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Monday, April 9, 2012

OH NO! Eric Sprott has a thing for my First Majestic Silver Corp (FR)!

Back in November 2010, I started trading silver on a regular basis through the PHS.U. From November 2010 to May 2011, trading silver was easy and fun. But in May 2011, the value of silver crash, and since that time, the PHS.U never hit back its old $20+ value per unit. I hold PHS.U in my RRSP and TFSA portfolio. I also hold the PSLV in US dollars. 

Unfortunately, I had invested in PSLV when units were at its highest, just BEFORE the May 2011 silver crash... When the silver crash happens, Eric Sprott declared that someone somewhere was manipulating the value of silver. How, I don’t know exactly, but it could involved millions and millions in silver investment and when the same investor proceed with a quick sell, the silver value drop. My playtime with silver last for about 7 months.However, I never gave up on PSLV and PHS.U. Following the silver crash, I decided to hold to my silver units and wait for a recovery... 

Did I take a good decision? It could be the case, according to Gordon Pape latest article, “Eric Sprott goes all in on silver”, Eric Sprott still have a crush on silver.We had reported it on The Dividend Girl blog, Eric Sprott is a huge promoter of silver. According to Gordon Pape, Eric Sprott is not giving up on silver anytime soon, for the reasons Sprott already gave in the past. You can read the article of Gordon Pape, you’ll see, Sprott hasn’t modify his analysis a bit when it come to silver. It’s always the same game. And believe it or not, Eric Sprott must be a reader of The Dividend Girl because he has his eyes on MY First Majestic Silver Corp (FR). 

This is very scary because now, the stock is being made popular. Everyone now knows about FR, readers and not readers of ME and that is kind of not good. When you hold something very precious like First Majestic Silver Corp (FR), it’s something you keep in your portfolio like a precious pearl. But now, mega millionaires know about FR and the stock could now face multiple manipulations, just like silver itself. So it’s really not good. Some readers had said that some Sprott people knew about DNI Metals Inc. (DNI), but I never been able to establish a relation between DNI and Sprott. However, that’s completely different when it comes to First Majestic Silver Corp (FR). It’s been clearly said by Gordon Pape, Eric Sprott like FR. I just have one little thing to say to Eric Sprott: 




Anonymous said...

consider yourself super lucky if you breakeven... silver, gold, platinum are gambling plays, gold hit 1900, we are still some 300 dollars away still. derek foster would never invest in this and plus this is not dividend stocks too. in fact the majority of your stock ain't invested in dividend stocks as well.

Anonymous said...

it means nothing. sprott has always been bullish on precious metals, gold, silver, etc... he made a special request to hold physical gold in his mutual funds... are you a dividend investor or a gambler? debt through the roof! use margin to buy these stocks to boot. you are giving money away to the banks...

Anonymous said...

i want to add you still have to repay your debt too. it seems you are only paying interest only on all your debt, at this rate you will never get rid of them... pay off your debt and then all the amount you pay in interest, you can invest by paying yourself and not the bank. it's free and clear of debt!

Sunny said...

I do consider myself lucky. Its just a matter of time before FR, PHS.U and PSLV go up again.

I am actually both.... I am a gambler and I am investor.

My debt? They are deductible on my tax since they are for investment purposes. I only had that $900 on my AE that is for consumer debt.

I had more than 44k for 2011, I deduct everything I could, including debt interest for investment. and I have a return of somewhat $145. However, my declaration is not completed yet, I was missing some TD Waterhouse forms.

In life you can do both, pay yourself AND the bank, as long it make me happy.

Anonymous said...

Dividend girl is a train wreck unfolding before our eyes.... How many times do you get to watch something like that?although I feel bad that she is headed down abad path, some of her comments help me over look that. Very entertaining blog. Chapter 3: dividend girl takes a bath and begs her former employment for her job back. Stay tuned! The suspense is killing me.

Sunny said...

Poorrrrrrr youuuuuuu. You don't get anything of what I write, don't you.

First of all, I am making enough from my dividend and online income to pay for my minimum monthly expenses. Everything else that enter is extra cash. If I want, I could stop working like right now. Doing it while having close to 90k in debt would be sooo provocative. And I am such girly D-Bitch you know. Read me, and read me well.

My former employer? I don't need them anymore. I am doing a small claim for 30k. I had deposit the claim last week and I am under process. I need to wait 30 days from the date I gave my employer the claim. The director was in vacations last week (which is something else that look very bad for the employer, going on a vacations while the company is just falling apart), I couldn't see him... but Wednesday is going to be the day and it's going to be my day of glory where I am going to FLUSH my former employer forever and best of all, I am going to get 30k for it.

Just watch the train wreck unfolding before YOUR own eyes.

If the employer refused to make the payment, I will go to court and tell everything LOUD and CLEAR and that will be for my very own satisfaction, no matter if I get 30k or not. I don't care. I just want them to remember my name and BURN them from the inside.

Sound as a lovely suspense? Oh yeah, it is, and like you said yourself, STAY TUNE.

JFT Fund, just like silver, is going to make me RICH.



Anonymous said...

might not be Betty White
but definately Off her Rockers

possibly Eddie Mush?

Anonymous said...

good on your lawsuit, would be lucky to see a cent... pay off your debt with the win and don't invest anymore, markets are rocky and it can go down quickly. the tsx is not performing well against the us!


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