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Saturday, April 5, 2008

A very occasionally part-time job

I went to my job interview today, I forget to bring a resume with me, but it’s seem like it didn’t bother, and no one ask me for a resume while I was there. Its want fine, but the job is only occasionally on weekend. Like they were open today, but are close tomorrow… I believe they pay the minimum wage, I didn’t ask. I fill out a form, and that was all. Let say my search for a steady weekend part-time job continue. And I won’t mind working a few mornings a week.

So I work from 13h to 16h, and on my way back home, I wanted to go to the Chapters to read magazines, like I usually do when I am downtown and, a few block away, I notice there was a bunch of people in front of a store….. The store was Browns, and Paris Hilton was inside! There weren’t that much people outside, but she had arrived at 15h and she was still there past 18h. Actually, I stay there for a while, I was able to see her, signing autograph. After a while, my foot where hurting, so I went to the Chapter. To sit a bit, than went back to Browns, after back to Chapters as I couldn’t stand staying there too long... And around 20h30, Paris left the store. It might be a very long day for her because outside the store, it was saying she was supposed to be there between 15h and 17h, but she only left around 20h30, and from what I heard, her mother was with her. But I didn’t see her.

I just calculate my income in date of today. I am not doing that extraordinary well, but I am doing ok. I just need more cash, and it’s not by working on Saturdays for 5 hours that I will make it happen. I need more important cash flow.

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