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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

$137 514.25

Its hard to believe, but my non-registered portfolio is hitting on the $137 514.25, leaving me with a nice 
$14 024.09 value on my margin, very close to the 15k mark I need to feel somewhat secure about my margin. I am getting ready to spend a few days away of the outrageous city of Montreal. I got my hair  cut this evening just after I bought my bus ticket and my curly hair are outrageous soft. 

The weather was hot in Montreal today, but even without air conditioner, I am not too bad. A cold beer just do the thing and a shower tomorrow morning but a shower alone, unfortunately. My sex appeal doesn't work over Quebec males because I hate Quebec too much, unfortunately. I am full of shit and men can feel that, deeply under the skin, there's the shit. lol

I am over impress by my portfolio value. The TSX just continue exceeding the 15 000 points, making me feel crazy like in 2008, back in the time when I was just a hot 28 years old. But I like my life better at 33 because I am richer. I just hope to be still wrinkles free by the time I am 33.

Its even hard to believe that one day my non-registered portfolio will be at 140k but shit use to happen, what is meant to be will just happen and one day, Quebec province will just be a souvenir. A bad one.


Anonymous said...

Since you are in Quebec, check out SPS.A. They have a 7% yield and a book value of about 1.

Anonymous said...

What's your net worth at?

Sunny said...

I will go check, but a 7% yield is too generous.

My net worth is at $119 129.90 on date of June 14 of this year.

Anonymous said...

SPS.A is also listed as a Venture Stock.

Another sports bar? Restaurants come and go.

Risky. Nice div but risky.



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