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Saturday, January 9, 2010

65 897.03$ later: stronger and sexier

It’s been a good week. I slowly begin to adjust myself to my crazy work schedule. Working from 12pm to 2am is not easy, but it’s truly achievable and its only 5 days a week… So far, so good. Money is my main AND only motivation... lol. And guess what, I will be able to make my next investment this very next Friday! I just can’t wait.

My overall investment portfolio is doing quite well and I am very happy at this time, on how everything just going perfectly well, everything is fitting well all together and I able to basically do everything I ever dream of. At this point, my main concern is trying to extend my investment portfolio.

I am now at 65 897.03$ value in assets! Its look like I am pretty good at my thing, doesn’t? I never taught I was going to be able to reach the 65 000$ by the end of January… but I did. I had put some money aside for my next investment. It’s another .UN investment, but the company is a real good one. On this upcoming Friday, I will be purchasing 100 units of Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN).

I first heard of Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) while working at my new job at the bank (believe it or not, I work for a bank for now a couple of weeks…lol). Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) is a strong company and it definitely worth the investment. Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) dividend is quite spectacular: 1.836$ annual dividend per unit! At 100 unit, the investment will provide me 183.60$ in annual dividend income. WOW! Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN) is WOW. Five stars investment, no matter if it’s a .UN investment or not, if you want to have my point of view.

New investment, new dividend…. Wouldn’t be time to celebrate our new comer in our investment portfolio by calculating something extra special, of course, our annual dividend income!!!

Sprott Inc. (SII): 505 stocks x 0.10$ = 50.50$
+ (let’s suppose Sprott Inc. will provide a special dividend like last year) 75.75$
= 126.25$
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 104 stocks x 1.96$ = 203.84$
Methanex Corporation (MX): 103 stocks x 0.62$ = 63.86$
Fortis (FTS): 104 stocks x 1.04$ = 108.16$
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN): 407 units x 1.56$ = 634.92$
Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN): 411 stocks x 1.24$
+ 82.20$ of the 2009 special dividend = 591.84$
Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN): 420 units x 0.804$ = 337.68$
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN): 100 units x 2.904$ = 290.40$
Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 6 units x 0.84$ = 5.04$
Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN): 300 units x 1.152$ = 345.60$
Corby Distilleries (CDL.A): 100 stocks x 0.56$ = 56$
Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN): 100 units x 1.836$ = 183.60$
= 2 947.19$
+ let’s add 100$, supposing the DRIP system will provide an extra income of 100$
= 3 047.19$

Finally! Breaking the 3 000$ in annual dividend income mark a major step in our journey and I am looking forward to increase my annual dividend income with new investments in the upcoming months.

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