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Friday, January 1, 2010

Beat the steel when it’s hot, make money like crazy and forget about Eric Sprott

I am finishing the year of 2009 with 64 737.39$ in assets! Compare to December 21, I had something new in my portfolio: some cash! I had accumulated some cash for my next investment, that hope for not later than the end of January 2010. It’s looking good for a 75 000$ in 3 months or so, I hope or best, in even less time. I am feeling pretty confidence because even without any new investment being made, my portfolio keep growing.

My stocks and units portfolio alone, in date of December 21, worthed 36 661.08$. On date of January 1, the same portfolio worth 37 008.80$, which represent an increase of 347.72$ in less than 2 weeks.

While experimenting nice gain in very fantastic investment portfolio, I had to go through this – Mr. Eric Sprott again – thinks that our whole financial system will collapse will March 2010 or so… POOR MAN! Wouldn’t be time for Eric Sprott to look for retirement? The answer is: YES.

Eric Sprott might be seen as a poor man through my own eyes, but through some other eyes, Eric Sprott mean a big deal to some people, but Eric Sprott do not mean anything for me. Who does he thing he is to say such things! Investment is a lot about self-confidence and psychology. If, a well-known investor like Eric Sprott begins to make public declarations about a financial collapse – it’s not certainly going to help!

I hate Eric Sprott at this very moment because he had influence and some investors might sell their investments to listen to a so call stock-guru. Eric Sprott, if you don’t believe, just get out of there and shut the hell up!

Eric Sprott might achieve a great deal, but his Sprott Canadian Equity really do not do the job. Eric Sprott was able to manage pretty well his hedge fund, but when it come to his mutual fund, the Canadian Equirt one, the results are not that great. Why? And his Timminco (TIM) winner stock pick well, wasn’t at all a winner pick. So you can see that Eric Sprott had failed in many aspect of his investment career and his article just sign the beginning of the end. He might thing he hit pretty well with his “Is it all just a Ponzi scheme?” article, but Eric Sprott and David Franklin are just two clowns who really had nothing to do better in the holidays than to write this stupid article to make investors freak out. I mean, come on! Have a bit more respect for the stock market that had make yourself so rich and powerful.

So……….. Let’s all forget about Eric Sprott and his poor respect for the stocks market. This man is going to kill me.

I am going to erase all traces of Eric Sprott in my investment portfolio.

So here’s the plan:

Tomorrow, I am going to call TD Waterhouse and transfer the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund I hold into my Tax-free savings account. Once I will see that the transfer had been done, I will sell all the units I hold of the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. This mutual fund is really all bullshit.

The sell will provide me about 5 000$ in cash, which I will use to invest in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund.

After this, I will still be holding Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks. And what am I going to do with those stocks? I am going to sell them. When, I don’t know. But I will definitely sell. And if you hold any Sprott Inc. (SII) stocks, I strongly suggest you to sell all stocks of Sprott Inc. (SII) you might hold in your investment portfolio.

Eric Sprott is an evil man.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog, very funny.

One thing though, I don't agree with this post.

I think all opinions are important, diversity is important, Everyone is free to share his opinion and I'll always respect this guy.

You sell you Sprott fund because Sprott think the system will collapse.

And you want to invest in Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund? Have you seen the positions in this fund?

Major position :
Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60 Inverse ETF (10%).

I think these managers might agree with Sprott too...


Sunny said...

Thanks for sharing your throught. I just dislike Eric Sprott article because its just another thing, among other, to destroy the confidence of investors. Its not right and its not ok to do so. An article like that one is not adding any good to the situation. We all know - even me - that governements worldwide had invested millions of dollars in the economy. But still, its a real economy and real people like myself are willing to invest for our own profit - but not only - also to participate in building a better future for us all. An article like the one written by Sprott just contribute at destroying the confidence of investors and its not what we are in need of right now.


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