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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quebeckers have no work ethic

This week had been quite awful at my new job. I kind of received a first and last notice the kind of those who mean you-have-to-improve-or-you-are-fired. My direct supervisor is one of those poor bitch. She doesn’t give a damn about the good feedback I had received so far from customers. It’s seem like it doesn’t mean anything to her. She wants more sales, shorter calls. I done a very bad mistake. I guess its all start from there. At this point, I shouldn’t do mistakes and my calls are supposed to be shorters and I have to be more quick. But the worst happen when she asked questions regarding my background, the job I had been into before, why I had left them, what happen and so on. She doesn’t have the right to ask me such questions. I had been hired, I went to 2 interviews and I had been asked some questions, I had provided some references. My criminal record had been checked also. I am clean. I am an honest person, hard worker. The questions she asked about my employers and so on were not appropriate and I am going to report this on Monday morning. Like you can see, I have a lot to do. But I want to act now and do something about it now. And I want to report this situation to their highest authorithy.

I had been told by my supervisor that the situation was going on since the integration period. Like wow! How come no one ever talk to me about it? And than she goes and said: No one told you? Like dahhhh NO. Whatever! So now am I like on a last minute thing to fix myself up lol. But we cannot fix something that’s already broken, right? lol... So just get out of my way. I am an investor after all, I don’t want to spend too much of my precious time around some dumb ass. Like come on! I don’t want to spend my entire life here in Quebec province anyway. Could it be a good time to move? I don’t know. I will see more on Monday. I guess my supervisor would very much like it if I would just quite the job. But I won’t, just to piss her off. And if it happens I got fired, it’s going to be pretty messy. You want to mess up with me, I am going to mess up with you – I am going to be a bit more than just a pain in the ass lol. I am going to be your worst nightmare… Pretty funny isn’t?

At that bank job, they really do have their little favorites. Like one co-worker of mine – we had started at the same time – was able to change her work schedule into a day time shift! I never had been able to get the shift I wanted since the beginning. AND I AM AN INVESTOR.

I won’t accept anything like this coming from my supervisor. But knowing she’s a Quebecker, should I be surprise? For her, I am really slow, and she told me the following: I had 20 years experience in call center; it’s hard to imagine that you had been working in a call center before and so on. I had been doing sales, but not as much as she wants. I try to handle calls quickly, but sometimes, its just doesn’t make it. She told me she was disappointed, that I wasn’t going to be successful and so on. And she finally end the conversation by saying that this upcoming week was going to be one where she will see if I continue or not. This is how Quebeckers are: stupid. Their behavior reflects their intelligence: very poor. So I am going to report the situation to the human resources (who could be Quebeckers too lol). And my supervisor also told me I had to change my behavior, but I have a good behavior at work. So now what? I am going to deal with those poor Quebeckers.

It’s like my supervisor want to make me loose my self-esteem. I guess she wanted to make me cry. But I didn’t cry. I find her way very mean. And I am going to fight back.

I might be one of the greatest small investor out there and this is how me, Sunny from My first 50 000$ I am being treated by Quebeckers. Please take note. Anyhow, my investment portfolio is doing very well. Even if I loose my job at the bank, I will be able to survive on one job and I may cash out the dividend I am currently earning instead of having them reinvested in the DRIP. I will be able to make it after all. I might stand on bread and peanut butter for a little while. This is just what I need: dieting. I need to loose a good 20 pounds. Voila… seem like I am going to loose that baby fat of mine after all lol.

I am having a hard time, but I keep thinking about people in Haiti. I am very devastated and sad to see what happen in Haiti. We see that beautiful pure blue sea, but all around, the country is devastated. Horrible. May we just pray from them.


Ron said...

Sorry to hear about your work problems. If you're looking for work in New-Brunswick, I might have something for you, so I could retire early ah! ah!

Nice to see your doing fine with your portfolio, I'm doing pretty good myself, up 5% in 2010 and the TSX is not even up yet. Pd.un, DC.a, NGD and AQN are stocks that are up quite a bit in 2010

Sunny said...

Very funny! Right now, I am still waiting. I am meeting a manager tomorrow. We'll see from there. But I am doing to do everything I can to piss them off a little before being kick out of the place.


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