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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Don't listen to what Nigel D’Souza of Veritas Investment Research has to say

I am surprisedd, by this, but my non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $124 525.99, my TFSA portfolio at $70 170.81 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - $43 275.60. I think this is the highest value ever registered for my RRSP stocks portfolio! I am surprised overall by those good results because the TSX didn't close on a positive note. Its why I am surprised to see my non-registered portfolio closed to the 125k. I am usually on that spot only when the TSX is in good spirit. But no problem, I am taking those great results. I however have a few bad things going on.

It looks to me that my bank stocks are on a lower note in my portfolios. Got to thank a little loser who's making people panicking and selling those precious bank stocks just because Nigel D’Souza is saying so. And the worst thing is that the organization he's working for,  Veritas Investment Research, is based... in Toronto. So we are not even talking here about a complete US idiot like Marc Cohodes, who had publicly bashing a Canadian jewel, Exchange Income Corporation (EIF), and making it fall. We are talking here about a Canadian citizen working for a Canadian business who is beating up our banks! 

Fact is, no one - including me - can always be on top of their game. Market fluctuation happens, Canadians hold a lot of debt, and we are currently waiting for the next recession to happen in this country. Back turns is naturals and normals. But we shouldn't push it. Nigel D’Souza decided to be on the same side as Marc Cohodes: an enemy to the good wealth of this country. Currently, things are not top-notch, why does media are actually paying attention to what Nigel D’Souza has to say. Even Amber Kanwar of BNN The Open talked about this on national television. Amber Kanwar decided to pay attention to Nigel D’Souza - I guess she has her script to read - but I am smarter anyway.

Sure, this is not the perfect time to buy Canadian stocks. There's a lot of insecurities going on. Even in my 3 portfolios, I see that bank stocks are down. But hey, Canadian banks are great dividend stocks and they pay well, and their dividend is secure AND increase over time. Dealing with a bad turn is not exactly a bad thing either. It's the perfect time to buy stocks who are usually really expensive. Your asset will temporarily suffer, but the inner self doesn't change no matter what. And this means that, if the vlaue of your bank stocks may go down at some point, it doesn't change this: Canadian stocks are a great stock to hold inside a portfolio. Stocks bank are like anything else, you can have some in your portfolio, but don't concentrate all of your assets in them.

Currently, you could see Nigel D'Souza as a traitor to the Canadian nation, nothing less, just like Marc Cohodes had been with Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). A manipulator and a cheater. And a poor man.

In life, you need to be smart enough to target the good people from the bad. If you don't have that ability, you'll end up listening and wasting your time with the wrong people, and you'll end taking really wrong decisions, like selling now your bank stock, while their value is down.

This being said, I have my eyes on JWEL, which is only now at a gain of 0.56% in my non-registered portfolio. Funny thing being that SIA is on a gain of something like 4% in my portfolio while I had been thinking of selling it to pay down my 2018 taxes, which I didn't pay yet. I have my Easter vacation coming up so I can quietly escape from it all, at least for a few days.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

What you should really do with your 2018 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. ("BIP") U.S. Tax Package

Do as you wish with the following advice, but I am simply telling you what I personally do with that paper piece of shit! Of first of all, you need to know that this 2018 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. ("BIP") U.S. Tax Package is being sent from directly from a tax heaven paradise: Bermuda! 

And here is the complete address:
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.
73 Front Street, 5th Floor
Hamilton, HM 12, Bermuda

And here it what it's looking like. It's not looking like there's a 5th floor to any of the building that is closed by. And I cannot see the 73 Front Steet. At 73 Front Street in Hamilton, Bermuda, we don't have anything related to Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P., but we have a nice bike store, Winners Edge Bike Shop. And on the other side of the street, you can see a super huge cruise ship. It's part of the reason why I am not taking that 2018 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. ("BIP") U.S. Tax Package seriously.

Secondly, I am a Canadian, not a US citizen, fuck US. I won't provide any information on myself to the US, that's for sure.

Third, this 2018 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. ("BIP") U.S. Tax Package had been send through the regular mail. I didn't sign something to received this letter. Nothing proof that I had received it or not so guess what, I had decided that I didn't receive it (I know, I am a really bad girl). Sorry, I didn't know. I never received the 2018 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. ("BIP") U.S. Tax Package. I never heard or read anywhere about that 2018 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. ("BIP") U.S. Tax Package. I know f off about it! ;-) Lie, lie, lie.

Fourth, on the first page in bold, I have the following:
Non U.S. resident unitholders may not require the U.S. Tax Package.

Ok, well, you know what? I am not a U.S resident (thank God!), and I decided that I do not require the U.S. Tax Package. It's all I have to say about the 2018 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. ("BIP") U.S. Tax Package.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Its the tax season again, be careful with the information you provide

A few years ago, I used to work in the Ottawa area and I actually worked for Elections Canada, through an agency. It wasn't well paid. Actually, while I was in Ottawa, I have never been able to find a well-paid job. I wasn't making much from one single job, but fuck it, I was working at 3 jobs at the same time and money was yes entering, but it was a crazy time. During that time, I worked for Election Canada for a few weeks, it was during the election of Stephen Harper. Some people were voting while being in the US or overseas, that's the kind of files I had contact with. I was amazed by the amount of confidential data people were giving out. Some details were not even needed, but I guess that because it was received by the government, people were confidence and were disclosing more information than needed. 

During that time, I could have stolen personal information really easily, none of us were really checked out. There was no control of workers, meaning that I could walk out with a few files in my backpack and no one would have noticed. I was actually not impressed by my time to spend in Ottawa. I found Ottawa being extremely superficial city, expensive, and actually quite boring. I didn't like it much because everything happens in English there. And I don't like English despite blogging in English. I don't like to live in English, its all so out of roots and an impersonal language.

The time I spent working at Elections Canada served me, in the sense that I know how important it is to protect our personal information. The tax season is another time when you need to disclose important information to another party (accountant) in order to have your tax duty done and completed. There's information that your accountant doesn't need to know in order to do its job:
-the name of your broker, and its address, phone number
-your account number
-the name of the stocks you hold

TD Waterhouse offers the eService - which is easy to access and select 2018 for the tax papers. You print it all. Once printed, take a black marker and cover-up: the broker name and address, your account number, the same of the stocks you hold. Once you're done, produce a photocopy of each document. Verify each photocopy closely because sometimes, even if you had to use a black marker to cover up, you'll be able to read the info cover in black if you put it on a light. If it happens, use a pen, and dar a bunch of lines to cover the dark in the front AND back of the sheet.

Once done and completed, no one should be able to see fuck off. And now, the good news is: you are a now smart ass like the Dividend Girl! Look at you.

While proceeding with your tax, always declared everything related to your stocks. Because if you don't, the government will get back to you. The federal knows everything when it comes to your stock portfolio. If you don't declare the dividend earns inside your non-registered portfolio, f you don't declare capital gains made after you sell stocks inside your non-registered portfolio, even if you don't declare those informations, the federal knows it. and all this make it strange having to do a tax declaration when the government already knows everything but go figure. When it comes to investment, what you do inside your TFSA and RRSP: you don't need to declare anything in terms of earnings. What matter is your non-registered portfolio. You need to declare the dividend earns inside a non-registered portfolio, as well as the capital gains made following the sell of stock inside a non-registered portfolio.

My newest find on Stockopedia: PFB Corporation (PFB)

I was expecting something more coming from the TSX this past Friday, but good times on the stock market comes and goes, but I am always ready when it's showing up. Today wasn't actually a bad day at least, it's just that the TSX is having a hard time to jump over the 16 200 points value. The 16 100 seems to be the new normal in today market. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $123 792.59, my TFSA portfolio at $69 874.97 and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $42 602.34.

My latest investment, SIR Royalty Income Fund (SRV.UN) is on a gain of 1.48% inside my TFSA portfolio. While investing in a stock, I always wish for the best of course, but I am surprised with that 1.48%. I was more thinking of SRV.UN as cash dividend provider and as a calm stock soldier. I explained the calm stock soldier thing in that post. But it seems like SIR Royalty Income Fund (SRV.UN) is willing to do it's really best to impress its mommy. And mommy is proud!lol I am the mother of many many children. Now that SRV.UN is a killer stock and is now business as usual and integrated in the whole house, now, I am ready for my next investment. I spent sometimes on Stockopedia this weekend and I was able to find a new interesting stock: PFB Corporation (PFB). 

While browsing for stocks on Stockopedia, I mostly go through all of the screens, just to make sure I am not missing out on anything, and sometimes, I just go by StockRank or other search criteria. It's hard to believe but it seems like I am all alone in Canada, enjoying Stockopedia... But it's not a secret anymore to no one - at least for those how are smart enough to read my blog - that Stockopedia is a great tool for anyone willing to find great investments by their own. 

No more need to wait for Jean-François Tardif brand new stocks, the poor man and his unfamous JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) hasn't delivered in ages anyway. With Stockopedia, you need no one, not even me, to find great stocks to invest in. However, I encourage you stay, just in case I would come with THE greatest find of all. All of the stocks that I found on Stockopedia. And the magic trick being: while being browsing on Stockopedia and while facing a good deal: will you be smart enough to recognize the beauty of your newest finding? While facing perfection, will you be able to recognize it? You don't really need to answers those questions. You just have nothing to worry about because my thing is to post about stocks that I find using Stockopedia. It doesn't take any financial knowledge to be able to recognize the good stocks from the bad ones, it takes only some common sense, but even common sense if a quality that is getting rare in our modern world, and that especially something you notice while living in Quebec province: the lack of general intelligence. I could come up with many many examples of why of that, but I think my latest post speaks for itself. And if you are just smart enough, you'll quickly understand that I never get enough of new stocks. I just get really happy and excited when I find an unknown stock that seems to be just perfect for me. I pitched it right on my post title, no time to waste. My newest finding made on Stockopedia is: PFB Corporation (PFB). You won't hear of that stock anywhere on the Web, at the expectation on my blog!

PFB Corporation (PFB) is a nice little one, but what bothers me is that the stock didn't gain yet is pre-2008 stock crash value: (click on the pic to see more clearly):

I don't see in PFB the stock of my life, but I like the stock. It would make a good pick, but only for a little investment. Its getting harder and harder to find some new exciting stuff to invest in.

My tax season is over, but I don't know for sure if I am out of trouble yet. I received a call from Impôts Ici this past Saturday, after completed their survey, but even if I didn't request a callback, I was called back, they actually called two times, once on Friday, and another time Saturday morning. When I answered I was told some bullshit. In the survey I completed, I wrote that, since I had found two mistakes in my tax declaration, I would have appreciated that they had proceeded with a completed review before sending the forms. The guy who called said that the review had been made when they entered the corrections - which is impossible because it took less than 5 minutes for the correction to me made and for the papers to be print. I wasn't really impressed by their poor services, but I wasn't expecting more coming from Quebeckers. No matter what, outsiders shouldn't visit Impôts Ici for their income tax.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

My non-registered portfolio on the $125 000 value

Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) decided to perfrom good again today, but I didn't place any trades on it today. But Ichecked it from time to time, how knows if I will try another day trading move on that one. At this point, LSPD doesn't have anything I am looking for as an investment, that stock is only an investment to play on for day traders.  My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a good $125 267.36. This is among the first time that I had been in the $125k value for my non-registered portfolio - its the only reason why I am writing this blog post right now. I hope tomorrow will be another good day for the TSX, that way I will be able to publish a portfolio update. I may be able to hit in the $223 000-225 000 net worth, if lucky. And lucky I am.

Belive it or not, Derek Foster's General Mills Inc. (GIS) US stock is gaining 8.69% in my US portfolio - it took a really long time for this little one to generate some capital gain. My US portfolio, I don't ever really write about it because it only contains two stocks - closed today session at $3 250 US. My TFSA portfolio closed today session at $69 930.5, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $42 300.96.I think its the first time ever that my RRSP stocks portfolio is on the $42 000 value. So that's quite good too. Fun thing with stocks is that if you pick the right ones, your asset grow over time and it make it easier and easier over time to reach the big bucks. If I can get a good stock situation this year for the TSX, I could easily be on my way for a $250 000 net worth - if not more. 

Currently, I am looking fro stocks involved in the health sector - I don't have any stocks in that sector. I would also like to invest in a stock involed in water treatment and environment - but I find those stocks to be hard to find. This is going to be my little project on the side with Stockopedia for the weekend.

In my TFSA portfolio, I am thinking about selling my investment in Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA), but I am not sure yet. Its about all for now. If I need to sell something in order to pay my 2018 taxes, SIA will be the one that I will be selling.

My tax declaration for 2018 is now completed

I got my 2018 tax declaration done this evening, but it wasn't without any pain. About two days ago, I received an email saying that my tax declaration was now completed and that I could go get the papers at any time. I manage to have that done today. As soon as I got the declaration in hand, I check if my financial fees were correctly declared. And as I expected it, it hasn't been entered.

It had been checked as being entered by the accounting on the paper, but it hasn't been entered in my tax declaration. The amount was quite important and as I notice the mistake, I immediately asked to have it fixed, especially since that I had paid for the service as soon as I stepped inside. I was told that I need an appointment with the accountant. I had to explain that it was a mistake from their part and they need to have it fixed now, since I had already pay for the tax declaration. I managed to get their mistake fix. That brings the amount that I needed to pay back in taxes from $4 856 to... $2 996. 

Following what, I walked my way back home, I stopped at a coffee shop and made my way back home. Once home, I had the really good idea to verify my tax declaration. Its when I had found a second big mistake, that time was with the amount of dividend income that was declared for 2018. I called myself a taxi to hit back to the accounting office. I was quite upset. They had fix again their mistake. That time, the amount I have to pay back in taxes (federal and provincial) went from $2 996 to... $2 049.

At first, $2 049 may seem as being a big amount to pay back in taxes, but I don't if you remembered my investment year of 2018: I made several thousands of $$$ in capital gain by selling RNX and PBH, among other things. 2018 was the year when I decreased my margin account usage from $100 000 to less than now $45 000. $2 049 is a really small amount to pay back in regards to everything that been positively accomplished in 2018. I am not upset about the fact that I have to give back $2 049 in taxes to the federal and provincial government, but I am however pretty upset on how Impôts Ici completely fuck up my tax declaration this year. I am certainly not going to deal with them next year, that's for sure. If I continue to review my 2018 tax declaration, I am pretty sure that I am going to find other mistakes. I am not a specialist, so it's quite difficult for me, trying to figure out if more mistakes had been done or not from Impôts Ici, as I am working on impressions and comparisons to my 2017 tax declaration.

This is how it goes with Quebeckers, always so pure incompetent. Always double check everything with them. It's the number one rule for outsiders trying to survive in Quebec province.

My feelings are always right. I didn't get myself that $220 000 net worth out of poverty because I am an ordinary girl. My intuition is my best tool and I always obey it. I knew, even by entering Impôts Ici door that I had to check if my financial fees had been probably declared. I just knew it. This year, they probably made new hiring and there must be a new accountant that shouldn't be working there. I never had any problems with Impôts Ici before, but this year had been quite catastrophic and it had made lose my precious time. It's now past 10 pm and I didn't even have time to check out on my precious stocks. Quebeckers are quite good at this, making lose my time and my temper. And trust me, you don't want to be there when it happens, give me what I ask or just be ready to see how evil and mean I can be. No matter what happens, I will always be the last one standing. At the end of the day at least, I only have $2 049 to pay back... and not $4 856. It had worth the fight.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Great day for my net worth, but bad day for Canadians

I have never been a fan of Justin Trudeau, but today, baby face Andrew Sheer and members of his Conservative Party really pissed me off. The scene makes me remembered of when the poor Theresa May was desperately trying to get a consensus for the Brexit, but members of the government were just making so much noise! Its such a childish attitude coming from so-called representatives of the people. Back at the time, I was a bad girl and taught of Ukers were such a bunch of miserable people. But today, it was our turn. This is not supposed to happen in Canadian society. We are perfect, we are the best. The federal budget is quite something important, but by creating such a chaotic scene, the Tories made it impossible to listen to Bill Morneau presentation speech of the 2019 federal budget. I would like to listen to what Morneau had to say, I was waiting for it. I was actually listening to BNN, but I taught the problem was coming from BNN... Anyway, I am really not impress by Andrew Sheer, I sincerely prefer having another 4 years with Justin Trudeau, rather than having Andrew Sheer as Prime Minister. In my belove New Brunswick province, things are slowly getting better. We had been able to pay down some debt and generate some income.

Despite being an English man, our representative Blaine Higgs is not cutting off into the bilingualism of the province, which is quite good. French communities don't have to be scare. And as you might know, I am a New Brunswicker coming from one of those Acadian French communities. I am saying Acadian French, because being French, and being Acadian French is not the same thing. I wasn't able to vote at the last New Brunswick elections for the simple reason that I, unfortunately, live in Quebec province, but I was quite scared of Blaine Higgs and I saw only in him an English man who doesn't speak any French, despite the fact that he had all of his life to learn. Higgs is quite an old man, he doesn't have the fresh years of Brian Gallant, but at least, it's looking like New Brunswick is going somewhere, for once. While coming from such a poor province where finding work is so hard, you get to appreciate your money, even more, when you get the chance to have some. And not only do you get to appreciate that money, but you certainly do something with it, because you learned, a long time ago, how much those bucks are precious, you get to be smarter than anyone else - as you might know it.


The federal budget presents a few good things, but it's being said that it's not a budget that will protect us much in the eventual case of a recession. That upcoming recession, it's being talked about so much that I think that all investors, major or small, see it in their soup. We are waiting for it to come. But I don't want it to come. Can I please have it easy for once? Maybe we are in a recession right now and we don't even know it. Anyhow, recession or not, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at a really good $124 212.53, my TFSA portfolio at $69 403.15 and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, $42 074.45. The numbers are only getting higher. I believe my net worth is in the $220 000 right now. Let's go. I am not going to stop here. No sign of recession in my investments. I am just too good to be real.

Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) is no longer so good and keep going down. I am not expecting to repeat any day trading move on this one. Since last week, when I quickly sold LDPD, I didn't get back in and I am quite happy I didn't. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD): my best Canadian stock for day trading

This past week had been an interesting one. My non-registered portfolio closed this week session at $123 319.022, my TFSA portfolio at $69 518.37, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $41 808.09. Many great things are going on. Currently, my investment is Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) is exceeding the $31 000 value. In my TFSA portfolio, Derek Foster stock, General Mills Inc. (GIS), remains in the positive zone, with a tiny, but still, again, at least, of 3.17%. 

It's been a long road for GIS but now we are all set, and I hope for more gain. Sometimes, a stock will register quick gains inside of my portfolio - and sometimes, it's not the case, it somtimes takes some time. In that matter, I can only think of my Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN). I acquired RPI.UN for my RRSP portfolio back... in 2016! It took some time for my investment to register some capital gain, but it eventually did. And I am currently on a gain of 63% with Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN).

Sometimes, before starting giving some positive results in a portfolio, a stock will need to take the time it needs to breath, take its air and just be, for a little while. It's always kind of frustrating when a stock is not performing well as quickly as we would want. Another example of a stock which I had difficulties to hold at first: Nutrien Ltd. (NTR). Its been a rough road for NTR, but the current Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) performance has nothing to do with my late Agrium shares - but at least, NTR had started provided some serious $$$. Inside my TFSA portfolio, Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA) is sitting on a shy 2.29%. However I am glad because I started getting scared that SIA may be caused some capital loses when I started realizing that this little one wasn't going to be a top-notch performer, but it didn't - at least so far.

This past Wednesday, I placed a quick buy-and-sell move on Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD), and ever since, I had been carefully watching how LSPD had been doing. I had in mind to go back in LSPD again and place another hot sell in the fire, but the title had been going more down than up, so I didn't proceed. LSPD is on a hot momentum right now. I had been day trading, and many others are doing the same damn thing. That's what this reader doesn't seem to understand. That's where is coming LSPD volatility: from sweet day traders like myself who had been smart enough to target Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD). I am not in tech stocks, so I proabably ever be investing in LSPD, but I may, again, day trade it's ticket - one more time.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Day trading Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD): this one is fun for real!

I wrote about Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) and it only "light-up" the idea for some little day trading. I had been waiting for the right stock to proceed and thankfully, Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) appears to be on the right momentum, enjoying intensive spotlights. Currently, on the TSX, LSPD is highly popular, LSPD is among the most actively traded companies on the TSX! And guess what, your little favorite took part into the action!

I am mostly what you may consider an "investor", and mostly a dividend oriented investor for the biggest part. I like to target stocks for the long run. I had been investing in stocks for now over 10 years (actually 11 years now), and it's quite nice to see that I still hold stocks that I had been holding on for 11 years. I love to invest, but I also like to trade from time to time. What I define as trading is holding a stock for a short period of time, and selling quickly while it's possible to make some money out of a quick buy-and-sell move. It's easier for me to be an investor rather than a trader because I had an "investor" for 11 years now. And I didn't place many quick buy-and-sell moves during those 11 years. My instincts are mostly on the investment side, and not trading. But in 11 years, I saw different things and it helps me to understand that, even if a trade move is done for a quick move, once money is invested, you need to invest it into something solid. Always target quality stocks, and you'll even be able to day trade on them once in a while if you really want to.

Internet and YouTube is full of so call traders. You'll find many investors being at the search of penny stocks to trade. Personally, penny stocks are out of my lead, but the idea of day trading penny stocks is quite appealing. And many personalities play on that "easy money aura", like for example Timothy Sykes who's my little favorite on that field. I even taught about following his courses at one point. For now, I still don't like penny stocks. I prefer to invest and trade more solid stocks.

Personally, I find that Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) is the perfect stock for day trading - at least for now. Today, it took me only 43 minutes to make $106 - after commission fees - out of LSPD. I place the trade using my margin account. I was anxious at first, but quickly following my buy move, LSPD registered some serious gain. If I would have wait more, I would have made even more money, but while trading, I always choose to escape from the trap when I can, rather than being find stuck there - not being able to sell for profit.

I think that LSPD is in the game for even more growth. I can easily see the stock reach the $25 per action. But here again, it's only based on impression, on the current momentum that the stock is on right now. But remember that this momentum could eventually stop without any warnings. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

All spotlights on Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD)

Many great things are going on right now for the TSX. Currently, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $123 769.33, my TFSA portfolio at $69 515.62 and my RRSP portfolio at $41 655.85. It's quite exciting to see my RRSP stocks portfolio exceeding the 40k mark. A great stock of mine that I had been holding on to since 2017, CGI, is doing quite great. CGI Inc. (GIB.A) recently made an offer to acquired an IT firm that operated in Europe: Acando AB. Those are great news for all CGI investors. Inside my RRSP portfolio, CGI Inc. (GIB.A) is on a 32% gain, which is quite great. Truly,  CGI Inc. (GIB.A) is the perfect stock, with the perfect chart, please see for yourself:

CGI Inc. is really perfect, but every bad girl has it's little glitched. And CGI is that it doesn't pay any dividend distribution. CGI is a company based in Montreal and its probably one of the best of all Quebec companies trading on the TSX, if not THE BEST Quebec company that is currently trading on the TSX.

These days, another Quebec company is stealing the show on the TSX: Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD). Lightspeed POS Inc. entered the wonderful world of the TSX just a few days ago. At first, LSPD made me taught of Shopify Inc., but Lightspeed is not exactly like Shopify. From what I understand, LSPD is an inventory platform for businesses and Shopify is an eCommerce platform. Currently, Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) is enjoying strong momentum. Since the stock is a newcomer on the TSX, Stockopedia doesn't have any data on LSPD yet so I can't get this time that second opinion, a second opinion that I am now too use to get. I am really spoiled. However, my idea on Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) is that it could make an interesting stock pick for a quick hit-and-run move.

Like CGI, LSPD doesn't pay any different, but the similarities between the two stocks stop right there. Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) doesn't have, and won't have any time soon the same really strong historic that CGI Inc. (GIB.A) has. So if you want to play, and play only, LSPD is a good one, to play in the short run. I made a quick comparison between Shopify and Lightspeed, but Lighspeed also include some eCommerce stuff, and I am pretty sure that Shopify also offers some inventory feature... Maybe one day Shopify will be looking forward to buying Lightspeed POS Inc., it would be quite a logical move. We'll have to see about this prediction but so far, I have the feeling of quite a really fresh arrogant management team coming from the side of Lightspeed POS Inc. Is LSPD a good stock for the long term? No. But if you want to play, go for it. As I feel LSPD has super fresh management, typical of Quebeckers. I am however confident that LSPD is relatively secure in the short run. I will keep watching this one and we'll see if I go for a quick buy-and-sell move on this one. It seems to me that I didn't play in a long time. So this is it. Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) could be the perfect partner for a hot one night stand that could be quite lucrative. $$$ As for CGI, its forever everrrr love.

Other than that, inside my TFSA portfolio, my newest investment, SIR Royalty Income Fund (SRV.UN) is doing great, I had registered a little gain on the investment. Latest proud is making mommy proud. Go go go!

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