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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A possible plan to pay down a bit more on my margin account debt

It's nice to have the TSX in the 16 200 points. Actually, it's always a good day when the TSX close on some gains, no matter how little they are. Today was not a spectacular day on the TSX, but something quite spectacular happens for my RRSP stocks only portfolio. Today June 5th, my RRSP stocks only portfolio closed the session at what I believe is its highest value ever: $45,256.60. Following yesterday move, my margin account debt is now down to $46,228.34. Basically, my RRSP stocks only portfolio worth almost as much as my margin.

It's nice to see my margin debt going down. I am happy that I get rid of my Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL) yesterday, even if they announced today a somewhat deal made with China. Of course, I am looking a bit around for stocks that I don't really care about anymore. Those things happen. Here are the stocks that are in one of my investment portfolios, but that I am not in love with anymore:

Sienna Senior Living Inc. (SIA)
General Mills Inc. (GIS)
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN)
BMO Bank of Montreal (BMO)

If I proceed with a sell move for those stocks + the cash money I have inside my TFSA at this time, it would lower my margin debt to $38,997. I find the idea quite interesting, especially knowing that none of those stocks are really strong performers. I won't miss out on anything while not having any of them in my investment portfolio. It's something I have to consider.


Unknown said...

SIA one of my favorite. A great long term hold with solid demographics. Why Sell?????

Anonymous said...

Careful with dumping dividend stocks such as rio can. While the stock price isn't doing great, and may even show as a capital loss in red numbers depending of when you got in, it's paying us a steady 6% dividend. REITs work differently

Anonymous said...

I hold 3 of the 4 stocks you've fallen out of love with (GIS, REI, and BMO). I consider all of them relatively safe considering consensus is that we are entering or close to a bear market. Also all are relatively immune to what the orange haired guy running things to the south does to the world economy. Just wondering what your thinking behind selling is. I agree, none of them are setting the world on fire, but I think that they are good stocks to hide behind when stuff hits the fan. GIS makes consumer staples, people eat no matter what. REI is in retail real estate, branching into providing apartment rentals, riskier but still not cause for alarm. BMO - my experience is that Canadian banks float well through recessions, unless they have written a lot of bad loans.

Just wondering if you've just lost patience with them, or if you know something I have missed (making me a bit paranoid, am pretty heavy in REI, so far has been decent for me)


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