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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For once, Gordon Pape is giving a FREE hand to dividend investors

In his latest article title “A portfolio for yield-hungry investors”, Gordon Pape is having a conversation with dividend orientated investors. And guess what? I am a dividend oriented investor. Let’s have a look at Gordon Pape dividend stock pick suggestion. For once, Gordon Pape decided to give free advice. We’ll see what they worth.

Atlantic Power Corp (ATP): I already own this one

I own Atlantic Power Corp (ATP) since May 2011. I love the stock. ATP 10-year chart is a rocking babe. ATP quickly recovered from the 2008 stock crash, no doubt about it. The chart is crystal clear. Just to make things better, ATP has an interesting dividend yield, 8.462%. Dividend distributions are on a monthly basis. During the last quarter of 2011, Atlantic Power Corp (ATP) acquired Capital Power Income L.P., another stock that I was holding back than in my portfolio.

We all now know from where Mr. Gordon Pape is getting some of his stock ideas from. FROM ME. ;)))

Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH): I already own this one

I acquired Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) for the first time back in January 2010 if not even earlier, but I was able to track on date of January 2010 on my blog. I really DH, it sometime pay a special dividend. Great stock. The chart is a bit chaotic, but it worth to invest a little of your money in DH.

Freehold Royalties Ltd. (FRU): 

I don’t know Freehold Royalties Ltd. (FRU). 

FRU dividend yield is of 8.828% and the payments are monthly.

The 10 year-chart is ok, but Freehold Royalties Ltd. (FRU) was not able to reach or even exceed the same stock value it has before the 2008 stock crash.

For that reason, I am not interested in Freehold Royalties Ltd. (FRU). Sorry Gordon Pape, but I pass on this one.

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE): I already own this one

I am a super fan of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE). I had been holding on this one since 2009. The dividend yield is of 8.857% and the distributions are made monthly. 

The 10 year-chart is a bit chaotic, however, I love my Just Energy!

Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd. (LIQ):

I don’t know this stock. Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd. (LIQ) never jumps back to its old stock value of before the 2008 stock crash. Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd. (LIQ)? It’s a no-no for me.

Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI):

I don’t know this stock.

Again here, Morneau Shepell Inc. (MSI) stock value price never hit back the old value of the before 2008... 

It’s a NO for me.

Pembina Pipeline Corp. (PPL): I already own this one

Pembina? It’s a Derek Foster stock that I had been holding since the early beginning of my stock adventure. I double my money on PPL. 

Pembina Pipeline Corp. (PPL) is a must have to any stock portfolio.

Sun Life Financial Inc. (SLF):

No. There will be no insurance company in my portfolio. NEVER.

Sorry Gordon Pape.

Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund (CHE.UN):

The 10 year-chart of CHE.UN is all over the place. It’s a big NO for me.

Once again, sorry Gordon Pape.

Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN):

This one is interesting. Thank you Gordon Pape! Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN) trade at less than $5 per unit. AAR.UN is part of the 50 Venture list. The chart is a rocket. The dividend yield is a bit more than 6% and the dividend are being paid monthly.

That was the list of Gordon Pape latest FREE recommendation. He should have included Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC) in. FC is a stock I invested in after reading Gordon Pape. 

Gordon Pape? Yeah, he’s sometime good.

The only new stock that catches my attention is Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (AAR.UN). It could worth a $500 investment.


pattirose said...

interesting! Do you have a link to the original article?

$25000 Dividends said...

Hi Dividend Girl,

I recently purchased 200 shares of Pure Industrial and am happy with my purchase. I am long.

I will definitely consider the stocks you and GP are long on.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Sunny said...

Hi Pattirose,

I have read the article in my TD Waterhouse account. I did a search online. I saw it on this page:
But you need to have an account to be able to view the article...

Anyway, you have the stock name list at least. And Gordon make a recommendation on all of them.

Once in your TD Waterhouse account, go at "Market & Research" - at the bottom right, you have several articles, including the one of Gordon Pape.

Hi 25k,


Pure industrial certainly worth a 200 stocks hold. Nice to hear you hold it. Its a good sign :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is some of the most in depth stock analysis i have ever seen. Ben Graham has nothing on this gal.

Anonymous said...

this the type of blog we should be following. he has an excellent dividend portfolio!

Sunny said...


More in deep than that, you die!

At least, my blog is FUN.

You cannot have a better blog than mine. Passive over The Dividend Girl?

Come on now.

Anonymous said...

at least he's sticking to the strategy of investing in dividend stocks. for the past year or so, you've been drifting further and further away from dividend stocks. most of your portfolio comprises of small caps and now more and more speculative plays. the guy's website really focus on larger blue chip stocks and very few small caps and his portfolio is consistent and he has not that many holdings... your portfolio on the other hand is all over the place and it is way under performing the stock market. in fact you should read his blog and adjust your portfolio accordingly... I am not sure what's your thinking really, but for any investor is to outperform the stock market or at least come close to it. your return is not even close. in my opinion, investing is a gambling your money away and plus you use leverage 2 to 1 ratio to boot! your salary, and would say close to 70% goes to gambling investing... good luck... you don't like to take anyone advices it seems...

Sunny said...

I am not requesting advice, I am not looking to outperform the market. I have a large number of blue chips in my portfolio, like BNS, AGU, CU, TRP, ENB and many other. Learn to read and appreciate my blog or just get the hell out.

HAPPY EASTER to everybody else!


Anonymous said...

you are not looking not to outperform the market... why select stocks just to under perform the market??? does this mean you like to invest and lose money too?... this makes no sense... as an investor you want to grow your money and even at least perform close enough to the benchmarks...

Ruth said...

yu two have a love-hate relationship. i love your blogs just for a few smiles and yes, sometimes pick up a few hints or so..thanks to you for pembina...i love that stock but now have gone on to make my own choices but you got me started Sunny. thank you and in my cash account of 44 grand, i am up 2 grand and only one loser Manulife and it will come back. ps...nice dividends come in too.

Anonymous said...


pattirose said...


Anonymous said...

bloggers giving free hand to debt laden individual aka sunny, the dividend girl...

Sik said...

Hi Sunny,

In your bloG you mention that;

"Sun Life Financial Inc. (SLF):
No. There will be no insurance company in my portfolio. NEVER."

Is this a personal choice against investment companies or do you find that its a bad stock to invest in? I am curious because i was actually planning on getting this stock.


Sunny said...

Generally speaking, I find that insurance companies don't make great investment. See the history for Manulife. When the stock market creash, insurance companies are taking an in deep down.

And I don't understand how can insurance companies can make great investment.

They have to pay out millions and millions. How can they be able to make money when they offer insurance and certainly a great deal of cash is being giving away for all kind of different insurance needs. I just don't get it.

Insurance companies = extreme volatile companies and do not equal great investment. End of the discussion.

Sun Life has a great deal of business in Quebec. They have a call center in Montreal. BE CAREFUL. Stay away to everything that has a relation to Quebec if you want to be successful on the market. Quebeckers are the biggest F of all time.

I am telling you now not to invest in Sun Life. You'll see, you'll tank me later.

You can get something better than just an insurance company to invest in. If you want to protect your capital from the high volatility of the market, stay away from Sun Life. Have a look at their 10-year chart. You'll see what I mean. The chart is not stable, which mean that your risking your money.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to anything Sunny says, because she likes to buy high like she did with silver and gold. SLF is down because interest rates are low. Slf in normal market made lots of money and will make money in the future when interest rates start going up. Now's the time to pick some up while they are cheap.

If you want to look at a bad 10 year chart look at SII and ask yourself why you're still holding. Then you say stay away from everything that's Quebec, but you will invest in a fund managed by Tardiff from quebec with high fees. You preach one thing, but your action says another. You flip flop your position all the time. You hate Quebec, but you want to move back to get work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

I for one like your blog. Your blog may tell one thing and your actions may tell another, just like the guests on BNN tell you whether to buy/sell/hold but at least your blog is funny unlike the guest's opinions on BNN.

Happy Easter!


Sunny said...

Thanks Mark :)

Ruth said...

one thing the financial people were saying about insurance long as the interest is so low, the insurance companies cannot make a lot of money and the interest rates will be low for a long am one of the LUCKY manulife holding though...pays a small dividend that was cut in half.

pattirose said...

And I am one of the unlucky ones with Manulife and Power Financial. I sold Manulife for a big loss but kept PWF but it's still waaaaay down from what I paid for it. I had to sell Manulife I needed the capital loss. You can lose $$ on blue chip stocks too.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, MFC is up 15% this year plus dividend while the TSX is even. I would say that's a pretty good return. Even if it doesn't generate as much money now while the rates are low, it doesn't mean the price can't appreciate. Remember stock markets are foward looking and eventually, interest rates will go up some.

The accountant

Sunny said...

Sorry girls to hear about your loses.

Oh yes, I can loose on blue chips, but it is less likely. And if I lose on a specific stock, the lose will be less intense since I am quite diversify, as you know.

Lucky Manulife owners had been put blind by many factors. Manulife is such an arrogant company. I had invested in some of their products and I am really not impress.

Power Financial? YAK! That company is involved in all kind of Quebec bullshit. You'll never ne able to recover your loss by leaving your money in that one. Jean Charest, the prime minister of Quebec is involved in Power.... Power is a company of shame and corruption.

I would had stay in the money in Manulife and sell like hell Power....

Good luck anyway, you'll need some.


pattirose said...

PWF didn't cut it's divy, in fact it raised it, although share price dropped bigtime. MFC cut it's divy twice and share price plummeted each time. I paid $40. and sold for 12.68 in 2010 when I needed the loss to offset gains. That was my reasoning.

Sunny said...

Hi Pattirose,

You understood that the last sentence of my comment was a joke right?

I know too much that its not pleasant to experiment such drop in a portfolio. I read a lot of French articles about PWF. I also hear about them at Radio-Canada (French news). There might be some articles wrote in English warning about Power.

I am not a stock analysist, I go with my rough feeling. When I read about Jean Charest - one of the most corruptible man of Quebec - being involve with Power.... Well you know the rest, a big no-no for me.

And fact is, Power had been able to raise its dividend because of the direct effect of the corruption, advantages giving by the Quebec government etc. etc.

Depending of how much you hold in Power, if its small amount, my advice will be to hold now that you have sell Manulife.

Corruption is not about to go away from Quebec any time soon, so you may want to take advantage of that and hold Power until it hit back its old value and when it does, please FLUSH WITH PLEASURE (meaning SELL).

Good luck, and this time, from my heart.

pattirose said...

No offence taken :)

I was explaining why I chose to keep one and sell the other. I don't know anything about Quebec and love hearing your thoughts about Quebec companies.

JE is doing great, I'm beginning to like this company and may hang onto it.

Sunny said...

Great to hear you begin to like my Just Energy!

you may like to read about Rebecca MacDonald, the woman behind Just Energy:

As long she remains at Just Energy, I will be holding my 10k worth in JE. Following her departure, I will reduce my holding. But as long she's there, I am in toooo.

I must had been holding JE in my portfolio since 2008 or 2009. A very great stock to hold.

Dividend Lover (another blogger) send me once a document coming from CIBC (the broker) and it was said that JE could hit $17 per stock.... It could happen this year maybe. But it will happen one day, certainly.

JE made several acquisitions and those are just getting into places. That's why JE recently gain in value. It should continue that way, if we're lucky enough.

Anonymous said...

If you're against holding companies that are corrupt and shady, then you'd better take a second look at Just Energy.

They've been involved in scamming. Going door to door misrepresenting themselves, pretending to be from other companies - trying to pressure people into switching to them in fraudulent ways. Do a quick Google search for Just Energy and you'll see what I mean.


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