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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Ritz Carlton Grand Prix Party in Montreal 2019 - Part 2

Ritz Carlton Grand Prix Party in Montreal 2019 like if you had been there... or almost

I take a sneak the Ritz Carlton Grand Prix Party that took place in the evening of June 7th. I am not a fan of the Grand Prix, but during that time of year, Montreal becomes a capital of the world. Tourists from all around the world come to Montreal for the Grand Prix. I also went to the Old Montreal and I notice some people coming from Poland. We'll all talk about that later, but let just start with the pictures I took while sneaking in the outside smoker area of the Ritz Carlton.



Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A possible plan to pay down a bit more on my margin account debt

It's nice to have the TSX in the 16 200 points. Actually, it's always a good day when the TSX close on some gains, no matter how little they are. Today was not a spectacular day on the TSX, but something quite spectacular happens for my RRSP stocks only portfolio. Today June 5th, my RRSP stocks only portfolio closed the session at what I believe is its highest value ever: $45,256.60. Following yesterday move, my margin account debt is now down to $46,228.34. Basically, my RRSP stocks only portfolio worth almost as much as my margin.

It's nice to see my margin debt going down. I am happy that I get rid of my Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) yesterday, even if they announced today a somewhat deal made with China. Of course, I am looking a bit around for stocks that I don't really care about anymore. Those things happen. Here are the stocks that are in one of my investment portfolios, but that I am not in love with anymore:

Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA)
General Mills Inc. (GIS)
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN)
BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO)

If I proceed with a sell move for those stocks + the cash money I have inside my TFSA at this time, it would lower my margin debt to $38,997. I find the idea quite interesting, especially knowing that none of those stocks are really strong performers. I won't miss out on anything while not having any of them in my investment portfolio. It's something I have to consider.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Thank you and goodbye Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL)

It was a release to see the TSX closing in the 16 000 points today. A gain of 150 points is quite positive, we still need to experience more gains in order the reach the old 16 600 point value. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $120,154.95‬, my TFSA portfolio at $71,744.6 and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $44,872.44‬. Nothing is hopeless.

I was going to proceed to buy my BAM.A, but while just having above $570 to place my new investment, it kind of didn't worth it. For the little money I had, I couldn't even buy 10 shares. At the moment, I was checking on Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL), and I decide to sell all of my stocks before I begin to lose money on the investment. For me personally, it was the right decision to make. The money went to pay down on my margin. I preferred to have the money secure by paying down my margin rather than just having the money invested in a stock that may just go down in a close future. JWEL is not a super strong stock and at now almost 39, I am done dealing with troublemaker stocks. On top of everything, Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) is poorly rank on Stockopedia, so all flashers were pointing at one direction, and that was the EXIT sign. I had sell JWEL with absolutely no regret.

Selling JWEL has helped my margin account case. My margin debt is now at $46,228.34.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Class A Limited Voting Shares (BAM.A) is looking at me

Again today, while the TSX was closing on a negative note, Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) was enjoying strong momentum, gaining 4.10%. I am quietly watching LSPD without doing nothing. LSPD is currently having it's moment, just like Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (GOOS) used to have. GOOS used to trade in the $90, and it's now trading half price. I suspect something similar will happen for LSPD, since I am not really in love with the stock. And when it comes to GOOS, it's all because their jackets are just ugly and not stylish. I can buy something nicer at a way cheaper price. When it comes to LSPD, I find it quite extraordinary that they can make the big buck that is currently making. I doubt that they can continue long at the same speed, my opinion being that at this time, Lightspeed POS Inc. is experiencing strong momentum, especially because of BNN Canada highlighting the stock. Amber is doing her job.

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $120,933.33‬, my TFSA portfolio at $71,104.34, and my RRSP, stocks only portfolio, closed at $44,667.96. I currently have over $550 in cash in my TFSA portfolio, coming out from dividend distribution. So I have enough to buy new investment. Even a $550 investment worth it. I had built my $200k+ net worth with a bunch a small investment. The trick is to pick well. I had wrote and written again, again and again about Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Class A Limited Voting Shares (BAM.A). Wouldn't now be the perfect time to place that investment? Personally, I think so. Despite the fact that I have the chance to have at my disposal Stockopedia to conduct searches, picking up a new investment to invest in is not an easy task. I just know too well how hard it could be. That's why I like to blog and share everything for free. If you are lucky enough, sooner or later, you'll get on a point of the investment journey, it's something feel like I had come with what the TSX had the best to offer. I, however, believe that there's always gold to be found, it's just that now, gold is hiding from me and is not exactly in my face like it used to be before. There's always a gem to be found. The trick is to keep being selective and to only invest in stocks that blow your mind, and each time, you need to be asking yourself: who I used to be without having this XYZ stock in my portfolio?

And each time, welcoming a new investment comes with fun, excitement and a lot of questions. Like, am I doing the right thing by investing in this stock? Will this stock turned out to be a great investment? No one can really know. I asked myself those questions of course, but I never doubt of my stock pick because generally speaking, I find myself pretty good at this game. So be ready for tomorrow because we are probably going to welcome BAM.A for the first time ever in my portfolio! Feeling the excitement? I do.

Other than that, my margin account is slowly getting lower. My margin debt is currently at $47,917.96. I would like to see that amount going down to $40,000.00. From that point, it will make it easier to just push it harder at a lower rate. Currently, I am getting annoyed by Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL). That stock is not exactly perfoming super well, but I am at least on a gain when it comes to JWEL. I don't like the volatility on this one, so I am tempted to sell now, since I can do it at profit, and just put the money down tolower my margin usage. It doesn't worth it to own stocks that are going no where and seem to be completely lost.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

How to do everything like a Dividend Girl

While the TSX ongoing rough time, it's tough as hell, but personally, I am now better at handling such a downturn. Not that I don't think about it, but I am taking it much better now than I did 11 years ago. When I started investing in stock, really shortly after, I went through the 2008 stock market crash, and it wasn't funny. I went through some quite traumatic time, but it always appears really clear to me that if I wanted more than just a 1.5% on my money, I had to do something. It had worked out pretty well overall.

While facing some hard downturn like the one we had in May, I try to concentrate on stuff that is outside the stock market. The key is to keep yourself busy so the heaviness of dealing with a down stock market, with a down net worth, is not touching your delicate shoulders. Like everything is going down around you, but you have to save your spirit no matter what. Personally, I try to concentrate on a bunch of things and that involved the smallest little thing like drinking water (I do not naturally drink water), cleaning my little shit place, doing my laundry, shopping for my grocery, shopping for a new purse (it's more difficult than it sound) and cooking my lunch. 

This evening, I got a pretty good result with a new recipe I tried from Josée di Stasio, a Mediterranean-style turkey loaf. One slice of this with a little salad or soup, and I am good to go for a day at work. I like to eat something light around noon, like soup or salad, and I usually eat again around 4 pm, so I will eat a slice of turkey loaf. I just ate a slice and really fulfilling, which I really need because my appetite is as huge as my hunger for stocks. I also plan to try this easy from Josée di Stasio, roasted mushrooms later on this week.

As for the purse, I got one purse at La Baie, it's this one Calvin Klein Nylon Messenger Bag in navy. Not that I am a fan of Calvin Klein, but it was the only purse that I was able to find at La Baie downtown Montreal, and I was desperate to get a new purse. I like it, it has a perfect size and its nice large shoulder strap make it nice to hold. However, because it's made in nylon, this is only a spring and summer purse. I wasn't especially shopping for an autumn and winter purse today while walking on St-Denis, but I find one and decided to buy it.

I got this S-Q crossbody in black. That purse also looks nice in red. Mine was at $64 at the store, after taxes, $73.58. Not bad for a super nice purse. It's no leather obviously, but the fake leather is quite soft and it looks nice. And best of all, S-Q is a Canadian business based in Ontario, so go buy all those purses! They have many great other purses, like this one and this one. Overall, all of their purses look nice and practical.

Basically, while facing a downturn, you need: to drink water, go to the gym, clean your stuff, cook your meal for lunch, buy something new, and remain strong.

Rough days for the stock market, but not so much for hot Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD)

This past week end on quite a negative note. At some point this Friday, the TSX went under the 16 000 points!!! - it wasn't fun to watch. At least, the TSX closed in 16 000 points this past Friday. I am experiencing some light damages. My non-registered portfolio closed at $121,137.23, my TFSA portfolio at $70,989.45, and my RRSP portfolio, stocks only, at $44,639.37. All this is because of Donald Trump and his bad behavior. I don't understand why he is going on a trade war with Mexico. We now have a trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada. What doesn't please Donald Trump remain a mystery for me. He's a very hard, difficult man, and one day, it will play against him, that's for sure. 

With all that misery, my margin is at $48,157.60 - which is good, since below the mark of 50k. And the best but not the least, I now have $1,572.98 in my bank account! For June, I won't have the minimum fee of $3.45 to pay. On a year, that makes $41.40. And like I said before, it's a bit ridiculous not to have money in the bank while having a net worth in the $200,000. Actually, for one of the account, I have a balance of $49, and in the second one, $1,523.98. Years ago, I used to live in the Ottawa area, and I had a bank account there, which I kept open. I just received a $50 return, on which they took a $1 fee. I won't say no to a free $49! The second account I have is my regular New Brunswick account that I had now for several decades. They made us open a bank account at school when I was maybe 10 years old and we put something like 1 or $2 in it each week... It was cute attention. I guess they were trying to motivate us to have some money of our own, but I didn't get any of that back then. It's only now, at almost 39, that I am willing to leave some money in there. It's also a matter of financial security. I wouldn't like having to sell any of my precious baby stocks simply because I am in need of money. It wouldn't hurt at all to have at least $5 000 in cash. It what I am working on right now. I still use the same banking account in the date of today as a lucky charm. I keep writing "bank account", but it's not a bank, it's a financial cooperative. Actually, I think I should use the term "saving account". I am not used to this, I haven't keep any money in my saving account in ages. I am a really bad girl.

In my last post, I express my need to sell the Bank of Montreal (BMO) stocks that I hold inside my TFSA portfolio. Unfortunately, since the TSX was down this past Friday, I wasn't able to proceed with the sell. Currently, by BMO stocks are -2.96% down. I will wait for BMO to recover before selling it. I am not exactly in a rush.

While the TSX was sliding down, Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD) stocks were gaining a fantastic 13.82%! Too bad, I missed the boat on that one. I had performed a quick buy-and-sell move on LSPD a little way back. And ever since, I am not letting go, I always check on LSPD from time to time. And it definitely worth the watching. Let see how LSPD will do at the opening tomorrow morning. LSPD stock goes up and down, probably under the impulsion of people like me who had been trading the title on some quick hot buy-an-sell sexy moves. At the end of the day, the dirty game is all about money. And it's all about having more and more and more money! :-)

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