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Sunday, June 2, 2019

How to do everything like a Dividend Girl

While the TSX ongoing rough time, it's tough as hell, but personally, I am now better at handling such a downturn. Not that I don't think about it, but I am taking it much better now than I did 11 years ago. When I started investing in stock, really shortly after, I went through the 2008 stock market crash, and it wasn't funny. I went through some quite traumatic time, but it always appears really clear to me that if I wanted more than just a 1.5% on my money, I had to do something. It had worked out pretty well overall.

While facing some hard downturn like the one we had in May, I try to concentrate on stuff that is outside the stock market. The key is to keep yourself busy so the heaviness of dealing with a down stock market, with a down net worth, is not touching your delicate shoulders. Like everything is going down around you, but you have to save your spirit no matter what. Personally, I try to concentrate on a bunch of things and that involved the smallest little thing like drinking water (I do not naturally drink water), cleaning my little shit place, doing my laundry, shopping for my grocery, shopping for a new purse (it's more difficult than it sound) and cooking my lunch. 

This evening, I got a pretty good result with a new recipe I tried from Josée di Stasio, a Mediterranean-style turkey loaf. One slice of this with a little salad or soup, and I am good to go for a day at work. I like to eat something light around noon, like soup or salad, and I usually eat again around 4 pm, so I will eat a slice of turkey loaf. I just ate a slice and really fulfilling, which I really need because my appetite is as huge as my hunger for stocks. I also plan to try this easy from Josée di Stasio, roasted mushrooms later on this week.

As for the purse, I got one purse at La Baie, it's this one Calvin Klein Nylon Messenger Bag in navy. Not that I am a fan of Calvin Klein, but it was the only purse that I was able to find at La Baie downtown Montreal, and I was desperate to get a new purse. I like it, it has a perfect size and its nice large shoulder strap make it nice to hold. However, because it's made in nylon, this is only a spring and summer purse. I wasn't especially shopping for an autumn and winter purse today while walking on St-Denis, but I find one and decided to buy it.

I got this S-Q crossbody in black. That purse also looks nice in red. Mine was at $64 at the store, after taxes, $73.58. Not bad for a super nice purse. It's no leather obviously, but the fake leather is quite soft and it looks nice. And best of all, S-Q is a Canadian business based in Ontario, so go buy all those purses! They have many great other purses, like this one and this one. Overall, all of their purses look nice and practical.

Basically, while facing a downturn, you need: to drink water, go to the gym, clean your stuff, cook your meal for lunch, buy something new, and remain strong.

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