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Monday, April 14, 2008

I want my overtime back

I was very use to do some overtimes at my job, as they offer overtime to everyone almost every single day since I begin there, around 4 months ago. But now, for a reason or another, they don’t aloud people to do overtime now, which very disturbed the employees I know there. A bunch of people had quitted the job, some during the training, other weeks after they begin at the job.

I am staying there only to get experience in a call center. I know call center are not being consider as good jobs, it might only be the case in India, but still, I love working in a call center because there’s always or almost always work that need to be done, as you receive calls most part of the day. I previous work at place, like in government places, and in another job in translation, which I quite because I find it terribly boring and I was tired, trying to please the stupidest people of the whole world.

I won’t say things are incredibly better now, but still, when I arrived to work, I connect and I deal with customer, not with unfriendly co-worker, at least. And at this point, I really don’t pay too much attentions to details that disturbed me, because the only thing I care really about is reaching my first 50 000$. I am no longer trying to please no one and when I am not happy with something, I almost yell. Almost.

So let say that the part-time job I am starting on Tuesday just came at the right time because I was getting ready to quite my day-time job.

I am just not happy at the workplace and I want to quite working as soon as possible. Please God.

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