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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Dividend Girl is now 33 years of age. 3-3 is sexy hot!

I have been quite busy in the past couple days and I haven't post much over here!

There's a couple of fellows on vacation at work and I had to do a bit of extra hours to put in so I could catch up with everything. Also, on August 27th, it was my birthday! Celebrating 33 years of sexy life. Otherwise, Montreal being what it is, I have spent my free time running around and the stock market was the last of my thing.

Love me tenderly because I am now more precious than ever. I AM 33. Listen to Love me Tender and tell me if there's any better love song.

Like last weekend, the St Laurent boulevard was closed to circulation and it was really nice to walk freely on the Main. St Laurent should always be closed to cars!! (Pictures should be post soon)

There's also the Festival des Films du Monde going on right now in Montreal. Its fun to see movies outside. (Same thing).

I had paid off $430 on my RBC credit line. I now have a remaining balance of $1 777.20. If everything goes well, I will be able to pay it off by October. That's great of course, but I have a few concerns regarding my balance on my TD Visa because soon, somewhere by the end of October, my promotional interest rate is going end. It will be the end of it!

I slowly began my search on what to do. I began with TD Canada Trust. At TD, they have a TD Emerald Visa card. The interest rate depend of your credit score. I guess my credit score is not very good because the best TD could offer was 10.75%. I have a better interest rate on my TD credit line. I told the guy that I had an account with TD Waterhouse,s  and had several thousands invested with TD, but he wasn't much impress. He explained that the interest rate he was giving was directly link to my credit report. So I guess I don't have a very very good credit but I it doesn't matter.

I have experiment this before; its extremely hard to get good interest rates with banks. They are looking for fortunate people looking to get more credit. Middle class salary is not exactly welcome. However, I am curious to get a look on my credit file so I registered to TransUnion Credit Monitoring Unlimited. I don't plan to get it every months, but it just something I want to look at. But even if I don't care, I am curious to see what is on there.

Since I am working at paying down my debt, I decided not to move from my current apartment. My rent had increased of only $5 per month so I am now at $615. The benefits are that I am closed to everything, grocery stores, dug stores, parks, etc., including work. I don't have to pay for a metro pass every months. I only individuals tickets whenever I go tot he Casino. You can get 10 or so in a bunch for a price that make sense if you have the electronic metro pass. Also, I have a bit of furnitures included. If I move, I would have to pay for moving AND furnitures, and I probably have to pay $80 per month for transportation. That begin to make a lot of $$$. I really don't like to take the metro, all crashing up and the metro is not exactly clean. I prefer to make my way to work on my two feet.

I am currently on a weekend diet, I hope to lose a few pounds in the next coming 2 days. I am on a sevrage of food. its good to cut on eating once in a while. I think we all eat too much at some point. We need to make a bit of sacrifice for those who suffer of hunger around the world, for Syria and we have to pray. I drink jasmine tea this morning and I took a chocolate shaker for lunch and I just eat dinner, 2 eggs, 2 toasts and grapes. I don't feel like I am starving or anything. And I don't want to feel like starving tonight because I am going to the Festival des Films du Monde. Its the last weekend. 

I guess I may go on a diet soup. ;) I am thinking.

Other than dieting (I actually bought a scale because I had no clue on how I weight and I had a bad surprise!!), quiet weekend so far. I went see Red 2 at the movies. It was really good. Tonight, I clean my place, went out to take a coffee, check on the two lottery tickets I bought on the day of my birthday - but I haven't win anything, and I went for grocery shopping. I expect to eat regularly at lunch time at work because I won't be able to concentrate if I am starving. on a everyday bases I want to cut on bread, candies and all the other stuff not good for me. Quaker and banana for breakfast, a regular lunch for work and for lunch, I will try a chocolate shaker and an apple. Still feeling hungry? Eat another f apple. lol  I never been very serious about dieting before but now I am more than ever and if I could clear off 40 lbs of my sexy body, I will be even sexier. My booty feel a bit tight in jeans those days... I find green apple to be very good at cutting hunger cramps, just to let you know.

Losing weight is not easy, but I have done it before. It just that those days, I am working hard and I don't exercise as much as I should. And I eat too much too, so here's the living result.

And when I will be back on top I will go SHOPPING. And I will go to the Casino.

Well, you know, the usual stuff!!!!

I am planning a little vacation in New Brunswick in the middle of October maybe around Thanksgiving. So September will be a savy month. I plan to leave my credit card right at home and I will be exclusively on a cash budget. I will try Gail envelop methods. I still have a $20 left from a previous experience. I am a good saver, this is how I had been able to find money to invest. But now, I am trying to find money to pay off debt. 

I need to go back to my saving days. But as I made more money, I had spent more. And its easy to do so. I have the money available. I have a salary that enter in the house every 2 weeks. It seem it was easier for me to save money BEFORE getting rich. Well, I guess you see what I mean by that right.

Montreal is a sexy playful city and spending temptations is EVERYWHERE.

I have my temptations, what are yours?

I have a few more posts coming out about my saving tips and also dieting and a bunch of sexy things. Just be patient.


Brigitte said...

Happy birthday Sunny!!! May all your investments prosper!!!!

Anonymous said...

The reason you credit is bad because you have a high debt to equity (=assets - liabilities) ratio. The other reason is that you do own a house. There is no collateral. I believed you said before you never missed a payment.

So, you can pay down some debt or by more assets. Paying down debt will be quicker to get this ratio down. That is what I would do for a bit in your position.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny,
I hope you had the happiest birthday ever. I am wishing you lots of health and wealth!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sunny! Wish you all the best!

Sean said...

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