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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Because it's all about money

Everything is going so well at this time for me. My mutual funds are doing ok, my TD Waterhouse is now open, I am about to bought my first stocks, I have a part-time job, I might have overtime available at my full-time day job on weekends and I am only missing like about 15 000$ to reach my first 50 000$. Finally.

But, I had purchase clothes, 150$ for a spring jacket…. So expensive but so pretty, I couldn’t just not buy it. I got my hair cut, it cost me something like 10$, and buy 2 pair of jeans, and a new t-shirt, and a night cream of Yves Rocher that I didn’t even applied yet… All for 219.81$. Dutch.

I know it’s not that much, but I try to manage everything with really tight budget…

I get my taxes done, it will be done by next Saturday, and it will cost me 160$... I calculate my income after taxes, and I almost reach the 45 000$. I made around 43 000$.

So my extra expenses for this month is about of 379.81$. Not too bad. I am just missing a pair of sandals for this summer. After all, I will be done with shopping.

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Sunny said...

Hi there, thank you for your kind comment. I visit your blog, but I wasn't able to post a comment in yours or do anything at all because it's seem like your blog is clos for now. I hope you will reopen it really soon!


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