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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Maple Group acquisition deal over the TMX Group Inc. (X): anytime soon?

Once the Maple Group completed the acquisition of the TMX Group Inc. (X), I will be happily cashing in more than 5k in fresh cash right on where I need it the most: in my broker account. On date of February 2012, my annual dividend income was of $7 007. Collecting more than 5k in cash will allow me to restructure partly my portfolio. I plan to reinvest in order to collect the equivalent of $603 per month.

I can easily do so by reinvested in some REIT and other stuff that we had look into a couple of days or weeks ago. Everything had been set and plan extra carefully. Now, I am only missing the cash. I am ready, Maple Group, you can come over!

Since we are in a down market right now, I could buy new stocks at a low price and at the same time, boost my dividend income. No matter that the stock market is playing low right now, I will be still collecting more than 5k in cash because I have selected the cold cash option at $50 per stock over the Maple Group deal. 

I had been waiting I don’t know how many months now for the Maple Group deal to go through. I had been more than patient. Now, time has come. We’ll see if something happen by the end of April. I think this month is going to be the month. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

here's a word of advice, normally for a takeover stock, if there's high certainty that this deal wil go through at 50, the stock should be trading very close to 50 with less than 18 days of closing. in this case we are still about 6 dollars away, about 13.5%, so the likely of it happening this month is very low. I am not saying it won't happen, but the probably of happening is very low...

Check out this article:

Anonymous said...

Will Harrington, a New York-based merger arbitrage analyst at Wall Street Access, says Maple is unlikely to win approval, especially after exchanges from New York to Frankfurt and Singapore were prevented from merging with other venues because of antitrust or national interest objections from regulators.

Anonymous said...

you have to be realistic... not everything in the stock market is that rosy... that's why it's extremely hard to make money, even professional loses... especially newbie like you.

Sunny said...

Think, say, write whatever you want. Do I really care? Kind of NO. Having such comments, especially the last one, is just a traffic driver for me. You are my entertainers and I hate you very much.

The Maple Group deal will go through because Quebec province has giving the ok and we are directed by a dumb Tory government. Nothing to worry about. I am holding until the end. I will get my cold cash sooner or later.

What I want is what I get.

I am realistic in everything I do. It must so hard to read me and see on how this investment game is going like so great.

It must be a killer.

You'll see soon how Will Harrington is wrong!! This merger project had been pushed pushed pushed. If there will be no hope, it will just be cancel by now. Done. Over. But it's not the case. It's a matter of common sense.

Only 19 other days to go.

Anonymous said...

People are just trying to inform you. You should show some class and thank them.

Sunny said...

Trying to help me? It's kind of the complete opposite for most of the comments I am getting here.

Most readers are complete ignorant and most arrogant of all.

Sunny said...

Like yourself, for example.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Sunny, in a way. Some people are rude in the comments at the same time they are offering advice. They also just outright ridicule her about her choices. If you put your advice in a positive way then, I guarantee, Sunny's response will be positive.

Sunny, like Derek Foster, bought a lot of high yielding stuff in the beginning of their investing careers. Then they turned to blue chips with low yield and dividend growth players. This helps stabalize their portfolios as the blue chips are more stable.

I don't agree with everything Sunny invests in, but afterall, Sunny must invest in what she feels comfortable. Every investor makes mistakes and will continue to make them. Warren Buffet makes mistakes.

Ruth said...

Can't help but chuckle at the comments here,,,thank you for making the stock market fun because it is so damn hard to make a buck out of it, down one day and up the next but it is gambling and i love it and hate it. Sunny, i have to admit, i admire your courage and committment to the markets and comments for that matter.

Sunny said...

That's what I mean.

People giving bullshit comments, I am not able to take it, and most of the time I will give an angry reply, very very bad.

I wouldn't like everyone to agree with what I do, but at least, give an opinion in an respectful way.

And also remember, you are all reading this blog for free. Aren't you so lucky? If it's getting to nasty, I may stop blogging to concentrate on my business activities...

euhhhh NOT


A true blogger remain a blogger, no matter of the bullshit. Its sexy to be anonymous and blogging, not giving a damn about people hateful opinion, exposing my debt and by investment. Its a pure erotic act, very provocateur.

And yeah, it is, very sexy.


Anonymous said...

To Ruth that says it's hard to make a buck with the market up one day and down the next. Markets are not meant to be followed everyday. When you buy a stock, it should be long term and hope to get a return between 6 to 10% annually for the long term. Lots of what I call noise happens between. If you still believe in the stock you bought, you keep it regardless of what happens. I bought MFC also last year and although down last year, this year, it's up 25%. If I would've sold last year and bought Enbridge which was in favor last year, I would only be up 2% with Enbridge this year and would've lost that 25% return on MFC.

Sunny, did you ever notice when you where in school that some teacher got the respect of the class and some didn't. These where the same students, but some teacher just didn't deserve the respect of the class.

Now if I look at the first 3 comments on this thread, no disrespect was shown to you, just advise and opinion and links to prove their point. Now if I look back at your reply, just because you didn't agree with what the first 3 posters said, it's easy to see who didn't show respect and who was arrogant. (Go ahead, read the first 4 comments).

Can this be why you're unemployed and looking for a job. You are very critical of everyone while being arrogant. You need to get over yourself, what you have in assets, I and lots of my friends make that and more in salary in a year. Tell me, what good has money done in your life, what has it enabled you to buy, how as it fulfilled your life.

From what I get, what little money you have as brought you more stress with your margin than anything else. Yeah, it's nice to see the markets go up and they can do that for years and then just like in 2008, it can wipe these gains in a manner of a few months if you have no investment plan like you don't right now.

The accountant

Anonymous said...

i fully agree with the accountant's comments.

Sunny said...

The accountant? Just another guy thinking he's better than everyone else with his advices.

Poor guy.

Ruth said...

the accountant... for myself, the markets are a hobby, i like to gamble and am not keen on the casinos anymore. did well at them years ago but not now. I have good stocks that i am holding on for long term and leaving them for my sometimes i buy and sell something that doesn't move like Rogers Sugar and Corby. i do have other


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