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Monday, May 19, 2014

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) title hitting the ground and eating it in full s

Winter had been too long and too cold, so now I am enjoying the nice weather and I don't spend too much time in front of my laptop in my free time. I didn't even take time to do my hair coloration yet and I need it. I need it now. Now its too late, everyone know that I am not a real red hair girl. Toooo badd.

I enjoyed my Monday Holiday and now just 4 days to go before another weekend, ok I can do this lol. Especially knowing that last Friday was pay day, and in result I now have a bit more than 1k to invest. And what will be my next investment? You'll find out next.

Lately, I had been watching very closely Exchange Income Corporation (EIF). For the past couple weeks, EIF had been going down... What's going on? I don't know. Its not the first time that EIF is playing with me like that. But now, everything is back to normal or almost. I think EIF will recover. On the other hand, things are not so great right now for Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) and I don't if JE will be able to recover anytime soon. Tooo bad.

And its all for the hot news.

Maybe just another thing, I did not sell CHR.B yet.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see the article about Just Energy's dividend on the Globe and Mail website today?


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