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Sunday, May 11, 2014

From Super Sexy Dividend Girl to Super Sexy... Bank Girl

Its been a wonderful weekend here in Montreal. These past couple days, Spring is here and I don't spend too much time online. I saw The Amazing Spiderman 2 on Friday and its was real good. And because the weather was so nice I did a bit of shopping. I spend the whole weekend outside. The weekend had been too short.

Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) had changes its name to DH Corp (DH). I don't like this new name at all because of the double effect - DH in the name and DH as ticket symbol. The + between Davis and Henderson was super hot. And Davis with Henderson sound cool. Davis is one of my major holder. It worth something like a good 3k in margin value. I am very disappointed by the name change. I will be missing the "+".

With my latest investment in National Bank of Canada (NA), my dividend income reach out the equivalent of $518. I have to say that with all of the stocks that I hold in my portfolio, its hard to get in something new that will being an interesting dividend and, at the same, will be a safe bet. Well, no matter how great my portfolio is, I don't have it all yet, there are still some great investments I can add on to bring on strong value and dividend income. Do I decided to turn into a massive bank stock holdings and invest a one thousand in Laurentian Bank of Canada (LB). At 4.35%, LB dividend yield is super attractive. And I need money for more shopping.

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