shares. Why would you want to own a company that will be occupied defending lawsuits instead of running their business. For me it's easy, would you buy this company today knowing everything you do; if not sell it and move on. If you would be the type to take a chance and buy it today than keep on holding it.

Anonymous said...

Wrote about this one on my own blog:


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