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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Welcome in my portfolio Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (NVU.UN), National Bank of Canada (NA), CGI Group Inc. (GIB.A)!!!

I am still searching for an apartment and its not funny at all. Princess haven't find her new castle yet. This evening, I went visiting 3 places. One of those apartment was perfect except for the size - way to small - and actually smaller than my current apartment. I am always amazed when I visit an apartment who's actually smaller than mine. I didn't know it could exist in Montreal. 

And actually, I can affirm the following because since May, and believe me when I say, I had been actively searching for an apartment, too many Quebeckers are fucking rats and have very poor hygiene. Some apartment I visited where so dirty, very awful. Ok, I can hear you from here, just like my mother, saying you can clean it up. Yeah, for sure, but what about the other apartments there, what if I got infected my bed bugs or other vicious things? That's the major problem. So I had set up some rule for myself, that if I visit an apartment that is dirty, I just don't go there. Oven and fridge also need to be very clean. If you are not clean yourself, don't ever read my blog again. I hate you, awful dirty individuals.

For me, being clean is a very important value. As I grow up, my mother was doing everything and the house was very clean. I just don't understand how those people can live in their shit. I understand they are Quebeckers, but still. I clean my place every week. I regularly clean my oven and I clean my fridge every week. I clean the only apartment window I have every week. Everything I live in is clean. Very clean.

Something I don't understand is the presence of carpet in apartments and lobbies. Just so disgusting! Montreal is a hell of a dirty city. And I truly wish every readers of mine something better than Montreal to live in. Montreal is not a good place. Its extremely hard to find an apartment. I should be able to get something for $650 a month but I just can't. And for Montreal, its quite awful. We are not in Toronto or Halifax here. We are only in Montreal.

This evening pass like in fire hell as I had 3 places to visit. One of those places was close to metro Frontenac. I didn't know that area, but near outside the metro, corner Bercy and Ontario, there's a very explicit strip club sign and some strange man fooling around looking at me. So I turned around and call back the homeowner later on. You could be amuse by this, but its not funny to see explicit sex in where it supposed to be an affordable neighborhood to live in. And if you worry for me, don't just ever be, because I am very strong and I wouldn't hesitate to hit like a tiger and run out like a rabbit in case of ultimate need. I am just waiting for my time, and its anytime.

I have all of the very pretty summer clothes, the nice jewelries, I have the big sexy Persol sunglasses to match my big fat margin portfolio situation, I have the big perfect portfolio, I have everything in the world for me, but I just cannot find a correct place to live and this is very unfair. I won't ever forgive Montreal for doing this to me. I hate you damn city. From all my heart, I hate you so much right now and I am very very upset.

I have a chitty life, but my investment life is more interesting and its something you should very seek into for more.

I made today two investments inside my TFSA portfolio:
National Bank of Canada (NA) - only because I didn't know what to invest in and NA recently increased their dividend and I am the Dividend Girl, so why not.
Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (NVU.UN) - this is a Derek Foster investment. If its good enough for Derek Foster, its good enough for me! And on top of that, NVU,UN dividend yield is VERY very high. So enjoy the free cash investors! Let's go!

Also today, I had invested in CGI Group Inc. (GIB.A) for my RRSP portfolio.

I still have a couple thousands available to invest inside my RRSP. Yeah!

My dividend income is now set to a $660 a month and I am looking forward for a $700 anytime soon.

The real fun only begun. Its just a matter of knowing if you are ready for more because I am.


Anonymous said...

It is awful how some people live. I have seen apartments that are absolutely filthy.
I used to live in a building that did not allow pets. A few years later, I went to look at another apartment in the building while the renter still lived there. The owner of the building showed me the apartment and first thing we both notice was a cat. After leaving the apartment, the owner told me "You know how clean we keep this building, and personally guaranteed me the place will be sprayed, cleaned and freshly painted". That is Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Different story now. A family of 3 (a mother and her son's family) adults and a grand baby rented my father's house. Within 6 months, inside the oven was black as can be and it was a gas stove. To top if off, the grandmother was friend's with my father and stepmother.

Carpets are cheap and hide imperfections. All the hallways in my building are carpet and they cleaned them once in the 5 years I have been here. Vacuuming only gets the lose dirt and does not sanitize them.

frederic said...

I lived 10 years in a one bedroom appartement downtown and the rent was 700$ I think towards the end, including heating and electricity. But that was almost a decade ago. There were also occasional bugs, peeling paints and somewhat rusty appliances. But great location and sound isolation. The next tenant was going to get the place for 870$, because when you stay in a place for a long time, your price increases are minimal over time but new tenants don't get that price: They get the "real" market price. I think 650$ an unrealistic expectation for a new tenant in 2017 -- and also all the gems out there would be rented out anyway months ago.

The average rent for 1 bedroom is reportedly around 850$ but that includes greater Montreal, not just downtown and conveniently located (like "near frontenac metro station").

When you're shopping for less than that in downtown Montreal, I think you're shopping in a world of appartements for students, immigrants, out-of-work people. It's going to be shit. It's going to be dirty and noisy. It's not just the tenants, it's also who's renting. Neither side cares to care for the appartement. The people who pay that price AND care and have made the appartement nice and their true living space aren't moving out often, and therefore these places aren't available for rent. Finally, a whole class of people are paying more and instead buying small condo, with which you can get back some of your capital. Renting is just burning money away.

Anonymous said...

It seems size matters to you. You cheeky sexy thing. If you were on the West Coast, you could allow me to put my portfolio inside yours and we would be one screaming, orgasmic single portfolio to rule Vancouver! We could save on rent together and make sweet investing decisions together. You are a sexy thing!


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