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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio North West Company Inc (NWC)

I like everything related to the energy sector, the North Territory, the Wild West and of course, home, the Maritime. And welcoming North West Company Inc (NWC) in my portfolio this past Friday was quite rewarding. But after this new investment, once again, I am not quite sure that will be my next investment. I am thinking of getting back on a DRIP on everything, but I enjoy getting the dividend money in cash each month so that will represent quite of a sacrifice. But I plan to do so.

This past Friday, the TSX pop up the 15 000 points, just like where we were back in 2008. Will the stock market crash again anytime soon, like if the 15 000 mark is the mark of the Devil, of the capitalist many failures. And when I think of 2008, I cannot help it but getting back into that same state of mind of when my portfolio hit on the ground as the TSX was losing points like crazy... I didn't have any problem about moving on, I felt an urgent need to invest more to cover up the mess. I was upset that it had to happen just when I was jumping into stocks, just shortly after I began working on a stock portfolio. If a crash would need to happen again, I would just repeat the same thing; invest even more because in a crash, its the best way to face off and capitalist is such a bitch that it win every time.

My non-registered portfolio is at $135 786, with $13 364.60 left on my margin. I very tempt to transfer my National Bank stocks over my non-registered. To keep the fun safe, I need a 15k margin left, and if possible even more but a 15k is much more what I am looking for. Just a 2k is needed. I feel the obligation to protect my margin in case a crash happen, or even just a tiny correction.

I don't like that TSX at 15 000 points because it make me think too  much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny. I appreciate your blog.
Just wanted to mention, that if you want to set up low cost Drips, in similar style as Derek Foster advises, you don't need to take out more than just a share or two to start up many drips with .
If you go on their website and do a search through their investment plans, you will see how many shares are required per drip. they are also very helpful just by calling their toll free number.
This method would allow you to start drippping again, and still regain large chunks of stock from which you can glean the dividends for cash flow purposes.

Anonymous said...

If you decided to turn drips back on, I would only do it on the stocks that are trading below your cost basis. The market is really high right now.

Arun said...

Hi DV,

I have been following your blogs for long term. Thank you for sharing your financial information with your readers.

I was just wondering why don't you include some U.S and international dividends stocks in your portfolio for a better diversification. For this, you don't need to open an U.S account, you can simply buy ETFs that have U.S and international dividend stocks. ex: VGG

Anonymous said...

Hi Arun,

Why recommend ETFs. ETFs are not stocks. They are just another product the financial industry has dreamed up. Furthermore, ETFs limit your ability to pick the cream of the crop. Why hold an ETF when you can hold a stock(which you want to own) for free minus commissions. ETFs are a very poor investment if you ask me.



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