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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A nice finding at the Dollarama Store: the Zipper Seal Giant Bags

With autumn hitting our doors, I am slowly storing my summer clothes out of the closet. I unfortunately don't have enough of a big closet to store my summer and autumn/winter clothes. So I have to find a way to clear some space. 

My first taught was to simply fill some ugly black big garbage bags with all of my summer wardrobe but I actually find something much better at the Dollarama Store: the Zipper Seal Giant Bags.

Dollarama sell those lovely storing bag at only $1.50 for 2 bags. I purchase 2 kits for 4 bags.

Those are X Large big zipper bags perfect to store any clothes. I already began to use them and I find the bags very nice to use. Once the bag are filled, they can easily be store under a bed or in a tiny closet space.

See it for yourself:

The bag closed exactly like a Ziploc bag, which make it very convenient. I was really happy with my finding. 

Other than Zipper Seal Giant Bags, I buy at Dollarama store a number of everyday articles : I buy all of my cleaning products there, Ivory body soap, Q-Tip, cotton pads (to remove my make-up), dish washing liquid (also Ivory). Its about what I usually buy at the Dollarama store.

While working at saving money, Dollarama is a great place to get a variety of items at a more than fair price. Cleaning products can cost a lot more at drugstore, so its important to know where to go to get the best of our bucks.


Christine said...

Ah the Dollarama! What a great store. I've even bought bras there for $3! They are quite good :)

Sunny said...

They sell a bit of everything there, that's true. Good price for a bra.


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